Is the Sun Really the Cause of Skin Cancer?

Is the Sun Really the Cause of Skin Cancer?

Every Spring there is a barrage of articles regarding the risk of skin cancer being caused by too much exposure to the sun. The same articles also sing the praises of sunscreen as a deterrent while offering no evidence whatsoever. But is the sun really the primary culprit? What’s really going on here?

“Have you ever looked at the nasty toxic ingredients inside most sunscreens? The irony is that we are using a toxic skin product to protect our skin that is cancerous because of toxicity. Organic alternatives exist that are much healthier. Skin cancer is an inside job primarily, not an outside job (protection from the sun). The whole system/body supports cancer, not just the skin. When we look deeper and we ask if we have good health practices and good emotional health, what is the honest answer?” [1]

The key point here is that cancer is really an “inside job.” Another key point is that the constitutional health of the “whole body” supports the cancer. Thirdly, that there is frequently an “emotional” component to cancer.

With this correct understanding, it’s much easier to recognize that the sunscreen commercials are only a smokescreen for the true causes of skin cancer. The skin is one of the major detoxification organs of the body along with the liver and GI tract. When the liver becomes overloaded with toxins, they are sometimes excreted through the skin. A congested liver and/or toxic colon will always put more of a burden on the skin to slough off more waste products than its fair share.

Therefore, it is often an individual’s regular diet which contributes to the greatest degree to the various types of cancer. Of course, environmental exposures and stresses can have considerable impact as well, over-exposure to the sun being one of them.

However, it is much more likely that the exposure to toxic chemicals and other pollutants, especially those put on the skin and ingested through the diet, will have a more significant impact on the development of skin cancers. This is why many are wondering if sunscreen causes cancer.

Toxic Skin Products May Be The Primary Cause For Many Forms Of Skin Cancer

“What types of toxic products have you subjected to your face and skin over the years? One of the main things many women do is to cover their faces every day with blush, foundation, mascara, eye liner, soap, exfoliant, creams, etc. If you look at many of the ingredients on these products, they are super toxic. One of the main physical causes of cancer is toxicity. Toxins are toxic to the body. Toxicity causes cancer. In additional to this we expose our bodies to other toxic things we put on our skin every day such as deodorant, shower soap, shampoo, conditioner, perfume/cologne, shaving cream, lotions and creams.” [1]

Over a lifetime, most people will have used hundreds of bottles of various body and hair care products, the vast majority of which contain toxic ingredients as mentioned above. Because these are routinely used in a hot shower or bath when the pores are wide open, those same harmful chemicals will penetrate deeply into the epithelial tissue. Years of accumulation of the various toxic residues can then set up the skin for a localized organ failure such as cancer.

In light of this very common cycle, one of the best things that one can do to guard against skin cancer is to eliminate every body and hair product in their shower or bath area which has any toxic harmful ingredients. Almost all mainstream sunscreens fall into this category, so it is best to buy them at a health store if you must use them. Even then it is very important to carefully peruse the ingredient list.

Why are Sunscreen Ingredients so Important?

The answer is because the conditions under which one is compelled to apply sunscreen are particularly stressful. The hot sunny weather causes the skin to perspire, and with open pores, the sunscreen lotion is easily absorbed into the skin. Therefore, the old saying is that “if you can’t eat it, you ought not to put it on your skin.


Dr. Grave’s Response to The Huffington Post Article Warning Against Exposure to Sunlight

The Mainstream Media is now well known for publishing articles which provide subtle pieces of misleading information regarding a whole array of health and wellness issues. Their crusade against sunlight has been particularly effective in scaring the public away from a short daily sun bath.

It has been scientifically proven that the vitamin D production, which occurs when the sun’s rays interact with the skin, is quite essential for a healthy and effective immune system. Hence, getting regular exposure to the sun is one of the most healthful practices that one can engage in … especially for keeping cancer at bay.  Just don’t spend too much time in the sun without some protection – everything in moderation.


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Disclaimer: There may be instances where certain types of skin cancer are best kept away from the direct rays of the sun.  Only a qualified dermatologist is able to consult appropriately on that matter.