Medical Drug-Pumping Microchip Plan to be Carried out by 2017

Science & Medicine

microchipImplanted medical microchips that can be expected to be mainstream by 2017 will be able to deliver drugs, including routine birth control – all through wireless communications. Currently, drug reservoir chips can be implanted right under the skin, delivering pharmaceuticals of all kinds, but here is the troubling part of this – they won’t be controlled by you – but rather by ‘medical professionals’. Imagine someone with the same level of morality as a Monsanto CEO, or a stock owner in Pfizer, or Bill Gates, deciding who gets which meds and how much. Scary, huh?

What’s more – these implanted drug-reservoir chips will be controlled remotely. You’ll be dosed day after day, perpetually, until a ‘professional’ decided to stop doping you up. Talk about a dream come true for the pharmaceutical industry!

The micro-chipped reservoir-technology was first developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the nineties. It was designed to be controlled through a wireless signal, just like your phone. The technology now powers the company called microCHIPS. As part of their corporate agenda, presented on their site, they say they intend to develop, ‘long-term implantable drug delivery technologies with wireless communications.’

Also, progestin and estrogen can be released into a woman’s body to act as a method of birth control.

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Now, here’s where it get’s creepy. If a woman could turn her own microchip birth control on or off of her own accord, that would be…better, but within Obamacare, there are new laws which require to offer contraceptive services via microchip, and there are rumors that say eventually we will all be required to be micro-chipped.

These new technologies could conceivably deliver drugs automatically for up to 16 years straight, based on preliminary clinical trials. Furthermore, hospitals and doctors would know exactly which drugs you took and when, down to the second, with no privacy whatsoever.

This is not a new idea – Dr. Jose M.R. Delgado, Director of Neuropsychiatry Yale University Medical School Congressional Record, No. 26, Vol. 118 February 24, 1974 discusses it extensively in a paper in which he states, “Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electrically control the brain. Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain.”

CEO Bradley Paddock believes, “The MicroCHIPS implantable drug delivery device is the greatest advancement in delivering medicine since the first tablet pill was developed in 1876.” Try reading the UN’s Agenda 21, and see if you agree.