The Sun is Evil! Protect Yourself from Skin Cancer Lies


sunscreenThe mainstream medical profession, especially dermatologists, are pushing sunscreen harder than ever, using the fear of skin cancer as the selling point  -especially melanoma. This unproven dogma has spawned a billion dollar annual sunscreen revenue while creating more demand for care from dermatologists. The problem is that many of these sunscreens aren’t exactly safe or effective. If you do use sunscreen, seek out safe sunscreens.

Dermatology and the sunscreen industry are part of the cancer industry’s big money making racket, the same people that get billions for bogus research and fear mongering while squashing actual natural cancer treatments and home remedies.

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Did You Know…?

  • Melanoma is the most dreaded form of skin cancer. Studies have shown that people living in Minnesota have higher rates of melanoma than Arizonians, while Norwegians have higher rates of melanoma than residents of Southern France.
  • Melanoma very often occurs in areas of the body that are shielded from the sun: The soles of feet, upper legs, genital crotch areas, under fingernails, and in the mouth or nose, all of which are “where the sun don’t shine”.
  • People who work in offices are at higher risk for melanoma than outdoor workers, even lifeguards.
  • I’m 72, grew up in South Florida where we ran around shirtless in shorts and occasionally got sunburned. Construction was booming, and many worked under the sun shirtless. None of us knew of sunscreens, and I never knew what skin cancer was.
  • Highly advertised sun tan lotions were not considered remotely as a protection against skin cancer. The sun tan lotion industry promoted enhanced tanning with sunburn protection.
  • Both the FDA and the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Institute failed to see any evidence that sunscreens prevent skin cancer of any kind. That’s pretty amazing!

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Most sunscreens contain toxic chemicals. Some are carcinogenic or cancer causing, but if not directly from their chemicals, sunscreens block the sun’s gift to mankind – vitamin D, which strongly helps prevent cancer and other disease.

The Sun and Us

The best source of vitamin D3 is initiated in our body’s skin by the sun’s UV-B rays. The ultraviolet rays are UV-A and UV-B, and UV-A is what dries the skin and causes sunburn. By the way, you won’t get UV-B rays if there is glass between you and the sun. Glass blocks UV-B rays, and so do sunscreens.

So by glopping on carcinogenic sunscreens that block the sun’s gift to mankind, vitamin D, which protects against many diseases, including cancer, you are increasing your risk of cancer! Interesting medical marketing system: Put out a big scare about skin cancer from sun exposure; advise all to avoid sun exposure; recommend sunscreens if you must be out in the sun.

Around 70% of the Europeans are vitamin D deficient, and other nations have similar issues. Ever since the racket described above rose into public acceptance 35 years ago, the rate of melanoma cases has tripled.

Could it be that the whole unproven theory of sun-skin cancer dogma is a false lead, a wrong road taken by concerned medical authorities? If so, maybe it’s too profitable for them to turn back.