Oregon’s GMO Labeling Measure Defeated by Monsanto’s Millions

Oregon’s GMO Labeling Measure Defeated by Monsanto’s Millions

Oregon’s GMO labeling Measure 92 has gone through multiple vote-counts before an outcome could be determined. But now after a full-vote and recount, the decision is final: Oregon’s GMO labeling effort will not go forward. This is sad news from Oregon, though the fact that the “Yes” to GMO labelling campaign came so close to winning in spite of being massively outspent by the opposition is an extraordinary achievement.

“The labeling movement will continue to grow,” the campaign said in a statement. “We draw strength from the fact that we came so achingly close to winning this vote, despite being outspent by more than $12 million.”

Yes on 92 campaign says there are no legal options remaining that could lead them to victory but labelling movement will continue to grow.

“After looking at the facts about Measure 92, Oregon voters decided that it rightly deserved a no vote,” Pat McCormick, a spokesman for the No on 92 Coalition, said in a statement.

A judge on Tuesday rejected the campaign’s request for a temporary injunction preventing the certification of the recount results.

The campaign was the most expensive in Oregon history with combined spending of nearly $30 million, with proponents being backed primarily by natural food companies and advocates. The opposition campaign was funded by agricultural companies and food manufacturers.

Similarly, just take a look at the spending breakdown from key GMO labeling initiative Prop 37 in California. ‘It’s amazing how far we come when this is what we’re up against.

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“We are certainly disappointed with the ruling as we feel strongly that those 4,600 votes are valid and should be counted,” said Paige Richardson, manager of the Yes on 92 campaign. “Oregonians will never know the true outcome of this election.”

Though even with this unfortunate loss, there is no question that we are becoming ever closer to achieving the right to truly know what’s in our food. Despite biotech spending millions of dollars to sway the public (and having ties with political leaders), our collective voice is growing stronger every year.