The Causes of Infertility | Why She Can’t Get Pregnant

The Causes of Infertility | Why She Can’t Get Pregnant

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Despite the fact that we’re seeing an increase in teenage pregnancies, infertility is a steadily increasing problem. Many women today simply can’t get pregnant, and that issue alone is leading to enormous emotional and mental stress – stress which cultivates disease. Giving birth to a new life is one of the many gifts of living, and not being able to experience that gift can leave a lasting void.

Causes of Infertility | Why She Can’t Get Pregnant

Most women think that the reason they can’t get pregnant has everything to do with themselves. While women’s ability to get pregnant isn’t quite as easy as before, however, they aren’t the primary cause of inability to have a baby. What plays a huge part in the ability to get pregnant is on the man’s side of the equation. The main cause of male infertility is low sperm count, and guess what, we’re seeing a massive decline of sperm count in men.

The causes of infertility have so much to do with our current societal state. Recent research shows that junk food has a lot to do with sperm count due to the ingredients. Junk food and fast food often contain hydrogenated oils, or trans fat, which have been shown to have a negative impact on sperm count. Another study in 2008 linked GMO’s to the damaging of the reproductive system, which could slash sperm quality. What’s more, there are hundreds of chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs, birth control, heavy metals, and other substances in our water which are having an impact. Splenda, an artificial sweetener also residing in our water supply, also causes infertility by interfering with sperm production and vitality. Lastly, an extremely popular weed-killer has been linked to infertility and miscarriages in animals, which causes great concern for its effects on humans.

Some other causes of low sperm count are:

  • Hot baths – Taking a hot bath every other day for one month can bring sperm count to 0 with the recovery period being 3 months
  • Smoke, nicotine, tobacco, recreational drugs, all have a negative impact on sperm count and are causes of infertility
  • Stress
  • Pharmaceutical drugs
  • Potential damage from exposure to a cell phone in your pocket or a laptop on your lap due to heat and radiation
  • Bisphenol-A

How to Reverse the Causes of Infertility

Have you ever heard “when I was young if you looked at a girl she would get pregnant”, from an older person? Decades ago, infertility was not even close to a problem, and hardly any women were facing the situation where they can’t get pregnant. The causes of infertility are very much like the causes of many other problems we face today, and therefore the solutions are about the same. It all depends on what issues matter most to you for you to adopt new habits and a new lifestyle.

  • Avoid genetically modified food
  • Avoid processed food, junk food, and fast food
  • Eat organic crops not drowned in pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or any other -cides
  • Buy a water filter and stop using artificial sweeteners
  • Do a colon cleanse, liver cleanse, heavy metal cleanse, and other cleanses to flush toxins out of your body

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