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Science Focues on Body’s Own ‘Inner Light’ as the Ultimate Healer

Christina Sarich
December 20th, 2013
Updated 12/20/2013 at 1:52 am
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positivepuzzlepiece2 263x164 Science Focues on Body’s Own Inner Light as the Ultimate HealerDo you think you are psychic enough to predict your future health? Most people would answer, ‘of course not’ but with a new science called biontology, we can literally measure the light stored in our DNA and determine our probable state of well-being and vitality.

If having a ‘light-body’ sounds like new age mumbo jumbo to you, you might reconsider after reading further. According to scientists like Alfred Fritz-Popp and Pjotr Garjajev, along with physicists who have studied medicine like Johan Boswinkle, biophotons are the ‘light’ we exude from our own bodies at very weak levels which are just beyond the visible spectrum. They are in fact, the sub-quark level organizing force of all life – animal, plant and human alike. They precede any biochemical reaction in the body.

“In the classic models of chemistry and physics, light is emitted when an electron is “excited” to a higher energy state and then falls back down to a lower energy state, which occurs any time a chemical reaction takes place. Traditionally, biology and medicine have focused on the biochemical reactions between proteins, DNA, and other molecules within cells. However, a biophoton is always emitted before every biochemical reaction.”

One device that has come from Biontology science, a biophotonic scanner, has already proven to be very helpful. The scanner is essentially a way to measure your DNA’s own light, and can determine your future health. By sending a laser into your palm, the device measures carotenoid pigments in your cells. The laser can determine if you are eating as you should, or your lifestyle is supporting your overall good health. This is one of the earliest main-stream medical uses for the scanner, but there are edgier ways that the science of biophotons can help us.

There are other studies conducted recently by scientists that have shown that human beings are ‘light beings.’ Scientists have been able to utilize this knowledge for practical purposes, and have even been able to alter the neuro-communication in the brains of rats utilizing biophotonic energy and make the red blood cells of human’s healthier. There are multiple possible uses for this technology, including raising healthier agriculture and even keeping foods fresh longer without having to resort to the use of antibiotics and preservatives. Most importantly, we can repair our own cells, which have been damaged by poor diet, a toxic environment and a polluted food supply.

The science is newly emerging and quite different than anything we are used to, but perhaps it will grow with success and prove useful as time passes.

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  • RealityCheck

    There is no “light” in the body. The mere notion of it is at once absurd. Shame on you for spreading this pseudoscience quack nonsense.

    • Bodhi

      Why are you so angry about this? What makes you so sure you have all the answers? What makes you so convinced science has all the answers and that everything you cannot understand is quack, hokum, and all the epithets you’ve spread around this forum? How did YOU, oh great chosen one, manage to corner the market on what is reality and what isn’t?

      • RealityCheck

        You’re “projecting and assigning.” Feel free to look that one up, scholar.

  • Jacob King

    It’s interesting to see when science proves what many spiritual teachers have always taught.

    • RealityCheck

      This is not science. This is hokum.

  • Andras48

    I am sorry, this is total nonsense Dr. Garjajev’s ideas about “junk” DNA are more than 4 decades old, and 35 papers published last year have put the nail in the coffin of this idea. All the DNA encodes for important information, for non-coding DNAs that play important roles in development and disease. Furthermore, all of his “experiments” were performed with pure DNA, which does not exist in cells, where it is associated with a complex of proteins, resulting in chromatin. The “light” or “biophotons” are just random energies given off in many biochemical reactions in cells and tissue, which is chaotic

  • Richard Kincade

    The Creator is seen in everything and everywhere. Yet though we can see Him if we choose to, many never will because they sew with their lying eyes and refuse to see Him with their minds. Religion failed miserably to find Him because religion binds the collective mind of mankind through rituals and silly superstitions. Science, at least the natural sciences, will prove His presence within man even in those who refuse to accept that He has given us the opportunity to see Him face to face (meaning of Penuel in Hebrew) if we would also die to our pathetic materialism and foolish lying emotional. If we would take the gift of grace offered by our Creator and do this, He would wake us up by sitting in our pineal gland which is named after Penuel, the place where Jacob had his “ladder dream” connecting him to the Creator.

  • Bodhi

    Known this for years. Glad science is catching up. The light body is the perfect mechanism for staying healthy. We all have the ability to self-heal, it’s a shame so many people have embraced a “modern medicine” that has convinced us to seek healing outside of ourselves for huge sums of money, when free healing is available to all, all the time. Do you go to the doctor when you cut your finger? No, you wait a few days and let the body heal it. Why would it be any different for any other body part or organ? Human bodies can get their energy body messed up, which can cause disease, but we also have the ability to balance and correct it. You just have to believe in yourself. Obviously this does not apply for trauma, which is really the only aspect of modern medicine that actually works well.

    • RealityCheck

      You have got to be joking. How arrogant can a person be? Oh precious, genius chosen one, you.
      There is no “energy body.” I don’t care how many quack internet sites you’ve seen it on.
      Seriously, how absurd.

      • Bodhi

        Maybe you should actually read the article. All the scientists mentioned in it appear to disagree with you.

        • RealityCheck

          Actually, no. Cited in the article were cranks and a physicist. A physicist is not a physician.

          I could have a PhD in geology. Does that qualify me to perform surgery? Exactly.

          This is a new wave of “quantum woo” where legitimate science is being twisted in bizarre ways by people who have no idea what they’re talking about.

          • Bodhi

            Legitimate science sold its soul for corporate funding a long time ago, Reality-in-Check. No one is buying their forged research, killing drugs, and poisoned food anymore. Your god Science made up concepts like “global warming,” “bioweapons” and “population control” out of thin air, and spent a few billion looking for a quantum woo boson. Neat! Your scientist buddies were responsible for Fukushima, and of course there are a whole pile of fabulous PhD’s working for Monsanto searching for ways to modify food so it’s no longer food. You want quantum woo? Walk through a grocery store and read a few labels. Don’t eat any of that crap though, it’ll kill you.

            • RealityCheck

              I’ve consumed probably, literally, tons of GMO products and suffer from no ill health. Blood panels, tests, physicals confirm this. Science makes up nothing.

              Your boogeyman is government and those who seek to gain power over others by force. “These are not the drones you’re looking for.”

              • Bodhi

                How lovely for you! Please continue to eat lots of GMO’s and rely on science to tell you when you are healthy and when you are not. Should the day come that you are not, and it will, make sure and take all the medications your doctor prescribes.

              • MG2

                Wow, realitycheck must be a paid shill. Your fallacious arguments are quite silly. “Science makes up nothing” – really? Pretty much every scientific fact ever pronounced has been overturned by later science. It is absurd to imagine that today’s “facts” will stand the test of time as they are all being overturned daily. Medical “science” still can’t deal with the placebo effect and the hundreds of thousands of documents cases of (often dramatic) mental healing. I’ve used mental healing for several decades, have had numerous personal instantaneous healings and have personally seen hundreds, and know about thousands that have been verified and documented, all in direct opposition to “science”. Science is nothing more than a credentialed person creating a theory (hypothesis) and then setting out to attempt to “prove” it via argument. It limited to observation. Observation is severely handicapped because so much out there is not observable (much of the EM spectrum, “dark matter”, gravity, energy itself, thought, etc.) Then there is the ever-growing proof of how so much “science” has been bought and paid for by special interests and how the peer-review process has been corrupted with politics.
                I’m grateful to read articles such as the one we’re discussing because it shows that serious people are throwing off the blinders of “scientific acceptance” in search of truth.

  • DrKeteDC

    I love the whole idea.