Business Owner Says Monsanto Using Natural Agriculture Company Name to Push Agenda

Business Owner Says Monsanto Using Natural Agriculture Company Name to Push Agenda


The organic industry is booming as consumers are becoming more aware of the effects of pesticides on human health and the environment. Research to date has shown direct effects of pesticides on the endocrine system, and some experts believe the rising cases of thyroid disorders are a result of increased pesticide exposure.

While the organic food industry is certainly elevating its practices to meet consumers’ demands, the modern-day, chemically-focused agricultural conglomerates are starting to take notice. Monsanto, one of the leading agricultural companies in the world, is now attempting to dominate the natural market, and this time by stealing an existing natural company’s image.

BioAg™, a sustainable agricultural company specialized in humate derivatives (a natural fertilizer), has recently been under attack by Monsanto’s unethical marketing tactics. Dr. Faust’s, the advisor for BioAg™, says he has received customer reports of Monsanto using the company’s trademarked name and logo for what he sees as a segway for entering and dominating the natural agricultural industry.

At the Maximum Yield Trade Show in Boston, he says Monsanto was in attendance with marketing materials bearing the same name as BioAg™ with a very similar logo. After a number of voiced concerns by BioAg’s customers, Dr. Faust says Monsanto was asked to leave by the trade show’s manager. After discussing this with their lawyers in St. Louis, he says Monsanto did leave the show and, by day two, never returned

Despite the overwhelming push by supportive consumers, BioAg™ is still under attack. Dr. Faust has learned that Monsanto is attempting to acquire a trademark for their own version of BioAg. According to Dr. Faust: “So we did find out they are trying to get a trademark, and we filled an extension to object since we are already registered.

They (Monsanto) are trying to take over the organic and bio ag industry to make themselves look better at the expense of rolling over people like me.” Fortunately for BioAg™, and other like-minded companies, expanding awareness of Monsanto’s actions is one of the best ways for keeping them out of the organic and natural agricultural industry.

Monsanto is well known for its less-than-professional business tactics; yet, the company maintains power due to the billions of dollars it spends each year to market their products and lobby the government. New initiatives toward combating the practices of Monsanto need to be created and implemented immediately if the natural and organic agricultural industry wants to maintain their foothold.

Consumers need to increase their awareness of these issues and report any suspicious activity relating to their favorite organic and/or natural brands.

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