The Almost Forgotten Simple Herbal Remedy Effective for Cancer and More

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essiac teaEssiac Tea has been an almost forgotten cancer ‘remedy’ lately since the rising tide of awareness with other cancer treatments. In other words, the Essiac PR department has been overwhelmed by all the other positive alternative press on actually effective, safe cancer solutions to the point of almost disappearing.

Late in 2013, Christina Sarich had an Essiac article published here on Natural Society which provided the very necessary original basic formula in her article, though I do wish to add more to her information – namely herbal sources and a fascinating interview of Dr. Gary Glum, who recovered the formula Rene Caisse (pronounced reen case) used. Yes, Essiac is Caisse spelled backward.

The Powers of Essiac Tea

While the tea has been used by thousands to help eradicate cancer, Essiac Tea is not just for cancer. Dr. Glum used it for some AIDS patients when pharmaceutical ATZ was killing most others. He also used it to treat a child who was expected to die from leukemia in days, and his wife was able to get off thyroid medications by using Essiac Tea.

Dr. Glum, formerly a Los Angeles chiropractor specializing in sports medicine, explains what he did and how he acquired the information for the recipe and his subsequent harassment after self-publishing his book Calling of an Angel: The True Story of Rene Caisse and an Indian Herbal Medicine Called Essiac, Nature’s Cure for Cancer. Here’s that fascinating interview.

A few things about Essiac demand critical attention: the quality of the herbs is crucial. Many off the shelf prepared teas are bogus, often made with irradiated herbs or with herbs that replaced one or more herbs of the original formula, which should be the four herb formula Rene Caisse used only. Even if properly made with half decent herbs, it’s not fresh and is capable of spoiling. And it costs much more per dose than making your own.

These off the shelf products are what many who have complained of no results usually purchase. You should order the herbs from someone reputable who uses non-irradiated, organic or wild crafted herbs used in the original four herb formula (see Christina’s article) and includes the cell cancer killing sheep sorrel plant powder, complete with root.

But you don’t need to go shopping for the herbs or grow your own for starters. Some providers offer the powdered herbs in separate packages and others blend them together in one package. They include directions on how to make one or two gallons of Essiac Tea with prices ranging from 15 to 30 dollars. If you find one who does not include sheep sorrel root powder, find another that does. My personal favorite reliable source is here, where I order one or two ounce packages of Essiac Tea powders.

The brewed tea is stored in the fridge and a couple of two ounce doses daily are recommended, less for maintenance or prevention, more with almost time for hospice cases. It’s safe enough to take more depending on one’s condition. Although many consider Essiac Tea for cancer be used with one or more other natural remedies, here’s a fascinating experience with Essiac Tea alone with multiple cases.

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