DEA to Ban Herbal Supplement Kratom

DEA to Ban Herbal Supplement Kratom
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News has recently broke that the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) will temporarily ban Kratom, a popular herbal supplement that is used for issues like chronic pain, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Individuals have previously been able to buy Kratom online and in smoke shops. It typically comes in both pill and powder form.

The ban comes after the DEA said it plans to place 2 of Kratom’s psychoactive chemicals onto its list of Schedule I controlled substances. The organization feels the herbal supplement is a danger to public health. Other Schedule I controlled substances include hard-hitting drugs like heroin, ecstasy, and LSD. [1]

Currently, Schedule I drugs are those that have no medical use and potential for dependency. Since it does not fall under the category of being used medically, there are no experts to regulate its usage.

The herbal supplement Kratom is used in a wide variety of situations, with some addicts using it to replace opioids. Some types of Kratom can mimic the effects of pain killers, whilst others give users a “caffeine high.”

While many are disappointed by the cease of sales of the product, which will take effect on September 30, others feel that it is necessary. The Centers for Disease Control reported over 660 emergency calls from the drug from 2010 to 2015, including some people having lethal reactions to overdoses.

According to one report, Kratom has been linked to hepatotoxicity, psychosis, seizure, weight loss, insomnia, tachycardia, vomiting, poor concentration, and hallucinations.

One anonymous Salt Lake City area mother is elated that her daughter will now no longer be legally allowed to take the drug. According to her, her daughter became violent on Kratom, but continued taking it because it was “legal” and there was “nothing wrong with it.” [2]

She claims her daughter attacked her after taking the drug.

Still, others are extremely disappointed, as many have been using it to help manage symptoms of arthritis and other chronic pain disorders. They feel that taking this off the market may ruin their lives, making it impossible to function at the level they’ve been able to maintain while taking Kratom. [3]

Currently, the inclusion of the herbal supplement on the Schedule I list is a temporary measure, however, the DEA may make it permanent.


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