IRT’s Jeffrey Smith Appears on Daily Show; Warns Stewart of GMO Apples & Potatoes

IRT’s Jeffrey Smith Appears on Daily Show; Warns Stewart of GMO Apples & Potatoes

The Daily show was the scene for Jeffrey Smith as he discussed the deep implications of new genetically engineered potatoes and apples biotech is rolling out. No stranger to the issue, this marks Jon Stewart’s third jab at the biotech industry, Monsanto, and regulatory agencies.

NaturalSociety has reported on how GMO apples and potatoes were approved for release – primarily with a ‘non-browning’ selling point. Going to market as early as 2016, the concern is the double-stranded RNA found in both the apples and potatoes.

Smith’s organization, The Institute for Responsible Technology sent out a video before his Daily Show appearance to explain his points minus the comedic backdrop.

In the video, Dr. Jack Heinemann, Professor of Genetics at University of Canterbury states:

“It has now been shown that the double-stranded RNA can be taken up, after digestion of our food, into the blood supply.”

Heinemann goes on to say that:

 “Regulators and biotech companies have rejected the need to test these molecules based on the argument that they didn’t expect double-stranded RNA to survive digestion and be taken up into the blood system.”

Perhaps this is what Stewart was referring to when he stated “Our lawmakers operate at the same level of awareness as a flatulent grandpa.”

By their recent actions, our regulators are still asleep at the wheel. With info available today, the recent doubled expansion of the new glyphosate-based herbicide Enlist Duo borders on criminal negligence at best and punishable human rights violations as a future option. This idea is driven home when the EPA’s own fact sheet still has info from 2014 listing glyphosate as follows:

“Use is safe for everyone, including infants, the developing fetus, the elderly, and highly exposed groups including agricultural workers. The approved use is safe for the environment including endangered species.”

It is often comedy or a child’s simple observation that serves to penetrate the polarizing issues of life. In this case, it is fitting that Jeffrey Smith gets his turn at bat on The Daily Show. A quick overview shows that this week is arguably the most important stretch pertaining to a conscious shift of the public towards non-GMO.

Piggybacking on ‘Dr. Oz’s last stand’ against a poorly thought-out attack, The Daily Show is throwing a well-timed log on the already blazing non-GMO inferno. Through education and individual empowerment, families, farmers, and grocers have said “no” to GMOs. The last pillar to fall is the mainstream media’s one-sided talking points, control, and suppression. This week it appears we all have a front row seat to that paper tiger going up in flames.

Regardless of where Stewart or Oz’s hearts and beliefs lie, the non-GMO idea has bottom-line generating popularity, and that is leverage the mainstream can’t avoid. With the recent release by the Organic Trade Association showing $39.1 billion spent on organic/non-GMO food in 2014, expect to see others in the mainstream and Hollywood form a line to grab their portion of this new, conscious market share.