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Psychiatric “MD’s” Dispense Dangerous Drugs with Impunity, All for Profit

Paul Fassa
April 19th, 2013
Updated 05/08/2014 at 11:32 am
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pillshanding 263x164 Psychiatric MDs Dispense Dangerous Drugs with Impunity, All for ProfitIn a world where creativity is deemed a “mental illness” by scientists, is it any wonder that a large portion of the population is on medications for some type of ‘mental illness’? The old fashioned psychiatrist’s writing pad for taking notes during talk therapy has been replaced by the prescription pad, granting the population with dangerous psychotropic drugs instead of simple talk therapy.

DSM – The ‘Psychiatric Bible’

Have you ever been in a situation involving a psychiatrist and a prescription pad? Oftentimes, all it takes is a single short-term visit and a reference to the DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) to determine what to prescribe to individuals. Any future visits are only to adjust dosages or add other medications.

This has increased the profits of Big Pharma, attracting patients looking for magic fixes for minor problems that can be overcome with some common sense, or simply proper nutrition.

Even major psychological issues can be resolved with a competent psychologist who’s ethical enough to not pamper one for the sake of a long client revenue relationship. Psychologists also used the DSM until 1980 when DSM-3 was published.

That’s when the psychiatric leadership asserted the theme of being labeled M.D.’s, ready to play doctor and write lots of prescriptions. The DSM-3 became a catalog for determining what drugs to prescribe for symptoms observed or communicated.

Now psychiatry is “legitimized” as a medical science with a biological base. But is it really? There is more mental illness now than ever, much of it exacerbated or even caused by prescribed medications, while another portion is just completely fabricated.

The Psychiatric Profession’s Transition

The growing reluctance of insurance companies to cover extended talk therapy and their willingness to pay for pills was one motivation for psychiatry’s transition. Big Pharma’s desire to expand its own product using invented and unproven mental disorder classifications was another.

Some sources claim the American Psychiatric Association (APA), the National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH), and the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) colluded with Big Pharma to convince the world that all mental illness was  due to brain chemistry imbalances. But this chemical imbalance is a myth.

So pharmaceutical drugs became the “solution,” and Big Pharma added over $20 billion annual gross revenue from psychotropic sales. Since psychologists do not have MD licensing like psychiatrist do, they were cut out of the easy action supported by magazine, radio, and TV ads showing happy people taking pills.

Now even primary care physicians or any other MD with a DSM-5 handy can dispense psychotropic drugs now. And they do. Often at a patient’s urging to eliminate an emotional feeling he or she can’t handle.

“But the TV said Risperdal would do the trick,” asserts the patient. “Hmmm,” goes the doc. “Yeah, let’s see, Risperdal might work. Here’s your prescription.”

Prozac, Paxil, Ritalin, Haldol, Risperdal and many others have serious side effects. Any sense of relief is short term or placebo induced. This has also led to more prescription drug dependency and abuse.

The bogus diagnosis process leads to putting many adults, teenagers, and younger children on drugs with dangerous physiological side effects: Heart attacks, diabetes, and sudden death are among the physical side effects.

Mental side effects include insomnia, anxiety, suicidal thinking and outright violent behavior, which include suicide and homicide. As long as they go by the DSM, which is not scientifically based, they are under the “standard of care” umbrella, which protects them from any liability regardless of consequences.

Now all it takes is a school official’s recommendation to put a restless kid on Ritalin, a stimulant similar to cocaine.

The Brain Chemistry Imbalance Scam

Investigative journalist Robert Whitaker, author of Mad in America asserts:

“The story that people with mental disorders have known chemical imbalances, that’s a lie. We don’t know that at all. It’s just something that they say to help sell the drugs and help sell the biological model of mental disorders. There’s a built-in economic incentive to define mental illness in as broad terms as possible, and to find ordinary, distressing emotions or behaviors that some people may not like and label them as mental illness.”

Whitaker also quotes more than one high level neuroscientist who concludes that psychoactive or psychotropic drugs actually create brain chemistry imbalances.

In order to get psychotropic drugs into the market place of TV/radio advertising, medical journals and doctors offices, psychiatric drugs were given scant testing. And the results were usually twisted to give a false representation of efficacy and safety.

The increased rate of suicide and murder among traumatized combat veterans is linked to using psychiatric drugs. Psychiatric drug histories among spree killers are common, including the Batman shooter James Holmes. Now drugging restless school kids too sugared up or bored has become an epidemic.

The Pharma/Psychiatry complex claims it treats mental disorders by balancing brain chemistry. Yet they have no physical brain chemical tests for determining the chemicals out of balance for prescribing these drugs.

This is another huge scam by Big Pharma and the posers who call themselves mental health practitioners.

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  • Thomas

    The Psychiatry "industry is better known as the "Industry of Death!" I own the DVD. Based on conjecture, not science. Junk science. America has become the death drug capital of the world for $$$ SOULLESS PROFITS. Our illustrious Federal Government is knowingly/willingly & wholly Complicit with malice and forethought to be the main perpetrator of terribly deadly drugs. Take the over 22 veteran SUICIDES A DAY. I, a Vietnam War theater paratrooper/Officer, suffering PTSD received the VA KOOL AIDE DRUGS to the point of plunging a 6" boning knife straight to my heart and buried to the handle. I LIVE to tell my tale wherever and whenever I can. Must have gone through near 20 VA PSYCHIATRISTS. All freely writing me Abilify, citalapram, seroquel, trazadone, zoloft, prozac & numerous others. I thought they were there to HELP ME. NOT! Since, have FIRED THE ENTIRE MENTALLY ILL DEPT. & weaned myself off of all of their poisons & gone outside the VA clinic and built a raised bed organic garden for Veterans. I am having a professional sign made that states…VETERAN'S PHARMACY: WARNING: Side Effects: OPTIMUM HEALTH! I will place this sign in the middle bed directly in view at the entrance to the new multi-million dollar Santa Rosa, California VA Clinic. My primary care doctor there (I only visit to give her fresh picked veggies I grew) comes into the garden to hear me speak of God's Miraculous Foods/Medicines. The garden is my BULLY PULPET to speak to each Veteran that comes and goes. I pull NO PUNCHES as an Officer in letting them know they best be their own doctor. Stop taking the poisonous drugs and grow a garden & drop the excessive baggage weight that anchors their mobility. Diabetics: I know how to cure you in 30 days on a Raw Food lifestyle. EVERYONE LISTENS to the "PLANT WHISPERER." I take flowers into the VA and bring life to the world's most toxic drug dealers on planet earth. I am the change I expect to see. Healing the planet one Bite at a time. The movement is GROWING. Make a positive difference: Grow your own HEALTH! Organic home grown food is MEDICINE.

  • bertie

    some years ago i had a brain hæmorrhage due to a road accident. As a result i had a epileptic fit.
    When i woke up in hospital i was given drugs. A year later i met with the brain surgeon who told me i would have to take the pills for the rest of my life. Turns out to be one of the drugs used in phsyciatry.
    Since ive met others with the same tale – one fit, then drugs for the rest of your life.

  • Lauren Zook

    Brilliant Article!!! So true yet heartbreaking.