Cancer Rates Can be Cut in Half with Lifestyle Changes

Cancer Rates Can be Cut in Half with Lifestyle Changes
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Although cancer cures do exist – no, not in the form of mainstream medical treatment – these cures are still perceived as non-existent by many in the mainstream health community and abroad. Along with these lesser known cures, though, comes the ability to prevent cancer from developing in the first place, which most people would not argue with. In fact, cancer rates in the U.S. and other nations could be cut in half or more with the knowledge we have today.

Cancer Rates Can be Cut in Half with Natural Solutions

While scientists and mainstream medical professionals call upon the abilities of mainstream medical science to lessen these cancer rates, research shows that the war against cancer using such techniques is painfully failing. Despite 10’s of millions of dollars being spent on the war on cancer each year, overall rates continue to climb, while mainstream medicine provides little benefit. What drug proponents do receive, however, is profits.

Pushed by many drug companies as the only ‘scientific’ method of combating cancer alongside chemotherapy, cancer drugs have been found to actually make cancer worse by causing tumors to ‘metasize’ aggressively and kill patients more quickly. Chemotherapy and radiation treatments are notorious for causing extreme damage to the body, and doctors know it. Unfortunately for those accepting this treatment, not only will it cost thousands or 10’s of thousands of dollars while failing to solve the problem, but the treatment may even cause DNA mutations extending to offspring.

Meanwhile, cancer cures are being taken advantage of by those who recognize potentialities of natural solutions. Cancer could be eradicated from the body by anything from mega-doses of intravenous vitamin C to the powerful applications of  juice fasting (Gerson therapy, etc.). Natural cancer cures with patients who have not undergone chemo or radiation has an over 80% cure rate, while mainstream medicine lingers around a 3-5% cure rate.

It is important that individuals become aware of the fact that natural solutions do in fact exist, but prevention is always a much simpler solution. So how can cancer rates be drastically slashed? Unfortunately, there are countless carcinogenic substances being used in most consumer products and food. Fructose is consistently being found to play a significant role in the development and spread of cancer, so fructose consumption should be greatly limited. On a consumer products note, most mainstream shampoos, deodorants, soaps, etc, contain carcinogenic ingredients such as tricolsan, triclocarbon, and titanium dioxide, to name a few.

In addition to avoiding these cancer-causing substances, begin to consume the many cancer-fighting foods at your disposal. The spice turmeric has been shown time and time again to block cancer growth, and 12 studies have shown turmeric to reduce tumors by 81 percent. Ginger, a cousin spice of turmeric, has also been revealed as a cancer fighter, shrinking prostate tumor size by 56 percent in mice. Vitamin D, the use of natural sweeteners, and especially exercise have all been shown to help fight off cancer. Solutions to fighting and preventing cancer are available, you simply must recognize them.

In order to harness the power of prevention in these aspects, you will need to avoid those things which are causing cancer as much as you can, and consume important substances that fight against cancer regularly. To stay sane, go about the avoidance at a “good, better, best” approach — being fanatical will cause stress and subsequently compromise your health. Using organic consumer products, consuming organic foods, and filtering your tap water will greatly reduce the ingestion of cancer-causing substances.