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Over-Consumption of Fructose Linked to Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes

Mike Barrett
January 30th, 2012
Updated 11/06/2012 at 12:53 pm
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sugarblack 210x131 Over Consumption of Fructose Linked to Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes

While there is no perfect diet, people are starting to realize that many of the health complications they currently face are actually a result of consuming way too much sugar. More health experts are voicing their concern regarding the over-consumption of fructose, which has been pinpointed as America’s number one source of calories. New research mirrors what has been found in the past, connecting fructose to cardiovascular disease and an increased diabetes risk.

High Fructose Consumption Leading to Cardiovascular Risk

The researchers at the Medical College of Georgia at Georgia Health Sciences University analyzed 559 adolescents ages 14 to 18. What they found is that a high-fructose diet helps to perpetuate higher blood pressure, insulin resistance, fasting glucose, and other inflammatory factors which lead to heart and vascular disease.

“Adolescents consume the most fructose so it’s really important to not only measure the levels of fructose but to look at what it might be doing to their bodies currently and, hopefully, to look at cardiovascular disease outcomes as they grow…A unique aspect of our study design is that we took into account the fructose released from sucrose during digestion along with the fructose found in foods and beverages…Because sucrose is broken down into fructose and glucose before it arrives at the liver for metabolism, it is important to consider the additional fructose from sucrose when determining the overall health effect of fructose.” said Norman Pollock, co-first author of the study published in the Journal of Nutrition.

Although fructose is found in fruits and vegetables, neither of these food groups make up even close to the amount of fructose being consumed on on a grand scale. Instead, health-wreaking and often mercury-tainted high-fructose corn syrup makes up the vast majority of fructose consumption, which is leading to even more illness and disease. Fructose in its cheap, refined form has been shown to be addictive as cocaine, while fueling cancer and obesity where ever it is consumed.

One study, published in the Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Targets, analyzed the link between refined sugar consumption and cancer. What the researchers found was that excess fructose consumption can actually damage the body in a number of ways beyond the development of cancer, including DNA damage, inflammation, altered cellular metabolism, and increased production of free radicals.

Research published in the journal Cancer Research reached similar conclusions, finding that the way in which sugar is metabolized stimulates cancer growth.

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  • hawkeye

    What I see happening, is that almost all of the companies are using "high fructose corn syrup" in their food. In addition to what was stated in the article as mercury tainted high fructose corn syrup, the corn used for this is also GMO corn, which is really bad for your health. The articles above this are stating that cancer feeds on fructose more than other forms of sugar. What sugar does to the body is it acidifies the body (blood stream) which is the ideal environment for cancer cells to thrive. Back in the 50's and 60's there wasn't a lot of cancer, and people ate the white sugar…."pure cane sugar from Hawaii". I say it was bad for the teeth, but REALLY…There is something else besides "Sugar" and "Fructose" causing this. Fructose is fruit sugar. Look what's been done to our food supply, and how the FDA and the other agencies try to keep people from getting a hold of pure unadulterated foods. Try and find drinks and foods with just plain sugar in them. Hard to find. A little sugar won't hurt you, but I think high fructose corn syrup is extremely bad for you. Just my humble opinion………