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Doctor Recommended Toothpaste Blasts Kids with 500,000% More IQ-Crushing Fluoride than Heavily Fluoridated Areas

Anthony Gucciardi
December 10th, 2012
Updated 12/10/2012 at 8:12 pm
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Fluoride exposure at typical water fluoridation levels is known to decrease IQ across the board and leading medical heads have confirmed it is fueling cancer and other disease as well, but what about fluoride levels around 5,000 times that found in most drinking water? With one of the most popular doctor recommended ‘extra fluoride’ toothpaste brands by Colgate, you get a massive sodium fluoride blast of 5,000 PPM — around a 5,000 times increase from the average water fluoridation levels of .07 to 1 PPM.

Children are being given this toothpaste to ‘protect’ their teeth, and I even know someone personally who was given this toothpaste a couple years ago by a dentist to ‘prevent fluoride deficiency. It sounds truly absurd, and it absolutely is. Some uninformed dentists have been pushing the sodium fluoride lie for years, even going as far as to recommend patients take fluoride pills, eat fluoride chewing gum, and ingest fluoride drops to address these ‘fluoride deficiencies’. Deficiencies that of course do not exist as you cannot be deficient in a toxic compound.

Perhaps children should also be taking lead capsules and using lead-fortified toothpaste to prevent lead deficiency?

Top Cancer Researcher, Harvard, EPA Agree: Fluoride is Toxic

If you think it’s a conspiracy theory that fluoride is lowering your IQ and giving you cancer, then you may want to take it up with Harvard University, the EPA, and a former head of the National Cancer Institute. In fact, you’ll even want to take it up with the United States government as a whole, which actually claimed it would be lowering fluoride levels following the 23 or so studies that have linked fluoride to decreased IQ and neurological development.

Published in a federal government journal known as Environmental Health Perspectives, a recent Harvard University study was the 24th (and arguable one of the strongest) study to highlight a serious relationship between fluoride levels and a host of neurotoxic effects. From IQ reduction to hampered brain development, the research is clear. As both Harvard’s press release and official study state:

“The children in high fluoride areas had significantly lower IQ than those who lived in low fluoride areas.”

They also detailed how fluoride attacks developing babies and may permanently damage growing brains:

”Fluoride readily crosses the placenta. Fluoride exposure to the developing brain, which is much more susceptible to injury caused by toxicants than is the mature brain, may possibly lead to damage of a permanent nature.”

Similar quotes can even be found from government agencies such as the EPA. You’ve never heard about it on the mainstream media, where GMO and fluoride are kings, but the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has actually classified sodium fluoride as a substance with ‘substantial evidence of neurotoxicity’. And rightfully so, sodium fluoride is actually more toxic than lead.

Ultimately it was Dr. Dean Burk, head scientist at the National Cancer Institute, author of over 250 scientific articles, and the recipient of multiple prestigious awards, who first spoke out against fluoride and its effects back in 1977. At that time, Burk said that fluoride had caused around 10,000 deaths or so. Later in an interview he went on to mention how fluoride is tied to far more. The National Cancer Institute failed to publish Burk’s work until 1989, despite the fact his findings were built on solid science and concerned public health at large.

According to Burk, at just 1 PPM, fluoride led issues like a 25% increase in tumor growth rate, the cultivation of cancer cells, and of course, IQ reduction. Imagine 5,000 PPM. In Burk’s research, animals given fluoride also experienced:

  • An increase in tumor growth
  • A rare form of bone cancer
  • An increase in thyroid cell tumors
  • A rare form of liver cancer

At just 1 PPM in the water, sodium fluoride and the toxic slew of chemicals that have been branched under the label of water fluoridation pose a serious threat. At 5,000 PPM, you can only imagine the damage that is taking place. For doctors to recommend 5,000 PPM ‘fluoride enhanced’ toothpaste is absolutely insane. Please avoid purchasing toothpaste containing fluoride.

About Anthony Gucciardi:
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  • Helen Bach

    5000 ppm F toothpaste isn't given to anyone under the age of 16 in the UK.

  • Glasgow airport cab

    Deficiencies that of course do not exist as you cannot be deficient in a toxic compound.

  • Tina R. Lefebvre

    The fluoride levels are potentially harmful to the developing teeth of the children. Which is why I use organic toothpaste for children.

  • Jo Jo

    Check the organic section in your local grocery store. There are several organic, non-floride tooth pastes available in a variety of natural flavors.

  • Anna

    So, what is the best for our theeth instead of fluoride toothpaste?

  • Pete

    Uh, ya swallow flouridated water, but not so flouride toothpaste. . . how do we factor that?

    • informed

      Pete, It's actually worse to have it soaking in your mouth while brushing. Ever hear of sub-lingual applications of drugs or hormones?

      • Kirk

        I actually had my dental hygenist try to convince me that I should let the toothpaste just sit for a while on my teeth to help my enamel. I asked her how I would prevent any getting into my bloodstream and she didnt have a good answer. I told her no thanks and went on to preach to her about the dangers of flouride.

    • Jordan

      Hey Pete, it's called bucally administered. It's a VERY effective way for drugs or things to enter the bloodstream.

  • dave laig

    A very well written article "Good Man Sir" I hope that the flouride toxic collaborators of the world are brought to justice by the good men and women of the world, flouride wasn't accidently chosen or used in water and other products, it has been marketed and placed in foods and water for a very specific reason its called Geonocide………Lets start saying what we mean people.

  • david laig

    Adolf Hitler's caring, fatherly instincts helped him to make the decision to flouridate a few thousand Jewish people in his community care housing scheme in Germany. He was the founding father of care giving during those troubled times "surely he couldn't have known that flouride was toxic" could he ?