As Massive Bird and Fish Deaths Continue Globally, Concern and Confusion Arises

As Massive Bird and Fish Deaths Continue Globally, Concern and Confusion Arises

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Recently there have been numerous unexplained incidents of birds and fish dying off in mass. The deaths were the result of unknown reasons, and were first reported across parts of the United States. More recently, however, it has been found that these strange events are not specific to the U.S. Other countries such as New Zealand, Sweden, and Brazil, have also experienced these unprecedented occurrences.

The first occurrence in this series of intriguing events was the death of over 3,000 birds mysteriously falling from the sky in Arkansas. Initially written off as the result of New Years Eve fireworks, additional events would challenge that theory. Just days after this incident, approximately 100,000 dead fish were found floating along a 20-mile stretch of the Arkansas River. Authorities claim that the deaths are not related, but there is so little known about these occurrences that nothing can be said with absolute confidence.

One day after the report in Arkansas, hundreds of dying birds fell from the sky over a quarter-mile stretch of a highway in Pointe Coupee Parish in Louisiana. The deaths of these red-winged blackbirds stirred even more confusion amongst biologists who were trying to determine the cause of the mysterious deaths. The birds suffered internal injuries, forming blood clots that allegedly led to their deaths. The dead birds in Arkansas and Louisiana did not experience the same conditions, bringing up more questions as to how they are linked.

Following these reports, a large number of dead birds were found in Kentucky around Christmas, and tens of thousands of fish were found washed up in the Chesapeake Bay area. A link between these incidents has yet to be found, though many theories have arisen. From government testing to a new bird flu pandemic, multiple news outlets have begun searching for evidence.

On January 4th more reports of birds falling from the sky were released from Sweden, officially making it a global phenomenon. In addition to Sweden undergoing this unexplained mess, New Zealand officials have also stated that hundreds of dead fish have washed up on its Coromandel beaches. To add to he mystery, Brazil also announced that 100 tons of fish were found dead off the coast of Parana.

This surreal event has sparked extreme concern and confusion around the world, with scientists attempting to put together the pieces. The mainstream media’s claim that fireworks is to blame has become nonsensical, with isolated events being witnessed around the world. While there is no beaming explanation, there is a need for investigation. As more evidence surfaces multiple times per day, conclusions can be drawn.