Mexico’s ‘NO GM’ Decision Saves Mayan Beekeeper’s Honey

Mexico’s ‘NO GM’ Decision Saves Mayan Beekeeper’s Honey
Save the Bees

A Supreme Court in Mexico recently denied biotech the right to push GM soy in the country, and the ramifications of the decision is helping to save Mayan beekeepers’ honey.

Beekeepers in the Mexican sates of Yucatan and Campeche were concerned about GM contamination of their honey, but will now be protected.

Previously, through a permit granted to Monsanto, they would have been able to plant 253,000 hectares of GM soy for an unlimited duration in seven Mexican areas, including the municipalities of Champoton, Hecelchakan, Hopelchen, Tenabo, Calkini, Escarcega, Carmen, and Palizada.

The appeal ruling by the Supreme Court blocks the planting of this GM soy, thereby saving crops from GM contamination and the ruin of organic honey.

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Part of the win includes acknowledgement that the aforementioned permit did not assure the indigenous communities of their right to decisions regarding their land and territory, nor did the permit take into consideration environmental impacts of planting the GM soy.

Monsanto may have lost millions by not being able to plant GM soy in Mexico, but native beekeepers have saved their bees and the crops which the bees rely on.