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Worried About Fluoride Exposure? Protect Yourself with Selenium

Susan Patterson
December 6th, 2012
Updated 12/06/2012 at 7:20 pm
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toothpastebrush 255x159 Worried About Fluoride Exposure? Protect Yourself with SeleniumHaving too much fluoride in the body can lead to a number of serious health conditions including reduced IQ, hastened development of cancer, and enhanced oxidative stress. Recent research indicates that the trace mineral selenium may be effective in minimizing the toxic effects of fluoride and even ushering it out of the body while improving the body’s defenses against free radicals.

Fluoride and Oxidative Stress

Both groundwater contamination and air pollution have are responsible for over 200 million people across 25 different countries having life threatening levels of chronic fluorosis. One recently released study demonstrated that people residing in areas where there was high fluoride had marked suppression of three critical endogenous antioxidants: catalase, superoxide dismutase and glutathione peroxidase in comparison to residents residing in areas with lower fluoride counts. With the relationship between oxidative stress and the development of cancer being well-known, and since too much fluoride reduces the body’s ability to withstand oxidative stress, it may also contribute to the development of cancer.

Another finding was made by the same Chinese researchers who discovered the link between high fluoride levels and cancer. Residents living in areas where there was high fluoridation who also had high levels of the trace mineral selenium  have normal or even elevated levels of the three key endogenous antioxidants.

But the researchers found that those with high selenium levels had normal levels of the key antioxidants. Other research also indicates that selenium protects against fluoride toxicity in lab animals.Various studies show that selenium has halted damage to the liver, kidneys, heart and also protected against mental deterioration, all caused by excess fluoride in the body. One study even indicated that selenium increased the rate of fluoride elimination.

Selenium Supplementation

The bottom line? Selenium could be a valuable tool against fluoride toxicity. People living in areas where fluoride levels are high may want to consider selenium supplementation. The RDA for selenium is 55 micrograms daily for adults, however, many natural health professionals recommend a protective dose of 100 to 200 micrograms. This dosage is still well below the National Institute of Health’s upper tolerable limit of 400 micrograms. Selenium is found naturally occurring in many foods including fish, meat, whole grain products and nuts. It is best to avoid taking selenium with high dose vitamin C or zinc as they may block absorption.

In addition to selenium, you should definitely check out these 5 ways to detox fluoride for fluoride treatment.

Silent Poison

It’s not a secret anymore; fluoride is toxic. From 1978 to 1992 the World Health Organization compiled frightening statistics that demonstrated that Americans who live in areas where water was being treated with fluoride at “optimal” levels had an increased risk of cancer in 23 different parts of their body. Additionally, male children who have been exposed to high levels of fluoride may have a 546 percent increased risk of developing osteosarcoma later in life according to recent research publish from Harvard.

To make matters worse, one top scientist showed back in 1977 (35 years ago!) that fluoridation caused 10,000 cancer deaths in epidemiological studies. After analyzing the studies, it was found that those who drank fluoridated water experienced an increased risk of developing tumors in oral squamous cells, a rare form of bone cancer, thyroid follicular cell tumors, and a rare form of liver cancer.

Since researchers can’t see exactly how fluoride causes cancer, traditional doctors and mainstream medical experts are slow to see the connection. But the above new research out of China, however, offered up the missing link.

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  • Saskatoon Dentist

    I got very useful information through this post,thanks for sharing.

  • PeterWillams

    I got very useful information through this post,thanks for sharing.

    Dentist in Saskatoon

  • Bennetw

    Thank for the useful information . Never knew details about fluorides. I guess any thing in excess is harmful. People must be made aware of the topic.
    Winnipeg Dentist

  • @renegad44

    Cool I love selenium.

  • anthony

    Two researchers of Alcoa were paid 750,000 to promote a lie

  • Dr Pieter Dahler, DDS, MD ND (hon) PhD

    Of course we know why fluoride is cancer causing (carcinogenic). It displaces out the Iodine content of the body reserves. Iodine deficiency causes Thyroid and many more serious associated health problems. The Thyroid pretty much controls all the functions of the glands of the body via its hormones. The Periodic Table (see: the yellow section on the right side, how everything below the F (fluoride)and Cl (chloride) is being displaced, that include the I for iodine.
    Then go to: and read this: Iodine As An Anti-Cancer Nutrient

    “The natural life cycle of normal cells includes growth, division and ultimate death. Apoptosis is a necessary and natural process that refers to the programmed death of our body’s cells. The spent cells are continually replaced by new cells as the normal cycle perpetuates. Apoptosis keeps cell division in check to ensure their normal life cycle and eventual death; however, abnormal cancer cells do not undergo this process and their uncontrolled growth eventually overwhelms and damages the body.

    The research and clinical experience of Dr Brownstein and his colleagues maintains that iodine is an anticancer nutrient that promotes apoptosis when taken in doses far exceeding the RDA, and that chronic deficiencies and the body’s inability to properly utilize iodine set the stage for cancers of hormone-sensitive tissues and glands, such as the breasts, ovaries, uterus and prostate.” NOT PRETTY, EH?!
    Welcome to modernity!

    Now if you drink any amount of city water that is chlorinated, or swim in a pool with chlorine disinfectant, or drink Yuppy water from little plastic bottles (which essentially is city water), then you add a constant source of iodine deficiency causing problems to your life.

  • sjp

    My dentist insisted that fluoride is an absolute necessity when I questioned him. Thankfully I haven't used fluoride toothpaste for many years and I don't drink tap water but there are many that do who are unaware of the poisonous nature of fluoride – well done for this article

    • Carole

      Many bottled waters contain fluoride, because believe it or not, they just buy the water from a city who is fluoridating. Happening here in Wa. state.

  • Anonymous

    Fluoride is a killer, everyone should be detoxing the best ways they can, thank you for taking the time to deliver this piece.