Ask Quaker Food Maker to Support GMO Labeling

Ask Quaker Food Maker to Support GMO Labeling

Quaker, the parent company of Pepsi-Co, along with other food manufacturers, have spent a combined $100 million to keep people from knowing what is in their food. Please help send a message to this maker of ‘family foods’ to support GMO labeling.

Quaker stands for ‘healthy food,’ or so it says:

“We put wholesome goodness in everything we do.”

But instead of supporting Americans who want to feed their families with food that isn’t genetically engineered and largely sprayed by the ‘probably carcinogenic’ glyphosate (recently deemed a possible carcinogenic by the World Health Organization), Quaker and PepsiCo have spent more than $8 million to deny consumers the right to know if GMOs are in the food they buy.

A company that’s been around for over 130 years should know better than to actively support GMO containing products. It’s like a corporate death-wish, because consumers don’t want to eat GMOs!

Surveys repeatedly show that 80 percent to 95 percent of people want foods that contain genetically modified organisms to be labeled, in the least. Here is a simple breakdown of some reported polls on consumer demand for GMO labeling:

  • ABC News: 93% want federal GM labeling mandate

But the Food and Drug Administration isn’t listening. At a recent senate hearing, the FDA Commissioner, Margaret Hamburg, said the FDA does not support mandatory GMO food labeling. Quaker doesn’t seem to be listening either, But company’s like Chipotle are, recently announces that it has phased out all GMOs from its food – and their stock is skyrocketing.

Have you checked out Monsanto’s stock lately? It’s falling. How about McDonald’s? Falling like a brick. People are simply sick of fake, questionable food.

If you are a consumer who won’t be eating Quaker’s food anymore unless it stops trying to block GMO labeling with the DARK act, please consider signing any pro-GMO labeling petitions and boycotting GMO products.

If our legislators won’t listen to the ballots, then food companies will surely listen to their declining revenue.

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