DEA’s Ban of Kratom is Sending Many into Fury

DEA’s Ban of Kratom is Sending Many into Fury
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The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has recently stated that the herbal supplement kratom will be taken off of the market. It’s being taken off because the organization now classifies 2 of its major ingredients as Schedule I substances, so now the supplement is bunched with harder drugs like ecstasy, heroin, and LSD. And although this move is welcome by some, many are furious over the decision, claiming that kratom has actually saved their lives. [1]

Many people manage their chronic pain, anxiety, and depression via the herbal supplement, and are worried that with the new ban, they will have a difficult time managing their symptoms. Others are using the supplement to help curb the cravings associated with long-term opiate use, allowing them to stop their dependence on harder drugs.

A reader of the website Pain News Network wrote in to express his concerns over the ban, stating,

“An herb that has killed no one is being banned. Many people will turn to more dangerous drugs, and others who are already addicted to opiates will not have the option of using kratom to quit.” [1]

He also added that he believes the landmark decision will lead to some people’s deaths

More than 50,000 people have signed a petition in less than one week on asking that the decision be overturned. But the DEA has stated that while making kratom Schedule I is temporary, they are hoping to make it a permanent decision.

Some believe that the government is in collusion with the pharmaceutical industry and are attempting to eliminate a cheaper alternative to more expensive prescription drugs.

The Centers for Disease Control state that the herbal supplement is an “emerging threat” due to the over 600 calls received and one death recorded. However, this pales in comparison to the thousands of children who are hospitalized for things like ingesting common laundry detergent each year.

Still, others feel its regulation is imminent, simply because it can be purchased online and in coffee shops with no regulations.

Dan Frabricant, CEO and Executive Director of the Natural Products Association, stated:

“Kratom is not an herbal supplement: it is addictive, harmful, and worse, it may be contributing to America’s opiate epidemic. We are eager to work with the authorities and our members to help turn the tide against Kratom and ensure that it is seen as what the DEA says it is, a schedule I illegal narcotic that has no place in health or wellness.” [1]

There will be a march at the White House on September 13 for those in support of kratom to attempt to stop the DEA’s decision.



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