Chasing a Phantom Hepatitis C Virus that may Not Exist?

Science & Medicine

vaccineA few years ago, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) drafted a proposition to have everyone born between 1945 and 1965 tested for hepatitis C in order to receive treatments and vaccinations (after diagnosis) with Hep-A and B vaccines.

The organization’s stated objective was to preempt their predicted hepatitis-C with baby boomers who may have indulged in the lifestyles associated with Hepatitis-C, which is purportedly spread only by blood from infected victims.

That’s a nasty proposition: two vaccinations for hep-C intended for other forms of hepatitis. The hep-B vaccine has an impressive track record of reported serious adverse reactions and deaths. But they don’t have a hep-C vaccination. Could it be because there is no virus?

Dr. Michael Tierra and Sepp Hasslberger report how Chiron, a diagnostic department of Novartis Vaccines, spent years struggling to find a hep-C virus. After lots of manipulation, they came up with footprint of a shadow, or a phantom virus, that enabled them to create a blood-screening test for hep-C that has made them a lot of money, especially after it’s use for blood banks.

When high liver enzyme counts are discovered in a blood test, a hep-C test is ordered. The experts who debunk this test argue that the phantom virus does not pass the full criteria of an actual infectious virus. That doesn’t mean there is no liver disease. It only means it isn’t from a virus.

Hep-C is supposedly transmitted by blood, not saliva or sex fluids. Nobel prize winning virologist Peter Duesberg also thinks there is no hep-C virus, as it doesn’t pass the criteria of viral contamination. Injecting blood from hep-C animals into healthy animals does not create hep-C in the healthy animal.

So do journalists Torsten Engelbrecht and Dr. Claus Koehnlein who put out the book Virus Mania and others. Their book debunks virus claims for several diseases, but Big Pharma intends to profit highly from fear-mongering then developing harmful bogus vaccines and medicines.

CDC and Big Pharma’s Agenda for Disease Creation

It’s obvious that there is money to be made by scaring almost everyone born between 1945 and 1965 into getting the test and the hep-A and dangerous hep-B vaccinations.

The CDC claims baby boomers were likely to experiment with injected drug use and should be screened. The Hepatitis Education Program (HEP) of Seattle, Washington claims over 15,000 people die of hepatitus-C related diseases annually. Notice it says die from Hep-C related illnesses. Part of that could be from the interferon drugs (chemo for Hep-C) or other pharmaceuticals prescribed for those diagnosed with Hep-C.

Several drugs and antibiotics carry warnings of liver damage. Even over-the-counter Tylenol contains liver damaging acetaminophen, the number one cause of liver failure deaths. Detox and diet don’t make money for Big Pharma, but getting more liver disease patients by putting out liver-damaging drugs creates more revenue.

Naturopath Michael Tierra and others have handled hep-C conditions with herbs, supplements, and good diet. Many who have been diagnosed lead normal lives with only slight changes in their lifestyles. Hep-C is probably a label for an overburdened and stress-induced toxic liver, which is likely in our toxic age of processed foods and environmental pollution.

This program may eventually fit nicely into Obamacare. No hep-C test and vaccinations could mean no health care even as you pay into program. It may come to pass that dreaded test and vaccination agents knock on senior citizens’ doors demanding entry. Time to run and hide!