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Piers Morgan Falls Ill Days After Public Flu Shot with Dr. Oz

Anthony Gucciardi
January 24th, 2013
Updated 01/24/2013 at 1:28 pm
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piersmorgan 265x167 Piers Morgan Falls Ill Days After Public Flu Shot with Dr. OzJust two days after it was reported that GlaxoSmithKline’s Pandemrix H1N1 swine flu vaccine has actually caused a whopping 800 cases of narcolepsy in children according to Reuters, a major publicity stunt for the efficacy of the flu shot as presented by CNN has crashed and burned. After receiving his very first flu shot live on air from vaccine advocate Dr. Oz in attempt to showcase the ‘safety and effectiveness of the shot’, Piers Morgan has now developed flu-like symptoms that even he and his guest have attributed to the reception of the shot.

In the January 23 interview with country music celebrity Dwight Yoakam, Piers and Dwight discuss the connection between the recent shot and his new sickness. In the interview, which can be seen below, Piers asks “…As you can tell, things are deteriorating. Is there any advice you can give me?”

Yoakam replies with a simple “Don’t ever take a flu shot again,” sparking further discussion surrounding the public injection that ultimately turned into a PR nightmare for Big Pharma. In a surprising reply, Piers says ““We’re both doing the math, so I mean, we both saw him put that thing in my arm and within 10 days I’m struck down.” It was Piers’ first flu shot in his life, according to his own testimony.

You can watch this segment below:

As pointed out by Adan Salazar, the sickness is also highly ironic as Piers actually questioned Dr. Oz about the so-called ‘myths’ surrounding the shot before it was administered. One such ‘myth’ was whether or not the shot could actually lead to the flu. In dialogue with Dr. Oz, Piers nervously asked:

“So the myth about these, and I’m told it’s a myth, is that you can actually get flu or flu-like symptoms simply by having the shot. Is that true?”

Dr. Oz, of course, regurgitated information provided by the CDC in stating that such an event is impossible due to the fact that the flu shot contains the dead flu virus. Dr. Oz also fails to mention that even the FDA’s own website admits that vaccines contain toxic additives like:

Antibiotics: Linked to the development of mental illness, obesity, and serious gut imbalance due to the depletion of beneficial bacteria in the gut, superbug-spawning antibiotics are used in vaccinations as an ‘additive’ as admitted by the FDA.

Formaldehyde: This of course is the known carcinogen used in the preservation of corpses by funeral homes and elsewhere. Even admits that formaldehyde is a serious cancer-causing chemical, stating “Formaldehyde has been classified as a known human carcinogen (cancer-causing substance) by the International Agency for Research on Cancer…” So why is this cancer-causing substance being used an additive for vaccinations?

Aluminum: Popularly associated with Alzheimer’s disease and a bunch of other brain disorders, aluminum is used as a vaccine additive to ‘stimulate a response’ from the body.

Thimerosal: One of the most widely known additives, thimerosal is a mercury-containing substance that is unsafe at any dose. Your doctor is likely entirely misinformed on this additive, stating there is no mercury-containing thimerosal in a vaccine when even the FDA and CDC plainly state this. As stated by Dr. David Wallinga from the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, mercury is ‘toxic in all its forms.”

Instead of giving Piers a vaccination full of these toxic additives, Dr. Oz could have simply recommended that Piers begin supplementing with high quality, inexpensive vitamin D3 — or simply take a walk around outside in a warmer climate. Even in considerably low doses, vitamin D3 has been found to flash the risk of flu development by nearly half – a much great success rate than the flu shot.

About Anthony Gucciardi:
1.thumbnail Piers Morgan Falls Ill Days After Public Flu Shot with Dr. OzGoogle Plus ProfileAnthony is the Editor of NaturalSociety whose work has been read by millions worldwide and is routinely featured on major alternative and mainstream news website alike, including the powerful Drudge Report, NaturalNews, Daily Mail, and many others. Anthony has appeared on programs like Russia Today (RT), Savage Nation, The Alex Jones Show, Coast to Coast AM, and many others. Anthony is also dedicated to aiding various non-profit organizations focused around health and rehabilitation as well as the creator of the independent political website Storyleak

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  • Rob Gonzalez

    Piers Morgan?????? ha!

  • Pamela

    I keep posting this info when this flu shot fraud comes up…
    I believe it's the aluminum that doesn't allow the mercury to be excreted. Look up symptoms for mercury poisoning, and who needs a stiff shot of formaldehyde?
    ACCORDING TO HUGH FUDENBURG, MD – the world's leading immunogeneticist and 13th most quoted biologist of our time (nearly 850 papers in peer review journals) – If an individual has had 5 consecutive flu shots between 1970 – 1980 (the years of the study) his/her chance of developing Alzheimer's Disease is 10 times greater than if they had 1, two or no shots. When asked why Dr. Fudenberg stated that it is due to the mercury and aluminum buildup that is in EVERY flu shot (and in almost all childhood shots). The gradual mercury and aluminum buildup in the brain causes cognitive dysfunction. ALZHEIMERS is now expected to QUADRUPLE.

  • Sheryl

    Sounds like population control. Who is getting the most shots and who is dying at a higher rate?
    The answer is the elderly.

  • hilly7

    lol, best news I've heard all day. 2 shills together, one is bound to get hurt. :)

  • Sonia

    FLU SHOT EVERY YEAR = At least 1 cold and usually the flu too, Once the flu struck 2x in 3 mos.
    VITAMIN D3 ONLY (no shot) = 3.5 years and no cold, no flu.
    OFF VITAMIN D3 for 6 months = I got my first cold in like 4 years.
    Now I'm taking 10k IUs of VitaD3 and I plan to till my blood level is over 100.

  • Marj Nielsen

    Over a 25-year career as a 911 paramedic, I have come in contact with thousands of people with various types of flu and never got the flu myself, nor did I ever take a flu shot. (The last flu I experienced was the Hong Kong strain in 1969, which was before I was in any medical field.) Recently, my employer said I had to get the current flu vaccination–or else! Four days later I was so sick I could barely stand up: I don't recall ever being that sick in my entire life. So much for flu shots!

    • JustMe

      Sue your employer! And make a claim in vaccine court.

    • Galf

      I would have told”my employer”? take a walk pal,you don’t tell me what goes into my body !!
      End of story! Take his “ASS”to court.

  • Suzanne

    Actually it serves him and Dr. Oz right for not listening to nutritionists about how bad the flu shot is for one's health and it's also bad karma to be a media whore — which they both are!!!

    • PWSTAR

      I consider that to be correct for the most part as regards, Dr. Oz but do not attribute your colourful
      adjective to Mr. Morgan.
      Because they are both media people did you find it necessary to lump them both together?
      I am sorry that you can't differentiate between a showman who I wouldn't trust with my health, ever –
      and a serious, articulate and educated man who conducts interviews where the guest has been well researched.
      What a nice change from the afternoon show where the good Doctor rushes, is not thorough about topics, crams way too much in and is not doing his adoring female audience any favours at all.

  • aemish

    The only time I ever received a flu shot, I got the flu!

  • Jean

    And if you can imagine how many people he infected with the flu virus – it is no wonder that there is a flu epidemic in America!

  • Deb

    Not surprised at all. Hopefully this outcome will spur truth telling about the well known and documented side-effects and dangers of a truly unnecessary shot.

    So disappointed with Dr. Oz lately, and now I'm even further disgusted.

    More reason to get educated and take proactive steps toward preventative health-care through a healthy diet, exercise and emotional wellness practices.

  • TexasRedNeck

    I want to see Dr. Oz give himself a flu shot.

  • donna

    Dr Oz is a fake too !!!!

  • donna

    my 91 year old mother got pnemonia after taking the flu shot….I hate the medical profession and the pharmaceutical profession..It is all a big money making scam and lies lies lies …. Another friend at work got deathly ill after taking flu shot…..People are stupid. It's a shame

  • Barbara Rookidge

    Several years ago I read about a man who learned there was an unpublicized reduction in American life expectancy in 1993. He investigated further and found that it was attributed to increased deaths in nursing homes. That struck a bell because at the time I was evaluating nursing home residents for my state, and remembered that 1993 was the first year that Medicare paid for flu shots. The facilities administered the shots upon entry. A number of my clients told me that they had become terribly ill within days of receiving the shot and were told by the nurses and their doctor that the shot didn't take effect for two weeks after being administered–they just happened to be exposed at the wrong time. One day during that time a Director of Nurses for one of the homes took me into her office and told me that they had sixteen deaths in the previous two weeks, which was a frightening number for a forty five bed facility, even considering their vulnerable population. She was afraid the media would find out and they would be closed down. She didn't realize that it must have been happening all over. It would be interesting to know how many flu victims have had the shot, and when in relation to the onset of their illness. Barbara

  • Awake

    HA HA I hope it's true and I hope it's permanent!

    • PWSTAR

      Any particular reason why you made such a mean spirited remark?

  • harold bell

    I would say that Piers has received a shot that was heard around the world.

  • Wake Up!!

    Viruses are not alive. So, you cannot kill them. Viruses are simply a piece of DNA or RNA wrapped in a protein. They cannot be killed or so called weakened. The virus is either there or it is not. Just like a water molecule. A Water molecule is not alive either. You cannot kill it or weaken it.

  • harrie

    I no longer take flu shots as they cause me to have asthma attacks. I take Zinc on a regular basis. Since stopping the flu shots and starting on Zinc, I have not had an asthma attack, cold or flu. Zinc also builds up the immune system according to an infection control doctor I had gone to when I had a severe infection. When I got the infection I was not taking Zinc, now I would not go without it.

    • JAC

      Raw garlic and turmeric work wonders as well… will most certainly keep you healthy and away from the doctors and big pharma.

  • Bubz

    LOL @ Piers. Go back to the UK! We don't want your constitution hating ass here anyhow.

    • TexasRedNeck

      I agree with you 100 % and he can take Dr. Oz with him when he goes. By the way did Dr. Oz give himself one of his "flu shots" ? Not on your life, he knows what they will do :)

    • JustMe

      *arse is proper British term for ass

    • guest

      we dont want him here thanks . keep him

  • Sandra Deerdan

    Google 'flu shot and depopulation' and you will get some very interesting information out there. Or try youtube.

  • lt48

    With so many different viruses, colds, upper respiratory infections and bronchitis making the rounds this year, it always amazes me that people blame their recent flu shot – hey, you would have come down with it anyway!

    • Sherri

      I run a daycare watching 12 kids a day and do not get a flu shot and do not get the flu. Neither do my own children but the daycare kids do. My youngest is 5 and has had flu once and I fed it and it lasted just less of a day.

  • Lee D

    If you're the sort of person who takes an Asprin for every headache, and a Paracetamol for every "sore belly" then taking the jab will probably not help you, you are already messed up.
    I would challenge anyone with the flu to come and cough on me, I don't get colds, i may get a 8 hour sniffle when I've been near someone who is out of action for a few days with something else, but that's that, if anything.
    Eat healthy when growing up, avoid pills for minor ailments, tell yourself you will be OK and life will move on.
    Vaccines are great for a lot of sicknesses, so I don't instantly reject this one. I don't need it, that's all I'm worried about.

    • JAC

      Yes. I have experienced the same, thanks to eating raw garlic every once in a while (sometimes 3 or 4 days in a row). I can be in an office sick full of ignorant sheep and will not get sick whatsoever. I try to help them with the advice, but they won't have any of it! It almost seems they enjoy being sick! Ignorance is bliss!

  • Fran

    I have been getting the flu shot every year for 7 to 10 years and have been very healthy every year except this one. I get the shot in October and this December 2nd I came down with the worst cold in my life. I could barely get out of bed and the first week I took 2 hour naps twice a day and still slept 8 hours through the night. I still have congestion in my chest and I have taken so many medications. I'm sure I will most likely get another flu shot next October, after all I will be 76 1/2 years old and don't want to take any chances.

    • Rebecca

      The flu shot has no effect on colds, but I am sure you know that? The flu vaccine will help ONLY the influenza viruses that the CDC and pharmaceutical companies determine will be the common strain that season. So what your body is telling you by getting sick is that your immune system isn't working right. And since you are getting up there in age, you probably want to try to get healthy, not get sick… so my recommendation would be to NOT get the flu. I have never had a flu shot and I have never gotten the flu. About 50% of the people I know who have tested positive for the flu this year, have gotten the vaccine. I don't want to poison my body, no thank you!

  • Andrew

    Haven't had a flu shot in 20 years and have only gotten the flu MAYBE 3 times in those 20 years. I think I'll stay my course of action. And people, the virus in the vaccine ISN'T DEAD, it is merely dormant with all those additives surrounding it. How else will your body learn to fight off that particular strain of flu if it is dead and can't attack your immune system. It has to be alive to cause your body's own immune response to activate so it can learn what the virus "looks" like so it can fight off that particular strain if you get hit with that strain ever again. Common sense people. I learned that in high school biology and again when I was in college becoming a massage therapist. We had to learn pathophysiology and human diseases to safeguard ourselves.

  • lepusrj

    Interesting that Dr. Oz and the medical community at large like to call these vaccines "killed" or "dead" viruses, when in fact viruses are neither alive nor dead. You cannot "kill" something that is not alive or dead. These viruses often are modified with DNA that can actually make them mutate into worse forms. Viruses and bacteria are very adept at sharing DNA from other viruses and bacteria. Some day, vaccines will be proven to have been the worst and most dangerous invention humans have ever created. :o(

  • Tina

    And if vaccines worked, why do dogs puppies need repeated vaccinations at 6-8-10 weeks, oh why, because they are afraid their NATURAL immune system and antibodies from nursing from their mother are INTERFERING with the vaccine!! And why if humans live an average of 75 years only need ONE vaccine for life, but our dogs require one every 3 years?? It's a SCAM and all about money, that's why. Anyone who thinks big pharma, the medical industry and our government actually want the human race to be healthy is living in dreamland.

  • Tina

    Natural Immunity works. I am sorry for the person who got the swine flu so bad and almost died, but the side effects of vaccines are 100% guaranteed. I mean really, aluminum and formaldehyde are okay to inject into our blood streams? Let's say for a minute the flu shot or any vaccine actually worked, is it worth getting alzheimers, auto immune disease, compromised immune system so you catch everything else more easily? I don't think so. It's all about money and keeping the publice UNhealthy to support the medical and big pharma industries. Do you honestly think they want the whole world to eat organically, be healthy, exercise, not take medications because there is a natural alternative to just about everything, but it starts with a healthy immune system that is not continuously compromised by vaccinations, medications, the food we eat, GMO's, etc. Diseases were on a decline BEFORE vaccines were ever introduced.

    It's not rocket science, it's about mone. Same with the vet industry. They don't admit or publish how many puppies contract the disease from the vaccine.

  • @matthewloop

    This is just fantastic… The flu shot is one of the BIGGEST scams. Not to mention it's highly dangerous. No one in their right mind would inject this crap directly into their bloodstream if was mandatory that the doctors read the vaccine ingredients to patients.

  • Katherine

    There is no way I would promote the flu shot, ever, but at this point no one knows what Piers is sick with. He could have strep throat for ask we know, and the flu shot is just a coincidence. It bothers me that he would make assumptions that do not help the anti-vaccine movement. Or if by chance he does have the flu, it could be a strain that was not covered in the vaccine he got.

    That said, I will never have another vaccination for myself or my children.

    The Formaldehyde used in the vaccines is most likely used to kill the virus.

    If you want a really well done case against vaccinations, watch the 2 hour lecture done by Dr. Tent, it is on You Tube. Chock full of important information that will make anyone who sees it never want another shot again!

  • Ummer F

    I enjoy vitamin d3 50,000 iu pills.

    But for me, and most people, gluten interferes with vitamin d3. Avoiding gluten, or reducing gluten is simple and only takes a little time.

  • chris

    I make a giant cast iron skillet of nachos with a half pound of shredded cheese and jalapenos baked to perfection.

    • JAC

      before or after getting baked yourself?

  • Jenna

    I think you’re all missing the point and popping vitamins or “soy oil” is no better than them pushing the vaccine. Pay attention to your immune system. We are NOT immune to getting the virus….regardless of what concoction you take. If you eat right, exercise, drink plenty of water, get adjusted…essentially take care of your immune system your body can face the virus and say….nah not today.

    I have a 19 month old daughter…I do my best to make sure her immune system is HEALTHY as can be (within my control) and when everyone in the house and around her was sick she tackled thru it all. She had the sniffles for a day….we got an extra nap, water, vitamins in and we kicked it!!!!

    • R. Fowler

      Then she didn't have the flu.

  • Jenny Smith

    VIT C…yes good old under-rated Vit C does prevent Flu and will stop it in its tracks if a bout is coming on. High doses 2000 to 3000mg per day of a GOOD, REPUTABLE source that is buffered and has the correct ratio of calcium. Dr Linus Pauling won a Nobel prize for his work with Vit C. What a lot of people do not realize is that herbal supplements, Vits, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and such like stuff can fail if not taken/used correctly. You can't just see an ad on TV for XYZ saying it will help with/cure XYZ because each and every body needs different supplementation and no two people are going to have the same response. It has to be in the correct ratio/measurement that is needed for YOUR body.

  • Rob

    Equally important is that Vit D cuts the chances of getting all flu's (and colds, etc.), whereas the flu shot is targetted at specific strains out of dozens out there.

    • Joanne Paquette

      There is no way in hell I would let anyone give me a flu shot. I have taken vitamin D3 for 3 year’s and haven’t been sick.
      Most everyone who gets the flu shot ends up getting sick. Big pharma is getting away with all their lies plus getting multi billions of dollars in exchange for people getting deathly sick and dying from it.

      • guest

        I agree. I have been taking 2 Calcium 600 with Vit. D-3 and also 1 Centrum daily for several years. Have not been sick except for 1 slight cold.
        Also, a long time ago I got a flu shot and was never sicker.. I was out of work for 2 weeks. NEVER AGAIN……..
        Every time my doc. mentions a flu shot I just look at her and say "Now you and I both know that is never going to happen"…..She just smiles…I think she asks not because they have to but because she knows what my reaction will be………Actually, she is a good doc. and I am glad I found her.

        • Anonymous

          Well done for staying healthy, but Centrum is manufactured by Pheizer. Might wanna rethink that one:)

      • guest

        That's ridiculous. My entire family gets the flu shot every year, and has since I was a toddler, with a chronically ill family member to protect. The only year we didn't was 2009, as it was delayed here, and my entire family was hit by swine flu, myself twice. I was pregnant and damn near died.

        The purpose of the flu shot is to give you immunities to it, so you either a) won't get the flu at all, or b) will have a less severe course if you do still fall. I will NEVER risk almost dying again, if the vaccine is available to me.

        • Sherri

          If the flu shot built your immune system up then how would you have gotten sick. Obviously you had been building your immunity for 15 years. Just a thought.

  • Justsomedude

    Isnt the flu shot supposed to attack the virus? Looks like it did its job

  • SemiIntense

    Sorry, but I like Piers and find his interviews with so many different kinds of people to be quite interesting. It is unfortunate that he seems to have become sick after getting the flu shot and certainly hope that he is back to good health soon. I am a little leery myself of getting the flu shot but do feel that eating sensibly, exercising, getting enough rest, keeping warm, keeping clean, and getting plenty of sunshine will all facilitate a healthier lifestyle and will hopefully prevent one from getting ill.

  • michael davis

    To bad he didn’t get one of the more debilitating illnesses most of the flu shots seem to be dishing out on people lately manly, polio or brain damage.

  • Debby Bruck

    Poor Piers Morgan – He put himself out there as an example and the whole thing backfired. First, the facial expression when getting the shot, nervousness, anxiety and the potential side effects and then the resultant illness. Maybe he will start to do a bit more investigation into self care, preventatives and methods to boost immune system? I wonder what he will do in the future and how he will reconsider these "myths." Vitamin D and Influenza

  • RioSam

    Piers got sick from the flu shot……yaay….couldn't happen to anyone more deserving!!

    • Dave

      I agree… Can we send him back from whence he came yet?

      • Mark

        Please keep him.. we don't want him back.

    • Buzz

      You don't like Piers? Are you one of those "2nd Amendment or die" nutcases?

  • Heidi

    Cecilia, I go to an ND who recommends taking 10,000 units a day. It was suggested by him also to take 150,000 units per day once the onset of a cold comes forth (but only for 3 days). I have stuck by this and haven't been sick with the flu since. And neither have my children. Perhaps you are not taking enough?

  • Cecilia Long

    I dont believe in the Flu shot or almost any shot anymore these days…but telling people to take D3 and they wont get the flu? Horse Hockey. I take 6000units (yes thousand) high quality not in soy oil in drops every day. I also eat organic and non processed most of the time. I was crushed with the flu and over a month later am still having issues.

    But that is simply part of the flu. Telling someone to merely take D3 is just as dumb and telling them to get the flu shot.

    • Jim

      That article didn't say people "won't get the flu" if they take Vitamin D3. It said "Even Low Dose Vitamin D Slashes Flu Risk by Nearly Half".

      Do yourself a favor and READ first before replying with an ignorant comment.

    • Laurie

      It's not just taking D3 and eating healthy. It's washing your hands throughout the day since you can pick up the virus on door knobs, phones, shopping carts, etc. Besides, D3 is excellent protection for a LOT of things, but it works best if you take it with K2.

      • Kit

        You’re correct, K2 is needed to help with proper Vitamin D utilization. Also, Vitamin A is closely involved with D metabolism in the body, can’t remember exactly how but I believe I read this on the Daily Lipid Blog by Chris Masterjohn. Google it

    • Heather Veronesi ND

      I am a Naturopath in CT. I recommend people take high doses of Vitamin D 3 during flu season for prevention. It is certainly not a guarantee you won't get the flu, but it carries extremely low risk unlike the vaccination and the potential to protect you from illness. Studies have shown that Vitamin D is actually more effective than the vaccine. However, you have to take enough of it to get your body storage up which is different for everyone, 10,000 is often necessary here in our colder climate. Still, there are other factors to consider which cannot be controlled for. The bottom line is this…the shot is risky, Vitamin D is not and it holds the potential to protect you better. My son did get the flu. I wasn't giving him enough Vitamin D because I am human and when he's healthy I sometimes forget things. He got over it within 3 days because I gave him higher doses. Despite the fact that I alone cared for him through the flu, I did NOT get it. Could it possibly be because I immediately started taking 10,000 IU several times a day? I believe that it was helpful.

    • anth

      uptight numnuts, this only helps you not get the flu if you can stop and think for a second may be you could unwind your immune system.

    • Buzz

      Not believing in "almost any shot" is dumber.

  • amy

    What's the irony in that?