When a Simple Supplement isn’t Enough: Tips for Becoming Your Own Herbal Healer

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herbal healingThere are several types of sick people in this world—those that go straight to their doctor when they aren’t feeling well, those who may try some vitamin C and zinc but go to their doctor when those don’t do the trick, and those who have their own herbal arsenal at home—who know which herb or food to take for nearly any ailment. As you cross from one group to the next, there is a lot to learn about natural health. And when you move from the supplement crew to the herbalist gang, you’ll find your knowledge base grows exponentially, as does your health.

Delving into herbal healing isn’t something you should do without proper knowledge and precautions. Just because these aren’t Big Pharma solutions doesn’t mean they can’t be harmful if not used correctly. But, when used as they have been for centuries, herbs and natural healers can provide all of the infection-prevention and fighting power you need, without all of the side effects.

If you don’t have the time or the desire to learn all about herbs, their functions, effects, and best methods for use, find a local herbalist or naturopathic healer to turn to for guidance when you aren’t feeling 100 percent.

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When you have an infection, whether it’s an ear, sinus, or even a bladder infection, there are certain steps you can take immediately to stop feeding it, says Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman, a licensed naturopathic physician.

Those things include:

  • Eliminate alcohol, sugar, caffeine, refined and processed foods, meat, and dairy
  • Eat lightly
  • Drink hot, warm, and room-temperature beverages like tea and water
  • Consider juice- or water-fasting for a few days
  • Saunas, steam baths, and massage can help eliminate toxins
  • Rest

There are also basic herbs that are good for any infection. Some of these you may already take when you begin to notice a tickle in your throat. The immune system can be strengthened with vitamin C, zinc, and beta carotene. Echinacea and Goldenseal are great herbs for bolstering your body’s natural defenses too. Specific herbs for specific infections and illnesses could fill a book. Researching the best for your particular symptoms will help you find the right treatment given the circumstances.

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When you practice natural healing, it’s important to listen to your body. Monitor your symptoms and how you feel. What’s working and what isn’t? What does your body need to fight off the infection most effectively?

If your efforts aren’t effective, your illness could get worse. If your symptoms develop and worsen, seek help for your treatment.