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Vatican Condemns Monsanto Genetically Modified Crops as “New Form of Slavery”

Anthony Gucciardi
January 6th, 2011
Updated 11/16/2012 at 7:50 pm
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gmoapple 210x145 Vatican Condemns Monsanto Genetically Modified Crops as New Form of Slavery

In an interview with the magazine L’Osservatore Romano on January 5, a prominent member of the Vatican spoke out against genetically modified crops. Cardinal Peter Turkson said that genetically modified crops are a “new form of slavery,” and went on to discuss the impact that they have on both the environment and the economy. Regardless of religious association, anyone speaking out against genetically modified should be listened to. As a prominent leader of the Catholic people, Cardinal Turkson has the ability to inform millions worldwide regarding the negative effects of genetically modified food.

Even farmers have risen up against Monsanto and genetically modified seeds, with Monsanto forcing thousands of farmers into debt worldwide. In India, Monsanto has ruined the lives of so many farmers that the prevalence of their suicide has led to a large farming area to be titled the ‘suicide belt of India’. Some have even blamed Monsanto for the recent bird and fish deaths, claiming that the poison coming from their factories may have poisoned animals worldwide. Monsanto’s destruction isn’t limited to the environment, however.

Genetically modified foods been proven not only to be a threat to nature, but extremely harmful to humans. The process of bioengineering GM ingredients itself is quite ridiculous. Billions are spent each year to genetically modify the food supply, tainting it with genetically modified frankenfood. Genetically modifying foods requires one to tamper with the very genetic coding of the crop and/or seed. The process entails the transfer of genes from one organism to another, such as taking particular genes from a pig and transferring them to a tomato. Not only does this defile nature, but it leads to a host of health problems.

Due to the complexity of a living organism’s genetic structure, it is impossible to track the long-term results of consuming genetically modified food. Introducing new genes into even the most simple bacterium may cause an array of issues, highlighting the complexity of even the simplest organisms. Introducing new genes to highly complex organisms such as animals or crops is even riskier.

When introducing the gene to its new host, it is essentially impossible to predict the reaction. The genetic intelligence of the host could be disrupted with the introduction of the new gene, creating an adverse reaction. There is truly no way of knowing the long-term effect genetically modified food, as there are too many variables. There is simply no room for science when Monsanto is involved.

Monsanto has inexorably pushed for wides-cale dominance of the world’s food supply by buying out competition and using FDA regulations to get around accurate labeling. In fact, labeling has protected Monsanto from excessive criticism for quite some time. Under the ludicrous labeling guidelines, food products in the United States do not even have to openly state that they contain genetically modified ingredients. While countries like Australia require products to labeled genetically modified if they contain an ingredient that is more than 1% genetically modified, the United States goes by no such precautionary code.

Besides Monsanto’s crusade to alter the very genetic coding of the food, they have been charged with discharging toxic waste that included PCBs into a west Anniston creek, and dumping millions of pounds of PCBs into open-pit landfills. The people in that area had no idea, and continued to swim and play in the creek. PCBs have been classified as a persistent organic pollutant, meaning they are resistant to environmental degradation. While they heavily pollute the environment, PCBs are also extremely toxic. PCB production was banned in 1976 by the U.S. Congress, and ultimately by the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants in 2001.

A study published in the International Journal of Biological Sciences also helped to end the debate regarding the health effects of genetically modified food (GMO). The study shows that three Monsanto corn varieties cause a direct health hazard, with the study picking up mainstream attention.

There is a world-wide debate concerning the safety and regulatory approval process of genetically modified (GM) crops and foods. In order to scientifically address this issue, it is necessary to have access to toxicological tests, preferably on mammals, performed over the longest time-scales involving detailed blood and organ system analyses. Furthermore, these tests should, if possible, be in accordance with OECD guidelines. states the introduction.

For the first time in the world, we’ve proven that GMO are neither sufficiently healthy nor proper to be commercialized. [...] Each time, for all three GMOs, the kidneys and liver, which are the main organs that react to a chemical food poisoning, had problems, indicated Gilles-Eric Seralini, an expert member of the Commission for Biotechnology Reevaluation, created by the EU in 2008.

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    Look at the senators who accepted bribes from Monsanto. This is why there is no GMO labeling. These filthy old corrupt puppets for Monsanto have been paid to look the other way. Email all congress members and tell them WE SEE YOUR DIRTY DEEDS!!


  • islami rüya

    great read Anthony. I totally agree with Vatikan

  • Agaponzie

    This is great that this is getting attention! GMO's and Monsanto's domination of the world's food are a great problem facing our generation. I'm not sure what the solution is, but attention should be given to limiting what you put in your body. I discuss more here:

  • Jane Doe

    The depths of evil in this world run tremendously deep. This is just disgusting. It makes one wonder what ELSE is on the dictating globalist's diabolical agenda for us! Next…Soylent Green? Prozac and/or cyanide in the water? No surprise here! They're so desperate to control every aspect of our lives… slow-kill the overpopulation… restructure human DNA so as to dumb the sheeple down further to total subservience…. (or transhumanism) just because the GLOBALIST ELITE want to play G*d!!!

  • steve

    Monsanto is pure evil. Obama is in bed with them to the point that the head of the USDA, Tom Vilsack, is a Monsanto hack and Obama's head of Food Safety is a lawyer for Monsanto!

    Obama is a fraud and a danger to this country and Monsanto must be stopped any way possible.

    Millions Against Monsanto-join the fight!

  • Charles Edward Frith

    Extraordinary. I've never seen the Vatican come down on the side of the people instead of the corporations. This is a rare event. I applaud this cardinal.

    • Paul Schratz

      In fact the Vatican sides with the people routinely. Check out Pope Benedict's 2009 encyclical CARITAS IN VERITATE: "Even if the ethical considerations that currently inform debate on the social responsibility of the corporate world are not all acceptable from the perspective of the Church's social doctrine, there is nevertheless a growing conviction that business management cannot concern itself only with the interests of the proprietors, but must also assume responsibility for all the other stakeholders who contribute to the life of the business: the workers, the clients, the suppliers of various elements of production, the community of reference."