Giving Thanks: Top 5 GMO and Health Victories to Be Thankful For!

Giving Thanks: Top 5 GMO and Health Victories to Be Thankful For!
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Thanksgiving, at its core, has ultimately manifested itself into a celebrated holiday in which we can ‘sit back and reflect’ over the things in which we are grateful and appreciative of. At a personal level, this could come down to friends, family, job positions, and similar things. At a societal level, we’re talking about the spread of information regarding GMOs and Monsanto, the explosion of the natural health movement, and the continuing push by individuals worldwide for lasting change within the political system.

Beyond the realm of your personal life, and even society as a whole, however, exists the overall movement of humanity at large. At this level, we are talking about the future effects on generations beyond our own. We are talking about our current battle against the corporations who are warping our bodies, and the government entities which are allowing them to do so. We are talking about declining sperm counts, the increasing number of birth defects, genetic repercussions, and the reality that we need to stand up and do something.

I’m Thankful For Our Amazing Victories: GMO & Beyond!

And the fact of the matter is: we are standing up and doing something — and the result is some serious progress. Since 2011, when we declared Monsanto to be NaturalSociety’s Worst Company of 2011 in a worldwide press release, we have seen a major increase in knowledge over the dangers of GMO foods and the corruption of Monsanto. Just walking into Whole Foods I now see major signs alerting customers to the presence of GMOs and how to avoid them.

And let’s be clear, Whole Foods is doing this because they know the public has already awakened to what’s going on! There’s a reason they recently announced that they will be labeling all GMO-containing foods in the next few years. It comes down to activism, and readers like you really making the difference. We are just here to equip you with the information.

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