Do the Best you Can: The Food System is Against Us, but we Must Keep Fighting

healthy girl
General Health

healthy girlJust when you think you are doing everything necessary for better health—eating all the right plant foods, staying away from processed and genetically modified ingredients, and using natural remedies for any ailments—someone tells you that you may not be doing enough. But one thing everyone must accept is that as long as you are making improvement and doing the best you can, you should feel good – because you’re doing your best to overcome the entire toxic food system.

The  U.S. food system is created with little regard to our health and wellbeing. Actually, it’s moving toward a creation aimed at our failure. While many of us are working to eat nutritious foods, the food system is working to ensure our bodies can’t reap all of the benefits.

As you are eating your dark green vegetables, juicing your favorite produce, and making your homegrown herbal teas, what is on and in those foods is working against you. Pesticides on your food and in your water are having untold effects on your health. Even if your produce is organic, your water contains pesticides and fluoride—contaminants that breed ill health and, in the case of fluoride, apathy to it all.

The plastic you eat off of, the microwave you use, and even the non-stick pans you cook with are potentially undermining all of your hard work to stay well.
It truly seems that for every positive step you take, you are fighting the system trying to push you back. So, what are your options? How does this happen and what can we do to stop it?

Don’t Give Up

Certainly, with every step you take towards better wellness, you take a step away from ill health. Even with all of the factors against you, you are making progress, so keep at it.

Detox regularly to ensure those contaminants that sneak in are quickly eliminated. Be sure to add foods that are natural detoxifying agents like parsley and cilantro. Give your body a break now and then with a fast or a juice fast. Exercise regularly to help remove the toxins from deep within your tissues and to get that cleansing sweat in.

Continue to choose organics, to buck GMOs, and to boycott processed food-like products. Continue to teach others and to spread the word that good health is accessible to us all, through the very basics—natural plants and positive lifestyle choices.

More people are waking up to our toxic food environment than ever, and as long as we continue to educate others, there is no doubt that our future battles will be victories.