5 Herbal Remedies to Quell a Cough

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coughing girlWhat may start out as a tickle in your throat could end up being a hacking, annoying, sleep-stealing cough. And while the drug store likely has an entire aisle full of syrups and pills that offer a quick fix, few of them really work and even fewer do without side effects. Fortunately, there are several herbal remedies that can help stifle your cough, soothe your throat, and keep irritation to a minimum.

A cough is a symptom of an irritated throat. The cause could be any number of things. Common causes of a cough include: allergies, flu or cold virus, sinus infection, sinus drainage, or a chronic condition like bronchitis or emphysema. While you may need alternate herbs to get to the source of the cough, several can soothe the symptom.

Here are 5 herbs you can use for cough relief.

5 Herbs for a Cough

  • 1. Licorice Root is one herbal option that can be found as an herbal tea in most health food stores and well-stocked grocers. It works to help the body create mucus, which lines the throat and soothes inflammation and irritation.
  • 2. Like licorice, slippery elm is also a mucus-producer. You’ll usually find this in powder form from herbalists. It can be added to water and heated to make a natural cough “syrup.”
  • 3. Lemon and honey tea is a soothing solution that is easily made. Simply use fresh lemon juice and organic, local honey in hot water. Sip throughout the day and especially before bed to suppress your cough. This tea will work best on dry, tickly coughs.
  • 4. Apple cider vinegar can be added to your lemon and honey tea or it can be consumed alone. This tonic is good for just about everything, including coughs and colds. Remember to dilute it in water, especially if you are new to it.
  • 5. Perhaps the best cure-all when you have a cough is ginger. A ginger tea can be made on your stove top with about an inch of sliced ginger. Bring it to a boil and allow it to steep. Not only does ginger soothe throat inflammation that causes the cough, it can help treat the underlying illness as well.

Whenever you are experiencing  the symptoms of an illness, it’s crucial to stay hydrated and eat plenty of healing fruits and vegetables. Steer clear of processed foods and sugar which will only worsen your situation.

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