The Protests are Working: Dow’s New “Enlist” GMO Corn Delayed

protest fist

protest fistOur collective outcry of ‘NO to GMO’ is working. In hot off the press, Dow AgroSciences is still waiting for permission from regulatory bodies to allow them to plant their highly controversial new weed control system and crops called ‘Enlist.’ Ironic isn’t it – after all, we’ve enlisted the help of our friends and neighbors to stare these corporate bullies in the eye and to sit complacent no longer as our food supply is genetically modified to cause cancer, infertility, and organ failure, to kill our bees, and endanger future generations through higher infant mortality rates.

We can’t give up now; it’s starting to work. If one squeaky hinge can’t shut the door, a million of them will shut down the house, the congress, and even the USDA. As U.S. farmers buy seed for this coming season’s crops the Enlist seed has still not been given approval by the feds. This means that the Enlist corn seed which was intended to take the place of Monsanto’s Round Up Ready crops have to wait.

Hopefully, as we keep speaking out, those seeds will be disposed of instead of planted. They are just the first of a planned panoply of GMO seed including Enlist soybeans and Enlist cotton. Just what we need, more GM soybeans and cotton…and corn.

Critics who have helped to delay this particular genetically modified crop are arguing that spraying will only make weeds more resistant and grow in more profusion. If you want to complain about more than just weeds – tell your Congress, your President, the FDA, and your Facebook friends. Share this article. Pin it, post it, shout it out. Our protests are working. And guess what – your salmon and meat are the next GMOs in the master plan, so we need to nip this in the bud now.

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