Oregon GMO Labeling Measure 92 Recount: 4 More Counties Post Results

Oregon GMO Labeling Measure 92 Recount: 4 More Counties Post Results

The recount of 1.5 million ballots in Oregon continues, with individuals from both the ‘No’ to labeling and ‘Yes’ to labeling sides in observance.

The original spread was only 800 votes, and as Dove TV explains, the recount is being done by hand because the computers could not pick up many discrepancies found on the ballots, such as pen marks, or erasures. (You can see a recounter talk about the hand-reviewed ballots, here.)

The measure would mandate that come January 2016, certain foods that were produced with or contain genetically modified foods (GMOs) would be labeled as such.

Oregon’s GMO labeling Measure 92 was originally reported defeated thanks to Monsanto’s onslaught of more than $22 million dollars in negative ads. But as we soon figured out, it wasn’t quite over. Now it is down by just 812 votes — which means there will be an automatic recount.

Agreeing with Andrew Kimbrell, Kaushik said that:

“Regardless of the final outcome of the mandatory recount, the labeling issue is not going away. This movement continues to grow and build support across this state and around the country, and that growth will continue.”

“Those of us who support labeling and backed Measure 92 see this as an effort that will get stronger and stronger until we reach the day when every American is provided the information they need to make informed decisions about the food they eat and feed their families,” Kaushik stated.

Four more counties have posted results, and though still unofficial, here is where the recount stands as of December 4, 2014:

Measure 92 part One
Measure 92 part 2
If the measure passes, Oregon would become the fourth state to require the labeling of GMOs. If we keep adding the pressure, at some point they have to surrender. Keep it up!