Oregon Measure 92 to Label GMOs Headed for INTENSE Recount


It ain’t over until Monsanto sings! Sure, biotech thought they could beat us with their heavily funded anti-labeling campaigns, and with their lawsuits in Hawaii and Vermont. But while biotech thought it would sway the public in Oregon with millions spent on anti GMO labeling campaigns, the Oregon Measure 92 initiative is headed for a recount with the results too close to call after over 13000 ballots were contested.

“On Thursday afternoon the Oregon Secretary State’s office showed the measure failing by just 1,484 votes. That’s well within the threshold of about 3,000 votes that triggers an automatic recount.”

The mere 1484 recount difference has significantly narrowed the margin on Monsanto, Dow and Syngenta’s expensive campaign to try to sway voters away from the GMO label. I guess over $22 million in negative ads still won’t buy you a public who wants to know what is in their food.

It is the grassroots efforts – not Big Ag millions – once again to find all the ballots needing clarification that will make the difference in this campaign to label foods which so much damage to the environment and potentially so much bodily harm – not Big Ag millions. That, if nothing else, is heartening.

Just a couple weeks ago, Oregon Secretary of State’s office reported that that there were 13,000 contested ballots outstanding that we now have a chance to chase down to find out how the voter intended to vote.

As of Monday, November 10 at 5:00 pm, according to the Secretary of State, the unofficial results of Measure 92 were:

No:      741,165           (50.22%)
Yes:     734,531           (49.78%)
6,634-vote difference

Now, things are really coming down to the wire.

OregonRighttoKnow.org is reporting that Measure 92 is too close to call. Over 6000 people used a tool on Facebook to help get the contested ballot holders to clarify their ballots in the first 12 hours of it being available, so it is clear that the public wants their food labeled.

Even if the YES to label wins, you can bet Monsanto and the GMA will sue Oregon just as they have in Vermont and Hawaii, but at least they will have to launch multiple lawsuits at once. If we keep adding the pressure, at some point they have to surrender. Keep it up!