Activist Group Asks UK Government to Re-Think Ill-Founded Pro-GMO Stance

gmo eu

gmo euAsking infiltrated governments to give reasonable proof for their stance on GMOs is like asking a drug addict to give up their fix. Though the UK government has promised to change its position on GMOs based on scientific evidence, it doesn’t do that because it would be self-incriminating. Despite this, Food & Water Europe, a non-GMO advocacy group, has asked the UK government to change its vocal position on supporting GMOs.

Most of the world can see clearly that non-GMO and GMO crops cannot coexist. In fact, it is likely that the biotech industry knew this all along, and it was their very goal – to wipe out all ‘natural’ seed, so that seed monopolies on patented foods were all that was left on the planet. We’ve all got to eat, right? Sure, there is ample evidence to prove that farmers are suffering from the cross-pollination of GM crops into their non-GM fields, but you can’t argue with an organization who has at its aim this very outcome.

The reason the UK government won’t listen to public views, which are overwhelming in support of a non-GMO food supply, is not because they don’t have ample scientific or statistical proof. It just doesn’t suit their agenda. If you were getting enormous payouts from Syngenta, Monsanto, and other companies aiming at controlling all food trade in the world, eventually, why would you listen to the plebeians who put you into office?

The rights of farmers and consumers are entirely ignored despite the following facts gleaned from a Washington D.C. based Food & Water Watch and Organic Farmers’ Agency for Relationship Marketing study which took in data from across 17 US states:

  • GM cultivation began heavily in 1996, and since that time organic farmers have been unfairly burdened with keeping their crops safe from genetically modified organisms.
  • Organic farmers have to work longer hours and endure more cost due to cross-pollination of organic seed with GMO seed. It is plainly clear that GM and non-GM crop existence cannot be supported in the small fields of the EU and UK, nor in the vast expanse of the US, where more than half of our fields are already poisoned with genetically modified organisms.
  • 52% of surveyed farmers reported having shipments rejected due to cross-pollinization. One farmer suffered a $367,000 loss in one year alone. This is not an unusual scenario.
  • As farmers can attest, good stewardship alone will not protect organic farms. The insistence by the biotech industry and Big Ag that these farms can exist side by side is ludicrous – unless of course you plan on making robo-bees to pollinate crops and stopping the wind. First these corporations will sell you patented seed, then they will sell you mechanized pollinators once they’ve wiped out all the lady bugs, bees, and butterflies. It is pure insanity.

Despite the utter nonsense of these pro-GMO arguments, and completely maligning the scientific evidence that GMOs cause cancer and make us infertile, the UK and other governments plow ahead. In an attempt to get these agencies to admit to their betrayal of voters and farmers, Food & Water Europe asked the UK Government to explain how it will develop the necessary coexistence legislation needed to introduce GM crops to England when the Scottish and Welsh Governments remain steadfastly opposed to GM cultivation (the Scots even oppose coexistence regulation because they find it incompatible with their moratorium on all GM crops).

Coexistence will decimate organic farmers – but isn’t that what Monsanto and Syngenta wanted all along? Make no mistake – they know exactly what they are doing. Why would the UK Environment Secretary Owen Paterson call non-GMO supporters, ‘wicked’? It is simply propaganda so they can slowly kill all that has been balanced in nature for millions of years, and insert the ‘cure’ like chemotherapy – charging us all to death for the ‘solution’ to the problem they have helped create.