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Monsanto’s Roundup Devastating Gut Health, Contributing to Overgrowth of Deadly Bacteria

Lisa Garber
December 17th, 2012
Updated 12/17/2012 at 10:30 pm
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pesticidesprayfield 260x162 Monsantos Roundup Devastating Gut Health, Contributing to Overgrowth of Deadly BacteriaMuch of the public forgets the gut when it comes to warding off the flu and other more threatening diseases, but the gut—and its army of beneficial bacteria—are essential in protecting us from harm. That’s why eating genetically modified and/or conventionally farmed food could be a direct assault on your own health. Most recently, research has shown that Monsanto’s herbicide, known as Roundup, is destroying gut health, threatening overall health of animals, people, and the planet significantly.

The journal Current Microbiology recently published a study that caught Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide’s active ingredient, glyphosate, suppressing beneficial bacteria in poultry specimens. Given that gut health is directly linked to chronic illnesses and overall health, this isn’t exactly welcome news for people who can’t always afford or who lack access to organic, locally grown food.

But it gets worse. While good bacteria died, highly pathogenic bacteria were unaffected by glyphosate. These pathogens include several strains of Salmonella and the class Colstridia, anaerobic bacteria known to be some of the deadliest known to us, including C. tetani (tetanus) and C. botulinum (botulin). Although botulin is used to ease overactive muscles and in Botox, America’s most popular cosmetic procedure, it takes but 75 billionths of a gram to kill someone weighing 75 kg (165 lbs).

“A reduction of beneficial bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract microiota by ingestion of glyphosate could disturb the normal gut bacterial community,” the authors of the study wrote. Glyphosate, they added, “could be a significant predisposing factor that is associated with the increase in Clostridia botulinum-mediated diseases by suppressing the antagonistic effect of these [good] bacteria on clostridia.”

Dangers of Pesticides

This is hardly the first time eyebrows have been raised over glyphosate. The toxic ingredient is also known for causing sterility in men, obesity, and Parkinson’s and related diseases, and not just in field workers of conventional farms but also in locals and animals that drink the groundwater polluted by such establishments.

Finally, the researchers also noted that glyphosate can cause bacteria to genetically mutate with chronic exposure. And the food we eat, the animals we eat, and we ourselves are already victims of chronic exposure, which is partially why concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) are today known for being hotbeds of botulism and other pathogens. (Cattle in Ireland have already been victims of botulism thanks to contaminated poultry litter.)

Pesticides and Food Irradiation Not the Answer

To eradicate the problem of food contamination, the Food and Drug Administration recently loosened their grip on the conventional use of food irradiation, allowing now 1.5 Kilograys more than last month to dose poultry. One Kilogray, by the way, offers the same amount of radiation as 2,500,000 chest x-rays. Food radiation by itself is another hotly debated health dilemma and, frankly, a dead end.

That’s because food irradiation doesn’t solve the problem that glyphosate causes direct harm to workers, consumers, animals, and the planet—even the very soil we grow our food in that we find lacking in nutrients of late.

There are simple ways to avoid pesticides in food and overall exposure. Read our updated list of the dirty dozen foods you should always buy organic, plus 15 that are low in pesticide residue.

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  • alex

    * Face facts…this is all about the 'cull of the useless eaters' by the same old Nazis of WWII/ I.G.Farben infamy that colluded to write Codex Alimentarius, instigated & penned by Fritz ter Meer, who was a convicted war criminal, that did a 'wrist-slap' couple of years in jail for war crimes ie: genocide/slave labor & became chairman of the board of Bayer/Baxter the day after stepping out of jail…All the multi-corp. conglomerates/pharmaceudicals & Monsanto-DuPont-Dow et al- are all off shoots of this dank & fetid satanic cult that is following the NWO mantra of modern day 'soft-kill' genocide…Don't believe me?…educate yourself & pop a few preconceptions until you start to get the BIG picture.

    • @QuietGirl56

      Alex, sorry my message did not publish but hopefully the full one is under my Twitter acc't/
      I mentioned also, the now Federal Hospice "Death with Dignity" B.S. that began as the Society for the Right to Die and in 1999 morphed into modern Hospice. Hospice is a big lie! You sign away Every right ti them and they now have COMPLETE control over even what meds you are given ( or not) they use their own Indian pharmacies ( I researched one of their "meds" and was only given not a company name but only an individual's name.They outright LIE to you and tell you that you can keep your own physician, but once you sign that paper, they will tell you that you are now under their control. They also lie about what meds they are giving you, blatantly misinforming and often knowingly medications are given that much hasten one's death.
      Look up the website for" Patient's Alliance for Hospice" – It's not FOR, but another word I believe. You'll read many family's horror stories with Hospice lies and maltreatment. God help us! I know I want to try to stay right with God because the way it's all going is not good. We're all going to die and it seems sooner than later.

  • Louised

    The government is working for US we pay there salaries, WHY are they allowing this disgusting GMO diet to continue it is putting money in there pockets and they could care less about our health, it is called POPULATION CONTROL sheeple get it now or you will get cancer or some unknown disease and they will act like they have no idea why you have it. THEY KNOW DAMN WELL what this does to people they don't CARE they probably think they will live forever and not get anything. MONSANTO has all ORGANIC food in their lunchroom and they probably don't feed their kids that CRAP

    • Jay

      The government is working for us? Maybe a few decades ago, but not really then, either. Although since the Supreme Court considers corporations to be folks like us, then maybe the government works for us after all. And Monsanto doesn't serve only organic foods in its lunchroom. In 1999, a single Monsanto factory in Buckingham, England, hired an outside foodservice contractor for its cafeteria. That contractor posted a notice in the lunchroom informing employees that it makes an effort to avoid GM corn and soy. The plant has since closed. Monsanto employees eat like everyone else.

  • Patrick Jordan

    This is a good and useful article and I grateful for the information.

    New Sentence:

    Unless everyone is talking about the standards for organics that includes spraying Bt and Bacillus subtilis on organic crops for pest control that is fully sanctioned by those standards then only half of the story is being told. People were exposed to Bt ON their ORGANIC foods before it was ever put INTO non-organic industrial biomaterial passing for food. The reason why labeling GMOs failed in California as it was meant to do is because if it had to be done and it had to be done honestly then things like this and the fact that all of your vitamins are made from gigantic fermentation colonies of GMO organisms would come out and then the division between controlled foodstuff and controlled foodstuff would be indistinguishable.

  • @copito61

    If this links to the Chinese research showing Enterobacter to be a key link to obesity, is it not also possible that EB is one of the bacteria encouraged by glyphosate (or at least not one of the bacteria killed by it), which would itself link into the removal of controls on GMO crops in the US food chain under Bill Clinton and the rapid rise in rates of obesity since GMOs began to enter the US food chain en masse?

  • Sandy

    You can eat at a well established settlement and a CANCEROUS GMO dinner and get cancer for desert. Waaaaa too nooott gooo!!!!