Grapes & Wine Found to Protect Skin from Sun Damage

Grapes & Wine Found to Protect Skin from Sun Damage
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Researchers have found that eating grapes and drinking wine can protect the skin against UV damage, and in turn sunburn. Cosmetic companies are already attempting to develop formulas that take advantage of the new information.

Grapes & Wine Found to Protect Against Sunburn

The Telegraph reports:

The study, carried out in vitro in the laboratory, has been published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

Marta Cascante, a biochemist at the University of Barcelona and director of the research project, said it proves grapes could help protect the skin from sun burn and even skin cancer.

She said the research could help to develop skin creams and other products to protect skin from sun damage.

“This study supports the idea of using these products to protect the skin from cell damage and death caused by solar radiation, as well as increasing our understanding of the mechanism by which they act”, she said.

The study also adds to the popular image of the healthy and tanned population of the mediteranean.

Previous research has put the low cancer rates and good health down to tomatoes, olive oil and even red wine.