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Leaked: US to Start ‘Trade Wars’ with Nations Opposed to Monsanto, GMO Crops

Anthony Gucciardi
January 3rd, 2012
Updated 11/06/2012 at 9:27 pm
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moneypaper 210x131 Leaked: US to Start Trade Wars with Nations Opposed to Monsanto, GMO CropsThe United States is threatening nations who oppose Monsanto’s genetically modified (GM) crops with military-style trade wars, according to information obtained and released by the organization WikiLeaks. Nations like France, which have moved to ban one of Monsanto’s GM corn varieties, were requested to be ‘penalized’ by the United States for opposing Monsanto and genetically modified foods. The information reveals just how deep Monsanto’s roots have penetrated key positions within the United States government, with the cables reporting that many U.S. diplomats work directly for Monsanto.

The WikiLeaks cable reveals that in late 2007, the United States ambassador to France and business partner to George W. Bush, Craig Stapleton, requested that the European Union along with particular nations that did not support GMO crops be penalized. Stapleton, who co-owned the Dallas/Fort Worth-based Texas Rangers baseball team with Bush in the 1990s, stated:

“Country team Paris recommends that we calibrate a target retaliation list that causes some pain across the EU since this is a collective responsibility, but that also focuses in part on the worst culprits. The list should be measured rather than vicious and must be sustainable over the long term, since we should not expect an early victory. Moving to retaliation will make clear that the current path has real costs to EU interests and could help strengthen European pro-biotech voices.”

The Leaked Political Agenda Behind Monsanto’s GMO Crops

The ambassador plainly calls for ‘target retaliation’ against nations who are against using Monsanto’s genetically modified corn, admittedly linked to organ damage and environmental devastation. Amazingly, this is not an isolated case. In similar newly released cables, United States diplomats are found to have pushed GMO crops as a strategic government and commercial imperative. Furthermore, the U.S. specifically targeted advisers to the pope, due to the fact that many Catholic bishops and figureheads have openly denounced GMO crops. In fact, the Vatican has openly declared Monsanto’s GMO crops as a ‘new form of slavery’.

“A Martino deputy told us recently that the cardinal had co-operated with embassy Vatican on biotech over the past two years in part to compensate for his vocal disapproval of the Iraq war and its aftermath – to keep relations with the USG [US government] smooth. According to our source, Martino no longer feels the need to take this approach,” says the cable.

Perhaps the most shocking piece of information exposed by the cables is the fact that these U.S. diplomats are actually working directly for biotech corporations like Monsanto. The cables also highlight the relationship between the U.S. and Spain in their conquest to persuade other nations to allow for the expansion of GMO crops. Not only did the Spanish government secretly correspond with the U.S. government on the subject, but the U.S. government actually knew beforehand how Spain would vote before the Spanish biotech commission reported their decision regarding GMO crops. The cable states:

“In response to recent urgent requests by [Spanish rural affairs ministry] state secretary Josep Puxeu and Monsanto, post requests renewed US government support of Spain’s science-based agricultural biotechnology position through high-level US government intervention.”

Monsanto has undoubtedly infiltrated the United States government in order to push their health-endangering agenda, and this has been known long before the release of these WikiLeaks cables. The U.S. is the only place where Monsanto’s synthetic hormone Posilac is still used in roughly 1/3 of all cows, with 27 nations banning the substance over legitimate health concerns. Despite Monsanto’s best attempts at incognito political corruption, nothing can stop the grassroots anti-Monsanto movement that is taking over cities and nations alike.

About Anthony Gucciardi:
1.thumbnail Leaked: US to Start Trade Wars with Nations Opposed to Monsanto, GMO CropsGoogle Plus ProfileAnthony is the Editor of NaturalSociety whose work has been read by millions worldwide and is routinely featured on major alternative and mainstream news website alike, including the powerful Drudge Report, NaturalNews, Daily Mail, and many others. Anthony has appeared on programs like Russia Today (RT), Savage Nation, The Alex Jones Show, Coast to Coast AM, and many others. Anthony is also dedicated to aiding various non-profit organizations focused around health and rehabilitation as well as the creator of the independent political website Storyleak

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  • David Blair Corbett

    Quite an article!

  • Barbara Crow

    OK. Why is it so important to the US government that everyone be FORCED to eat GMO foods? If GMO's cause birth defects and STERILITY AFTER THREE GENERATIONS IN SOME LAB ANIMALS (I have read this) – is this, possibly, a back door way of lowering global human population? I really don't understand why OUR government is so embedded in the promotion of Monsanto's GMOs!
    The FDA needs a serious overhaul as well. Neither the government nor the FDA support the wishes of US citizens.

  • Stepp

    666 is a very real absolute. Look at video of Biden's comments about the implantable chip to monitor our whereabouts eye witness google videl and you will hear and see him stating the plan. Google Illuminati: 2013 end of world predictions. Later they will add our banking and total digital currency transactions thru advanced digital solutions owned by IBM), healthcare overtaking (will be handled by General Electric/Rockefeller Plaza New York).

    Stop watching mainstream controlled state T.V. Research this for yourself or take the tag/chip.

  • Geo

    Do not buy anything from the rich except out of absolute desparation. Big Monsanto and others use the government to regulate and control every aspect of our lives (including how we think and what we eat). Dont buy a new car, buy from farmers markets and buy small houses that you can pay for and not borrow from the bankster's.

  • Sherri G

    Boycott companies who sell GMO's or hide them in their food products, yes of course. But it's also important you let these companies know that you are boycotting them until they decide to stop using GMO's and label their foods GMO-free. They need to know exactly WHY their sales are going down.
    Sales down…profits down…sales and profits up for their organic competitors…they will respond to that, I guarantee. As soon as it becomes unprofitable for them to sell GMO's and they know it, they will stop.

  • karcher power washers

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  • RL

    Only GMO food should be served at the White House and all government agency cafeterias. They swear by it, so give'em all they want

    • AB

      Haha, I just read an article the other day that stated that the White House and most politicians eat only organic veggies and high quality meats… Do as I say, not as I do.

  • Kyle

    Is your reference to Bush another left wing jab of the old blame Greorge Bush. Is your intent to make the other side not culpable? Get a grip, they're all corrupt, and actually, Obama is one of the most corrupt presidents America ever had. The essence of deception? You don't know you're being decieved.

    • Joel

      Kyle, I think more clearly when I ignore the left/right labeling. I suggest you do the same. We all eat (or don't you?). There is no "other side". The only division here are those who are aware they are being used and those that are not aware and hence are unwittingly allowing Monsanto to use their guts as a field trial. Yes, when it comes to GMOs, Obama has to be either a brainwashed ignoramus or a wimp. Since he has sold out to biotech he is forced to be deceptive. And silent on his broken pre-election promise. Stop quibbling and do everything you can to avoid phude sourced from genetically engineered crops, as well as to educate your friends and loved ones of their huge threat to the entire planet.

      • sibkiss

        how can Bush be VS Obama when they are on the same team? Has anyone ever heard GW say one bad thing about Obama?

    • a n

      one of the cable links is broken or blocked

  • Karen McChrystal

    See my book, Garden of Light,, for concise discussion and great research by May Wan Ho re. how GM organisms "do not know the dance of life," and how GM organisms are destroying the foundations of life by manipulating the gene code.)

  • Karen McChrystal

    See my book, Garden of Light,, for concise discussion and great research by May Wan Ho re. how GM organisms "do not know the dance of life," and how GM organisms are destroying the foundations of life by manipulating the gene code.

  • Aussie

    First the USA corrupt the world banking now they lead in corrupting world food supplies. Guess who will make money over food wars.

    • Tamara

      It wasn't the US they were corrupted from outside. The entire world is being manipulated by a small number of elitists who have their claws in everything. The US is not the problem, they their government) are being pushed from higher ups.

    • Sinead

      I knew the rotten catholic church had to figure in this equation somewhere….no surprise.

  • BWC

    Though this information is at least three years old, nothing has changes since three years ago. Ambassador Stapleton was Ambassador under George Bush (2nd). Under President Obama things have not changed if not gotten worse. France, for the moment stands as abulwark against GMO's in Europe… though cracks are appearing in the Sarcozy Government. If in May, Holland, the socialist, wins, France policy against GMO's will not change and perhaps get even more strident against them.

  • organic dream

    This shit has been going on before most of you were born, info is what thepopulation needs,not GMO crap earth killlers. send info packs by mail to ever person on earth, exposed the evil monsters Monsanto

  • Joe

    Trade wars over these kinds of products usually leads to real wars… Opium, cotton, and tobacco for instance.

    • Ralyn

      exactly, Joe – what's next? Will our military be guarding the fields to ensure world-wide poisoning like has been done in the past?

  • JO

    First things first. Monsanto has been in the pockets of the Government since 1998 but this time around Thanks to Obamba they ARE IN BED with the Government. He has appointed then to the MOST HIGHER UPS like FDA, USDA & The Surpreme court who is Elena Kagen who has defended Monsanto many times & Won. She has also defended Farmers who abuse their Animals & won. Google Elena Kagen & Monsanto. Ever since Obama has appointed the Corrupt Cprporation Monsanto Raids of Orgaic Farmes & Dairy Farms have been happening all over the USA. Not only that the growth hormone rBHG has caused more & more Breast cancers then before. Obama is NOT for the people he is another Corrupt Puppet. USAD has forced Whole Foods to accept Monsanto. Google that & you will see. Thanks Obama for lie'n to The American People. He fooled me once but NOT TWICE !

    • Ralyn

      It's not just Obama – if Congress and the Supreme Court were actually doing their jobs Obama would have never been able to do most of the things he's done. It's all a very sick and corrupt partnership that has been going on for ages. The illusion of 2 parties that are different is all a lie and they are all corrupt.

      • Rafael Espericueta

        If you're not eating organic food, you're eating poison. We've evolved over millions of years, but have never before been exposed to the toxic compounds spewing forth from the chemical factories (more every year, they have to keep producing more to appease their all-powerful god, Profit). Now they've learned how to make the plant itself produce toxins, in addition to the poisons they spray on the plant externally. Yum!

    • Cheryl

      Jo, it's not just Obama. Without Romney there would be no Monsanto. He is the one who pulled them from the edge of bankruptcy when he was with Bain Capital and guess who became one of their Bain's biggest investors? It's so much more than politics, it's big money. They're not going to change their ways, only we can change. We as a people have to stop relying on the corporations to feed us. I never thought I'd see the day when the most rebellious thing you could do is grow your own food but that is what it's come down to. We have to empower ourselves and educate others.

    • Anonymous
  • Gabriel

    Unbelievable! it's amazing how these US Corporations keep harming innocent people! we need to stop them from treating us like guinea-pigs and feeding us shit!

    • Anonymous

      Spreading the word is the best thing you can do…people need to educate them selves. This company wants food control and sells garden seeds that produce once. Terminator seeds. No more wonderful volunteer seeds from last season that pop out of the ground and surprise you.

      Hand on to heirloom seeds! The company is buying seed companies too. Scary stuff!

    • J Campbell

      Thousands of years of knowledge will be lost, in only a short period, if we don't speak out! Would we rather have a successful crop passed on from one generation to the next (in the form of seeds) or 1 weak seed that dies and needs to be re bought from a strong company that monopolizes our food supply?

    • Donna

      Vote with your dollars… Only buy organic, stop buying fast foods, cheap foods, processed foods, buy local from farmer's markets. It's about the only way we have to know that our "vote" counts any more!

      • organic dream

        right on

      • Tamara

        how can you vote with your dollars if you don't have enough money to buy organic? Also if the GMO food is never labelled, how can you be sure what you're buying is really natural or hybrid? They hide those facts.

        • RL

          Organic food is hardly more expensive than conventional and were not talking about boxed goods here. There are recent articles just out comparing organic meat and vegetables to conventional for those on a very limited budget.

          Its a myth.

          Also there is no such thing as natural, at least not in the USDA vocabulary. That is why you buy "Organic" because it has to be certified so.

          • Rafael Espericueta

            Organic food is FAR less expensive than chemo-therapy.

            • Anonymous

              Right on, Rafael!

      • Az

        What possible guarantee do you have buying from farmers markets that they arent using GMO/ GE seeds to grow your produce?

        Are they certified? Are they labeled as such?

        We need labels!

    • chung khai shi

      we could not say US keep harming innocent people by feeding them GMO foods.It is because if we do not produce GMO foods,the world might face shortage of foods…Natural foods growing too slow,if every countries are growing GMO foods,we will only produce lesser food than before…

      • Tamara

        That's not true… for every ONE seed you get how many more when that seed grows into a plant and then goes to seed? MANY more seeds from the original seed… Also, you're gonna face food shortages if you have to rely on Monsanto you can't even regrow what you planted nd have to buy the new seeds from them… if you or your country doesn't have the money (and no seeds that can be regrown) YOU"RE GONNA STARVE!!! When we can get food from nature for free, why would we throw that away??? Also, what about vertical gardening and food towers? Those are ways to increase the amount of food that can be grown in a small area and being able to resow from your harvest will do wonders under those systems. Monsanto is lying… we DON'T need them!

      • Rachel

        It is a Biotech industry lie that their crops are effective, ask 400,000+ widows of Monsanto farms growing GMO Cotton in INDIA… THE CROPS ARE FAILING! THE SEEDS DONT WORK AND DONT PRODUCE THE YEILD THEY CLAIM…IT IS A LIE THAT THEY WORK! They can not make yield success, they use out right lies and they finance "supportive" research to back up their lies…they own media outlets and pour lies down us from all angles. Ask the United Nations, they now no longer support BIOTECH industry lies and say the solution to world hunger is not biotech solutions, but rather mid-sized organic farms.

        • truthseekerone

          ^^^The solution to world hunger is VASECTOMY!

          If horn dogs around the world would keep it in their pants there wouldn't be overpopulation and our natural resources could sustain everybody. VASECTOMIZE ALL MALES! If you want kids, ADOPT, for God sake.

          • RL

            I think you need a man.. now

            • Anonymous

              That is what the global elite want. They want to stuff up human breeding and drastically depopulate the world so they can control us easier and it would be harder for us to overthrow them.

      • Rafael Espericueta

        … After all, if a company's marketing department says something is so, it must be true, right?

  • mike2

    If you're not familiar with the bill S510 you should take a look.

  • Bill

    Let Obama and his minions along with progressive judges and heads of our institutions eat that shit with they so delightfully protect and push, let them eat shit and die, they will be doing us all a favor.

    • Tamara

      God! Apparently the people (scientists) that work for Monsanto don't eat GMO's…. take a hint!!

  • Rick

    Monsanto just bought the mercenary company XE (formerly known as Blackwater). Why?

    I won't pretend to know why but I know it's not good for us, whatever the reason is.

    • Joel

      Because they are hated on such a wide scale they must defend against possible future violence toward their company and vast acres of mutated phude. No other tactics, so far, are slowing them down. Support the California labeling referendum!!

  • Clevelandchick

    And you can bet your bottom dollar that Monsanto is another one of those mega-corporations that not only don't pay their taxes but get millions in subsidies.

    Regardless, our government should not be threatening other nations who don't want Monsanto's poison seeds.

    • eternal seed

      Far beyond outrageous – this has positioned the US government as a thug in service to Monsanto. Talk about "owned"…

  • RICK




  • RICK


  • Linda

    This is a serious problem. Monsanto buys the organic seed companies, and natural food product companies eliminating the options. We are being forced to return to food in its more natural state after having years of trusting in the processed food industries propaganda that they were providing nutritious food. Now people don't want to prepare food from scratch because fast food is less time intensive and with women trying to wear too many hats will continue to serve their families toxic food. However, our only safety will be in preparing food as close to its natural state as possible, because the truth is the FDA is not the food safety police that people think it is, and there is less and less processed food that is free of some GMO derived ingredients. The ingestion of these GMO's: sugar, canola oil, soy, corn etc. are compromising the health of us all. The act of forcing this upon the people shows it is no accident. And the act of denying the people growing their own produce makes the intent clear.

  • Abe

    Monsanto is a chemical company! With that said, logic would say something is terribly wrong with a chemical company incharge of the world food supply!

    I myself have personally had a hard on for Monsanto most of my life! Does DDT, Dioxin, Agent Orange, Ethoxiquin, rGBH ring a bell? Talk about your WMD's!

    I have been organic gardening for over 12 years now. I go to the grocery store about every other month or so. My last trip was early Nov. and may get through Jan.

    This is how we fight these to big to fails! Become self sustaining.

    Monsanto spend 6 – 8 million a year on lobbying! FOLLOW THE MONEY! I know Vilsack (FDA) and Judge Thomas have strong ties with Monsanto. This is just the tip of the Iceberg!

    Cornicopia Institute, the Institute for Responsible Technology are a couple good sites for info. The Polka Dot Green Box is a good source for GMO free food!

    Personally I would love to see Obama send a few drones into there offices in St. Louis MO! This wont happen because of all the money they gave and will give to his campaign!

    The government WONT protect US! They will protect the corporations! Writing and bitching at the clowns of congress is a waste of time! I've been bitching about this for 3 years now and never get any response! It's up to us! All of us! Unforunately we today vote with the dollar! This is how we win! 2nd Amendment is a last resort! I'm open to both!

    • Joe

      If an orange tree in Florida is infected with an incurable and highly contagious disease, they burn them. I hope countries don't start burning food just because it's genetically contaminated! We're wasting food (and products like cotton for clothing) far enough already! :( It is however the only known way to stop pollen production 100%. Interesting: When I'm trying to remove weeds from my yard, I kill them BEFORE they seed. Do that a few times and you'll not have to deal with them for at least a year. Of course, it's useless against stuff like grass and clovers, hehe.

      • Joe

        The Haitians destroyed literally tons of corn seed. Yeah, it hurts to not have as many seeds to plant last year but their pride and future depended on it.

      • Tamara

        Some weeds are edible… good to know if we encounter a food crisis.

      • eternal seed

        "…just because it’s genetically contaminated! We’re wasting food…"

        You are not "wasting" excrement when you flush it. The world would be way better of if all GMOs suddenly disappeared.

      • RL

        You'll trade cancer for a full belly?

  • jbentzr

    moRONS at it again. Ron Paul biggest corporate tool in the universe. Bigot and father to Rand Paul. Now step away from the bong. Monsanto sucks.

    • Ann Waugh

      Huh??? what kind of gibberish is that??

      • Joe

        Probably forgetting to consider the fact that anti-corporatism isn't exactly the opposite of anti-big-government? Confused over the fact that ANYONE who wants to control everything is evil, including the ones saying what jbentzr likes to hear? Moderation in everything being ignored as a key to sustaining modern civil society? The founders of US Libertarianism are turning in their beds… C party for the left, and S party for the right is evil no matter what they say.

  • Len Aldis

    People who are concerned at the power of Monsanto, and there are very many, have, if they live in St Louis, the opportunity to express those concerns, for on 24th January Monsanto will hold its annual general meeting, can you imagine the reaction of the board and shareholders if on going into the AGM, they have to pass the Vietnam Veterans and their families affected by Agent Orange, the Farmers whose GM seeds purchased from Monsanto have failed, the Farmers who have been sued by Monsanto for having a GM seed take root among the crops they planted.

    Above all, will those former employees of Monsanto who now have high positions in the US Government and still have shares in the company, dare to show their face at the AGM……

    For more on Monsanto, I suggest readers visit:

  • Anonymous

    Now they are growing GMO rice in China to replace human blood! Doesn't matter a whole lot where you buy your food, organic or not, unless you know for sure the meat hasn't been raised on GMO feed. Since Monsanto has taken control of so much, there are few places where you can even get real seeds to grow anything. If you don't grow your own food and make sure you're not getting seeds that have been polluted by these companies, feeding your livestock from true food stuff, you're just spinning your wheels. Monsanto walked in and took over while we were asleep. Yes, it's time for revolution but that won't happen until everyone decides to wake up and smell the coffee you grew yourself.

    • 99%er

      Right on-"Monsanto walked in and took over while we were asleep." Is exactly what happened.

  • hanspy

    Iam from Holland and we dont want that poisoned food.The moment i see it is in 1 of oure products i wil sue the company and win!!

    They are destroying the whole worlds food chain and making 100 thousens farmers depending on there seeds and other products. Its realy ashame for the USA that they dont listen to the public and there leaders, and when the USA is having the guts to enforce those products on oure stores i wil turn into an terrorist and burn every field, warehouse and store what is producing, selling those products.And with me are thousends and thousends others.

  • John Q Publica

    Dear Community,

    Yes, it is true that Monsanto and genetically engineered crops are both dirty and dangerous in many ways; however, comments like "bomb them", "kill them", "burn them", "hang them" do not help our cause. If you truly believe that there is no other option, and it has really come down to armed conflict (like the revolutionary war, or the civil war) then stop talking about it and do it. Otherwise, just making violent comments will only shut down the debate and harden the resolve of both the right wing extreme AND those who are "on the fence" or don't understand the issues. You are guaranteed to lose the opportunity to educate, reason, and present the facts when the only comments you make are hateful and violent. There is a place for peaceful protest and civil disobedience, but please at least make decent, well reasoned comments. Please don't make it harder for us to fight the good fight by throwing out violent comments.


    A concerned citizen of our civilized society.

    • hanspy

      I agree totaly with you, but some warnings may go out. Even the States cant force us to alow those products in oure homes. And as we al know, the politics cant be trusted always, not even in my country.

    • S Barringer


      I agree with John Q. If you lived in the U.S., you would likely be put on a watch list if not picked for being a terrorist, after the NDAA was passed. Make with stealth like a snake and be quiet about what you do or intend to do. I know you're not in the U.S., but these gov creeps can find you anyhow. Caution, my friend. Stay alive and free to fight another day.

      We need these forums to join together in agreement and attempt to do something about the assaults on us with GMOs, antibiotic use in animals, etc. Don't blow it for us. Uniting nationwide and world wide is how we get results, sooner or later.

    • Tamara

      How else? Sometimes I feel the same way. While we ask Monsanto, even tell off Monsanto and get ignored how much damage are these guys continually doing? How do you stop people that are so powerful that they just do what they want and there are never an reprocussions done? What will you do if no matter how much you campaign, not matter who much you protest, if even corrupt politicians and judges rewrite laws etc when's the cutoff point where you'd have to fight physically? Never? Down to the last few humans on earth if Monsanto crashes the ecosystem you would wait? Cornerd animals, especially with young, will fight a predator… Monsanto is a PREDATOR!!! Eventually we're gonna end up in a corner globally.

    • RL

      Youre right.. but it is quite intresting to see how the government reacts to an "Occupy" movement versus radical muslims pist about a simple movie. It seems they have all the balls in the world when faced against those that have a valid cause but cower in the face of radicals.

      Maybe we shouldve hired radical extremists to deal with our bankers and Monsanto for that matter.

  • Obeserver On The Hil

    Hopefully people are waking up but I really don't see it. The apathy in this country is phenomenal – results of all the fluoride? GMO crop failures will be responsible for the starvation of BILLIONS of people – all in line with NWO depopulation plan. Read the book-

    "Behold a Pale Horse" written over 20 years ago by former top secret clearance authorized Navy Intelligence officer William Cooper. He laid all this out from documents he saw – he was murdered shortly after his book came out.

    • Barbara

      I just put that book on my "must read list". Did you see the 70's movie Soylent Green, with Edward G. Robinson and Charleton Heston? A totally polluted planet full of the masses and the one percenter CEO'S and politicans and their military enforcers. Yes, it was a Hollywood production, but the message behind it is becoming reality day by day. Corrupt politicians, global corporations protected by Blackwater (Ze) and a large part of the population believing Fox news and talk radio, thus voting against themselves! I weep for the future (this was a funny line from Ferris Buellers Day Off). Thank you for your post.

  • ColoradoMountainMan

    Boulder, Colorado is right now trying to kick Monsanto out of town.

    Lots of folks believe that Monsanto has been working for years on Boulder through the Boulder County Open Space office. Many think there is an awful lot of corruption in Boulder County government which just gave thumbs up on GMO beets in Boulder.

    Folks are aware that Monsanto has PR on the internet working night and day in Boulder. It's really something to watch. It's kind of hilarious in a way. Kind of sad. We're really getting angry.

  • Edgar Longenecker

    Ron Paul/Jesse Ventura; there's the beef…. Because we can; that's why…

  • Anonymous

    There is a terrorist organization in the US that the government should do something about. Yes, I'm talking about Monsanto.

    After all, the government is always telling us how they intervene in other countries for humanitarian reasons. Well, Monsanto GM seeds are a form of food terrorism, which are spreading around the world.

    The solution is to get NATO to bomb the crap out of Monsanto, to obliterate them out of existence. If any of the executives survive, try them for crimes against humanity.

    Why waste bombs on Iran, who have not threatened any country, while these evil scumbags are allowed unimpeded to poison people all over the world.

    Why wait?

    • Gold

      F&*()#! brilliant! Dropping bombs on Monsato would benefit the world and will help to save humanity.

    • Robert Zraick

      In order to be truly effective the U.S. government would also have to drop bombs on itself. Not likely.

      The fix for this is a revolution by the people. The corporate criminals and the traitors permiating the government, need to be removed.

      • eternal seed

        What other choices are left if the California referendum to label GMOs fails?The pocketbook and the vote, that's it. Be super vigilant to not buy or eat products sourced from GMOs if you value your and your loved ones future health.

  • Dave

    I used to work for Pfizer and some of my co-workers were food scientists. I had a talk with the manager(old guy around 60) about Monsanto who they were affiliated with. I said I would never eat their crap and he said with a chuckle "There is no way you can stop it. Monsanto is the future!"

  • Pix

    They can throw their military style wobblers all they like. I will NOT eat Monsanto's toxic fake food. I'm not alone in demanding real food, so it won't make any difference if it's allowed in the shops or not, it'll just sit on the shelf. The answer is NO. Eff off Monsanto.

  • NIck

    The rich control the government. They arrange for the funds ($ millions)needed to run a campaign and when elected the politician works for them. How is that Democracy? We start wars to support financial windfalls for Corporations. Just look at the candidates running for President. Only Ron Paul stands out as someone who is not bought and paid for. My concern is if Paul gets in, will the rich have him eliminated. I think the people need to wake up. Stand up and let the Corrupt Corporate Filth know we mean business and we are prepared to remove them any way we can.

  • Anonymous

    "RonPaul 2012! Kick Monsanto out of the White House! Remember when candidate bama promised to have GMO foods labeled? Never happened…."

    Of course, Obama was lying (what else is new). However Paul would be totally opposed to such federal mandatory labeling, so you appear confused.

    NONE of the candidates will label GMO foods.

  • Anonymous

    "RonPaul 2012! Kick Monsanto out of the White House! Remember when candidate bama promised to have GMO foods labeled? Never happened, but Monsanto’s Mike Taylor is now a key bama advisor."

    Of course, Obama was lying (what else is new). However Paul would be totally opposed to such federal mandatory labeling, so you appear confused.

    NONE of the candidates will label GMO foods.

    • Robert Zraick

      The actions of the government and of the corporations are against the law. Ron Paul supports the rule of law.

      Labeling is not what is needed. A return to honor is what is needed.

    • Anonymous

      I dont want labeling, I want a total and effective BAN and Reparations!

  • cindy





    USE IT!!!

    • Laura

      Dear Cindy, why are you so sexist? Men can cook too. There is not a cooking hormone in the ovaries.

      We stop Monsantos by yelling at oru sentaors for the power they ahve given them. , by votign them ALL out. WE stop buyign thier crap, nad we seperate money form politics. WE strat prosecuting them for theri crimes.

      WE do tno return tto the 1950s. All that woudl do is make alot of owmen return to alcohol, and prescription medicine to eliviate theri misery.

      • Sandy

        Laura, perhaps you should have finished high school and learned to spell.. having said that, it sounds like you are of the younger generation, do not know what it was like in the 50's except what you have read or watched. There is nothing wrong with gender roles, families stay intact much more when the wife is at home taking care of the house while the husband is out earning a living. The children are raised with the morals, values and ethics of the parents (and there were morals, values, and ethics back then – unlike today)… you do not speak for me, I liked it back in the 50's… you obviously are ignorant.

        • Mike

          Youre stupid too sandy. Enjoy

          • Anonymous

            Mike, she's not the stupid one! She has something called common sense. Unfortunately, it's not too common anymore! By the way, that's a hint!!!

        • Anonymous

          Amen, Mrs. Sandy!! If she thinks women aren't on prescription drugs and alcohol now worse than ever, she's sadly deluded. Since women have predominately joined the work force, the morals of our nation have been downgraded. Time is needed to be devoted to raising our children and setting the right examples before them. Speaking from example, that just doesn't happen while holding down a full time job and taking care of the family. Truly, how much time is left after work, school, homework, meals, laundry, etc.? Not enough!! For most kids today, any idle time is spent on dang electronics- which I hate. I'm from the younger generation, too, but I was blessed to have my mama at home teaching me and whipping my butt when need be;)! I would have loved to live in the 50's!! In fact, the only TV I watch is Andy Griffith or I Love Lucy.

          • Robert Zraick

            Well the dollar will no longer buy any food as the same traitors and criminals control everything. I don't care who does the cooking. Soon there will be nothing to cook.

            • Linda

              Thats why they want to outlaw growing our own food.

        • Janice

          Sandy, perhaps you should reconsider your comment about spelling. If you take the time to look, you will see that spelling is not the issue- all the correct letters are there, just in the wrong order. Laura could be dyslexic.

          Judge not…

    • Tamara

      Hey men can cook too! They can look up information and apply it as well as us.. don't put the future of humanity on woman's heads only…

  • Lisa


  • EndtheWars

    Kick Monsanto out of the White House-label GMO 'food'

    RONPAUL 2012

  • cindy



    USE IT!!!!!

  • cindy



  • Anonymous

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention, I never saw this.

  • EndtheWars

    RonPaul 2012! Kick Monsanto out of the White House! Remember when candidate bama promised to have GMO foods labeled? Never happened, but Monsanto's Mike Taylor is now a key bama advisor.

  • cindy

    Di IS RIGHT!!

    We still have leverage on this issue!!










  • Ken

    I want names of the US Gov leaders that work for them.

    • hanspy

      Every president and almost every member in your nations GOV is been bribed by them.

    • Jlilac888

      Yes. I want the names of those who 'own' Monsanto, also.

    • Barbara

      The FDA comes to mind!

  • Tom Lowe

    A message to Monsanto: mess with peoples' food supplies, and you will get shot.

    Monsanto, you are gonna get shot.

  • Jane

    Put them all in jail, throw away they key…

    • Di, Cerrillos, NM

      Start with the head of the snake.

      Revoke the corporation charter. Jail the CEO.

      Refuse all vaccinations.

      Buy local farmed produce.

      Refuse to pay taxes to the Fed which is not federal and not a gov agency.

      Take your money out of the big banks and use only a local private bank or credit union.

      Educate yourself about how our leaders are 'elected'. Demand accountability for fraud.

      Stop accepting flouride and aspartame, they make us stupid. They are not food.

      • Lisa

        Perfect guide! Vote with your dollar.

    • Wink

      No, no, no not in jail.. Hang them then shoot the futher muckers then thru the shreader and into the furnaces to produce energy. Monsanto the most evil sock cuckers in the world.

    • Robert Zraick

      Or better yet put them in front of a firing squad for being the traitors they are.

  • Anonymous

    Explosive indeed.. wow

  • Jeff

    Insanity! This should be shared with the world, Monsanto is really taking a beating from you guys.

    Keep up the excellent work,