Pregnant Women Exposed to High Pollution Twice as Likely to Have Autistic Children

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Natural SocietyIn a new study coming from the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH), a national study examining links between autism and air pollution, it was found that women in highly polluted cities were twice as likely to have children with Autism than those who lived in less polluted areas. The study comes after previous research has linked autism to factors like obesity and the use of antidepressants.

According to Environmental Health Perspectives who published the Harvard study, “depending on the pollutant, women’s risk for giving birth to autistic children was elevated by 20% to 60%.” The pollutants in question are diesel particulates, mercury, manganese, lead, and methylane chloride (a colorless, volatile liquid used in many industries) for starters, along with hundreds of other toxins found in the air.

“The results showed that women who lived in the 20% of locations with the highest levels of diesel particulates or mercury in the air were twice as likely to have a child with autism as those who lived in the 20% of areas with the lowest levels.”

Over 325 women who had autistic children and 22,00 women who had children without the disorder were studied to find these results. Also, the more pollutants and the higher the levels, the more increase there was for autism – women who lived in locations with the highest levels of pollutants based on the Environmental Protection Agencies own reports had up to a 50% higher chance of having a child with autism.

Heavy metals like mercury and lead can be removed naturally with the following natural remedies:

  • Consider chelation.
  • If you are pregnant, skip the larger fish like tuna and swordfish which tend to be higher in mercury levels.
  • Get rid of mercury fillings in dental work.
  • Purchase a HEPA air filter and use it at home and work if you are expecting.
  • Ask for mercury free vaccines or skip them altogether.
  • Don’t work or live in a structure older than 1970 without checking that it has lead-free paint.
  • Eat  more cilantro – it naturally removes heavy metals from the body.
  • Green juice.
  • Drink purified water with a squeeze of organic lemon.
  • Use activated charcoal.
  • Eat or drink Bentonite clay.