Germany Pushes GMO Ban Before 2015 Harvest

Germany Pushes GMO Ban Before 2015 Harvest

The BRICS nations are lining up to fight biotech in their plot to take over the world’s food supply. China has increasingly been refusing US GM corn exports, Russia is now fining businesses that sell GMO food products, and now Germany is requesting that the European Commission allow individual EU countries to ban the cultivation of genetically modified crops before the 2015 harvest.

The German Farm Minister, Christian Schmidt, is getting pressure from German activists who state that ‘social-economic’ reasons should be taken into consideration to allow EU nations to ban GM crops outright. Schmidt told attendees at a joint press conference held in Berlin, which he attended with the new EU agricultural commissioner, Phil Hogan, that large part of Germany’s population is opposed to GM foods.

He supported an EU initiative this past summer which gave 12 member states the freedom to ban GM from being cultivated. Even if the EU-bloc approved GM, member states could still individually refuse to grow them.

The European Parliament also approved plans for national GM bans this past November, but no final ruling has yet taken place. The EU, in the meantime, is set to approve Dupont and Dow Chemical’s latest GMO maize 1507, unless of course Germany’s plea is taken to heart.

Schmidt remarked that a final decision on national bans was needed in order to halt GM planting for 2015’s harvest:

“That means 1507 should not make it to the sowing, certainly not in Germany.”

It sounds like Schmidt agrees with countless others, such as Yakov Lyubovedsky, the head of Russia’s Organic Farming Union.Lyubovedsky points out that GMO is just an experiment on humanity, and many scientists might add, one that hasn’t gone very well. Over 800 scientists have already demanded that this game end.

As the law currently stands, when the EU approves any crop as ‘safe,’ it must also be allowed in EU states. Germany is hoping to overturn this biotech-influenced legislation.
Currently, Monsanto’s GMO maize MON810 is the only GMO crop grown in the EU, where it has been cultivated in Spain and Portugal for at least a decade.