McDonald’s Gives Free Vaccines With Happy Meals In Texas

Would you like a side of hepatitis A shot with your Happy Meal? As it turns out, your child may just be able to receive a number of vaccinations.

Doctor Educating Public on Vaccines Receives Bomb Threats, Cancels Tour

Vaccine educator Dr. Sherri Tenpenny announced that she has cancelled speaking appearances due to bomb threats and other violent activity.

CDC Announces Astronomical Autism Rate: 1 in 68 Children

The CDC announced that 1 in 68 children in America suffer from autism. What is to blame for the incredible rise in children with autism in the U.S.?

Forced Medicine: Gunpoint Medicine has Become Normal in America

As an adult, you can manage to avoid toxic cancer treatments, but if you attempt to seek alternative cancer treatments for your child, you risk freedom.

Pure Poison: Aluminum Adjuvant Linked to Breast Cancer, Autoimmune Disorders, and More

Aluminum has been shown to destroy the brain and cause numerous diseases, yet it is still in vaccines, chemtrails, and more. Here is how to detox aluminum.

It’s Getting Harder to Hide Infants from Questionable Vaccinations

It seems that some doctors are extremely concerned about the hepatitis B vaccination, calling it dangerous and completely unnecessary to give to a child.

Toxic Controversy: Why is Mercury Still Used in Vaccines?

One of the biggest controversies raging among anti-vaccine supporters and those who still believe in being vaccinated is over the use of toxic mercury.

Investigation Exposes WHO and Big Pharma Pandemic Flu ‘Conspiracy’

An investigation has uncovered some serious conflicts of interest between the World Health Organization and big pharma, unveiling a flu ‘conspiracy’.

CDC Not Legally Required to Tell the Truth About Anything, Including Vaccines

Did you know the ACOG and CDC are not legally required to tell the truth about anything, including vaccines? Just one downfall to America’s health system.

America Has Higher Rate of “Death from All Causes” than 16 Other Developed Nations

Based on recent findings, Americans are sicker and have a higher chance of dying from all causes than people living in 16 other developed nations.

Federal Court Admits Hepatitis B Vaccine Caused Fatal Auto-Immune Disorder

In our society today, newborns are injected with loads of chemicals nearly as soon as they enter the world. In the name of “prevention”, we give them vaccines that we aren’t even sure are safe. As a matter of fact, in many cases, we know them to be unsafe. This is the case with the hepatitis B vaccine, approved for infants at birth but admittedly responsible for causing serious illness and even death.

Flu Vaccines to be Forced on Healthcare Workers? Citing Patient Harm

Senior Associate Editor of the Canadian Medical Association Journal, Ken Flegel, advocates compulsory flu vaccination for all healthcare personnel, citing patient harm. Flegel’s claims that vaccines are effective and compulsory vaccination would mean fewer people are infected with the flu, medical institutions lose fewer man-hours from sick employees. His logic, however, is flawed and littered with benefits not to frail patients but to pharmaceutical companies.

CDC Sounds Alarm Again over “New SARS Virus”

The World Health Organization issued a global alert on Monday after a Qatari man was hospitalized with a previously unknown SARS-like virus after traveling to Saudi Arabia. The same virus supposedly infected and killed another man who had visited the area.

Pharmacies Profit from Dangerous Flu Shot, Disrupt Medical Records

In 2011, Walgreen Co. brought 5.5 million people through their doors for influenza vaccinations—and was sure to give them coupons on the way out. Unfortunately, this seemingly benign marketing campaign could have bigger, more troublesome side effects. In addition to the ineffectiveness and even danger of many vaccines, receiving them at a pharmacy as opposed to a physician’s office disrupts medical record continuity.

Saying No to Vaccines: Your Rights

If you aren’t aware that vaccines are a controversial matter, you haven’t been paying attention. The government and big pharma would have you believe your life is at risk if you don’t vaccinate. But, growing research suggests vaccines aren’t effective in the prevention of disease and that they may actually cause more harm than good.

Aluminum in Vaccines Found to be Deadly for Children and Adults Alike

Vaccinations via subdermal injection have been used for the past century, with the theory being that vaccinations boost your immune system and allow your body to resist deadly viruses. While it may seem like a legitimate reason to vaccinate, unfortunately these vaccines are oftentimes more damaging and harmful than they are helpful. Recently, a report from the Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology found that aluminum hydroxide, the main metal-based adjuvant present in vaccines…

Fraudulent Study to Distract from Vaccine Association with Autism Backfires

When science is biased to comply with a certain agenda, the research can be confusing at best. Such is the case with the most recent attempt to divert attention from early childhood vaccinations as a causal factor for autism. The study was conducted at UC Davis and the findings were published in a late 2011 issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences as “Brain enlargement is associated with regression in preschool-age boys with autism spectrum disorders.”