Honey Fights Super Resistant Conditions Naturally

Honey Fights Super Resistant Conditions Naturally

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As drug-resistant bacteria become of further concern to not only health conscious individuals but also health organizations worldwide, stronger drugs are often presented as the solution by mainstream health officials. However research shows that honey could be a potent answer to drug resistant bacteria like MRSA — without harmful side effects.

In fact, honey was traditionally used to fight infection up until around the early 20th century. Around this time, honey was forgotten and predominantly replaced with penicillin, but is now regaining its former popularity as the world continues to become more conscious to the dangers of pharmaceutical drug use (which now kill more individuals per year than traffic accidents). Of course it was the excess usage of pharmaceutical drugs that have in many cases spawned the resistant strains in the first place, and the same antibiotics that have now been linked to health conditions ranging from mental illness to metabolic syndrome.

In the food supply, organic farms that do not use antibiotics have been found to harbor less of these dangerous conditions. This is why activist groups are actively suing the FDA over allowing animals to be fed massive amounts of antibiotics.

Now researchers are examining how honey can prevent and fight serious skin infections. Interestingly, some information indicates that natural honey can be even more effective than antibiotics. The way in which honey fights infection has to do with the way that bacteria lives on your skin. After a skin injury like a cut or a scrape, bacteria can penetrate the wound site and cause problems. A common type of strep known as Streptococcus pyogenes can actually result in wounds that simply refuse to heal. Scientists have found that honey can destroy such bacteria, as long as its the right kind.

Research published in the journal Microbiology states:

“In lab tests, just a bit of the honey killed off the majority of bacterial cells — and cut down dramatically on the stubborn biofilms they formed. It could also be used to prevent wounds from becoming infected in the first place.”

This information paves the way for honey to be used as a natural alternative in fighting infection, and even preventing the infection in the first place. It is important to remember, however, that not all honey products are the same. As we exposed back in 2011, a large number of honey products sold in stores are actually fake or inferior quality. Raw organic honey is the best bet when searching for the right product, as the less processed it is the better it is for you.