Real Proof of Cancer Cures Comes from Cured Patients, Not Scientific Documents

Real Proof of Cancer Cures Comes from Cured Patients, Not Scientific Documents

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Scientific language can be used to obfuscate reality, especially in medicine. Several disclosures from whistle blowers and investigators have uncovered scandalous medical journal reporting. The extremely low rate of recovery from cancer using expensive toxic methods and creating more suffering continue.

Mainstream medicine disregards cured patients’ stories as anecdotal, meaning it isn’t “proven scientifically.” This is total bunk. Any of them can be proven scientifically, and many of these anecdotal cures are clinically documented. The cancer industry, which includes fund raisers, research universities, and Big Pharma, has too much to lose if alternative cures are acknowledged.

Currently, mainstream oncologists admit that their average cure rate is extremely low. What they usually offer is a few more months or years of life in bad health. That’s why fund raisers keep raising money for finding cures and Big Pharma keeps pumping out toxic chemicals that harm more than heal.

Most oncologists don’t know about the power of nutrition and detoxification to help your immune system handle almost anything. So they attack cancer cells using chemicals initially derived from chemical warfare’s mustard gas with the mindset of ignoring collateral damage. You’ve got to ‘destroy a village to save it’ logic.

But your immune system is your collateral. And it gets damaged to the point of dying. Meanwhile, dozens of actual safe and inexpensive cures are ignored.

A Few Examples of Real Cancer Cures

A man diagnosed with stage four prostate cancer is informed that sudden pH surges destroy cancer. He orders cesium for that purpose, but it doesn’t arrive in time for his next medical exam. Instead, he tries pH surging with bicarbonate of soda and molasses. In a few short weeks, he was cancer free.

A concerned father sneaks THC hemp (marijuana) oil into his toddler son’s feeding tube in an effort to reverse his ebbing health during cancer treatments. The little boy’s health soon surged and he became cancer free. The doctors never knew what the father did to reverse the boy’s failing health, as the father knew he would have been stopped.

A middle aged New Zealand man with leukemia goes into a coma from flu/pneumonia complications on top of leukemia. The hospital staff threatens to pull his life support until family members insist they try mega-dose IV vitamin C. He walks out of the hospital days later. A year later his checkup showed that he was free from leukemia.

Real People Really Cured are Real Stats

These highlights are but a few examples of real cases cured without chemo or radiation – there are thousands of them. Curing cancer naturally with patients who have not undergone chemo or radiation has an over 80% cure rate. Those who come to alternative methods half-dead from chemo and radiation as a last resort average just around a 50% cure rate.

But even this 50% is much higher than the three to five percent cure rate proudly offered by mainstream medicine. Mainstream medicine considers five years cancer free as cured, and that is very rare. Even after a remission, tumors reappear soon after.

Medical Authority Lies and Ridicules

Real people who use alternative treatments to successfully cure their cancer patients are disregarded. They can’t prove scientifically to mainstream medicine’s standard of proof that the alternative therapy cured their cancer patients. Ironically, many of those cured cancer victims had been sent home to die by mainstream doctors.

Unfortunately, it’s the science of authoritative obfuscation that the medical mafia uses to confuse us.

Medical authorities claim alternative healers can’t provide documentation. But Charlotte Gerson says otherwise. Case documents were stolen by a medical mafia mole from her father Max Gerons’s office before he died. She and her staff have offered documents from their Mexico clinic since then, but mainstream medicine refuses to accept them.

Canadian nurse Rene Caisse privy to using an American Indian herbal remedy that she named Essiac (Caisse reversed) Tea in her clinic as long as her patients were diagnosed by MDs before and after treatment. Her high cure rate was acknowledged by third party examining physicians. When nurse Caisse died, almost her documents were seized and burned.

Laetrile, derived from legally available apricot seeds’ amygdaline, is illegal despite its efficacy and safety. This is all because the Sloane-Kettering Institute in NYC said it didn’t work even though their research was positive.

Sloane-Kettering’s press spokesman, Dr. Ralph Moss, was so disgusted by the lies that he resigned and leaked the actual research papers to G. Edward Griffin, who then wrote World Without Cancer, explaining how laetrile does work well without side effects.

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