3 Studies Proving Toxic Glyphosate Found in Urine, Blood, and Even Breast Milk

3 Studies Proving Toxic Glyphosate Found in Urine, Blood, and Even Breast Milk
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PHOTO CREDIT: sustainablepulse.com.
PHOTO CREDIT: sustainablepulse.com.

More than 1 billion pounds of pesticides are sprayed on crops in the United States alone every single year. Thanks to pesticide/herbicide-resistant GMO crops, that number is growing every year. Much of this pesticide spraying contains a toxic ingredient known as glyphosate – the primary poisonous active ingredient in Monsanto’s best-selling herbicide RoundUp. Regulators as well as Monsanto claim that this ingredient is excreted from the body, but numerous studies have shown that not only is it causing numerous health problems, but it is showing up in urine samples, blood samples, and even breast milk.

1. Glyphosate Found in People’s Urine

It has been revealed by numerous scientists that herbicides and pesticides bioaccumulate in the body, eventually leading to a toxic overload of sorts. One study conducted by a German university found very high concentrations of glyphosate in all urine samples tested. The amount of glyphosate found in the urine was staggering, with each sample containing concentrations at 5 to 20-fold the limit established for drinking water. But this is just a single piece of evidence that pesticides are out of control.

Another more recent study found that animals and humans who consume pesticide-laden GMO foods have extremely high levels of glyphosate in their urine. What’s more, chronically sick people have higher levels than healthy people. Conversely, people who eat primarily organic foods, and animals that are given feed from non-GMO plants, have lower levels of glyphosate in their urine. The study was published in the Journal of Environmental & Analytical Toxicology.

2. Glyphosate Found in Breast Milk

Very recently, the Organic Consumers Association have demanded that U.S. regulators such as the FDA, EPA, and USDA ban glyphosate as many other communities and even nations have. Why? Because a new piece of research found that the toxic ingredient is actually found in the breast milk of women, leading to damage to underdeveloped human beings.

Moms Across America and Sustainable Pulse found ‘high’ levels in 3 out of the 10 samples tested. The levels found in the breast milk testing of 76 ug/l to 166 ug/l are 760 to 1600 times higher than the European Drinking Water Directive allows for individual pesticides.

“The mothers tested are mostly familiar with GMOs and glyphosate. Most of them have been trying to avoid GMOs and glyphosate for several months to two years, so the levels of mothers who are not aware of GMOs and glyphosate may be much higher,” Moms Across America Founder and Director, Zen Honeycutt, stated.

3. Glyphosate Found in our Blood

In addition to being found in urine and breast milk, glyphosate has also been found in people’s blood in 18 different countries. A new study entitled, ‘The effect of metabolites and impurities of glyphosate on human erythrocytes (in vitro),’ explains just how RoundUp chemicals are invading our human blood.

Researchers exposed participants’ blood to different levels of glyphosate consistent with the ranges and concentrations which have already been well established in our drinking water, air, soil and food – between .01-5 millimolar (mM) for 1, 4, and 24 hours. What they found was that glyphosate and other ingredients in RoundUp lead to ‘slightly significant’ negative effects on red blood cells. In other words, our blood is simply not ‘RoundUp Ready.’

It seems that regulatory authorities as well as the biotech industry can no longer claim that toxic ingredients such as glyphosate don’t bioaccumulate in the body and are excreted. As anyone may have guessed, these toxins really are doing some damage.