How to Burn Fat and Become More Fit

How to Burn Fat and Become More Fit
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By: David Dack

weight loss measuring tapeWhether you’re looking to fit into your old jeans or to just lose a few pounds, getting rid of fat deposit is critical for both aesthetics and overall health. Weight loss and fat loss are not the same thing; weight loss can be the result of dehydration or muscle loss – no positive indicators of good rising health. If you’re looking to get into the best shape of your life and attain the body of your dreams, then losing fat should be your goal.

Here are some guidelines that can help you to lose fat instead of muscle, and boost your overall health.

Banish Stress

To make sure that your body is using fat as energy, you need to keep your stress levels at bay. Stress leads to cortisol production which forces your body to convert energy to fat, and this fat could be kept regardless of how hard you exercise and how healthful your diet is. Therefore, for maximum fat loss results, try to lower your stress levels by promoting relaxations practices such as yoga or deep breathing; you can also take an in-depth look at the source of the stress and try to dismantle the ticking bombs – a solution that may be a challenge. Here are numerous techniques on how to destress.

Keep Blood Sugar Levels at Bay

To control overeating and hunger pangs, taming your blood sugar levels is key. The spikier your blood sugar levels are, the more likely you’re going to overeat and indulge in unhealthy eating habits as a result,; this usually leads to more weight gain and a myriad of health troubles. Following the glycemic index diet is the one of the best ways for controling blood sugar levels. Choose foods ranking below 60 and steer clear of the foods with higher rankings on the glycemic index.

Eat Protein with Every Meal

Another way to help you control hunger and feel sated for longer is to consuming protein with every meal—especially breakfast. Not only that, proper protein intake helps you recover faster from your workouts by speeding up the rebuilding process, thus boosting your mental and physical performance through the roof.

Interval training

Known as high intensity interval training (or HIIT for short), this workout method is the way to go if you’re looking to burn colossal amounts of calories without burning your time. Even though those long cardio sessions at a steady pace can help you lose weight, research shows that for faster and better fat loss results, interval training—such as sprints or circuit training—is far more effective than opting for traditional long and steady cardio sessions, such as running, cycling or swimming.

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