Mainstream Media Begins Reporting on BPA Dangers After Denying Previous Evidence

Mainstream Media Begins Reporting on BPA Dangers After Denying Previous Evidence

Natural Society

The mainstream media has just recently began reporting on the dangers of Bispehnol A (BPA), despite evidence that has been available for some time that links it to serious conditions such as infertility. A five-year study has just been released that confirms the link between BPA and infertility, finding it severely damages sperm health.

This is not surprising if you have been following the findings of numerous past studies, which have linked BPA to a host of nasty conditions. Health conditions such as obesity, and developmental problems in young girls were among the ailments developed as a result of  BPA exposure.

What is worse is that BPA has found its way into numerous products, such as soup cans and plastic packaging. We also reported that BPA was found in dental fillings and sealants, and that the media would downplay the negative effects of the substance. Patients were reassured that the BPA was nearly harmless, and the benefit of the toxic fillings far outweighed the risk of BPA exposure.

The article from USA Today went on to proclaim that the effects of BPA are unknown, and that the fillings and sealants did not contain high amounts of the substance: “Doctors don’t know how much BPA is absorbed into the body, however, or what its effects might be, Fleisch says. But dental materials probably cause far less BPA exposure than other consumer goods, such as plastic bottles and the linings of metal cans.”

Research shows, however, that BPA levels in saliva skyrocket to around 88 times the “normal” amount when patients were given dental fillings. Seeing as BPA is a toxic chemical, as declared by Canada and other nations, any amount of BPA should not be considered normal.

This chemical is one that you should not be exposed to at any level, said von Saal, Curators professor of biology at the University of Missouri at Columbia.

As the mainstream media reports on the dangers of BPA, it reflects the awareness that is growing in regards to the dangers of BPA. With mainstream media forced to report on this five-year study exposing BPA as a fertility killer, perhaps the result will be a nationwide ban of the toxic substance.