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Antidepressants Make You More Depressed and Trigger Suicidal Thoughts

Mike Barrett
October 14th, 2011
Updated 11/09/2012 at 2:41 pm
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pillssplash1 210x131 Antidepressants Make You More Depressed and Trigger Suicidal Thoughts

How would you like to be told that along with this antidepressant may come suicidal thoughts and depression? Come again? As if it isn’t bad enough that drug labels contain 70 negative side-effects on average, people also have to worry about a drug feeding the very problem it is supposed to treat. It is the equivalent of having your car repaired and the mechanic informing you that there may be an increased chance for a crash due to the repairs. I don’t think anyone would go to that mechanic.

The Food and Drug Administration even admits that antidepressants are more than capable of causing suicidal thoughts and an increased suicide risk. If the insanity of an antidepressant causing an increased suicide risk does not stop you from popping pills, then consider the other complications that arise from drug use.

  • Drug labels contain 70 negative side-effects on average. Even very regularly prescribed drugs can have 100 negative side-effects, with some drugs lurking up around 525 negative side-effects. Suicidal thoughts leading to an increased risk of suicide is just one of those side-effects to look out for, following the very last possible side effects – death.
  • Mixing prescription and non-prescription drugs can cause serious problems. Even though you can for information on mixing medications, you simply can not know of the extremely complex chemical reactions caused by mixing any dangerous chemicals together.
  • You become reliant on the drug. Taking drugs in an attempt to solve problems only leaves you reliant on them because the problem is not being solved at the root. It is similar to covering up the “check engine” light on your car and deeming the problem solved. The “check engine” light is, however, is not the problem; it is only the symptom of a problem faced by the engine.

Why Chance Antidepressants Side-Effects When You can Just Have Some Omega-3′s?

Let’s face it, no one is feeling depressed because of a drug deficiency. But people are feeling depressed from a deficiency of vitamins, nutrients, and omega-3′s. Omega-3 fatty acids in particular have been shown time and time again to help depression. The role omega-3 fatty acids play in helping depression could have to do with the brain being made up of about 60% fat. When you consume high quality fats such as DHA and EPA, you are essentially feeding the brain and giving it what it needs to function. A great source of omega-3 fats is walnut oil or flaxseed oil. You could also take a supplement of high quality fish oil such as that derived from krill.

About Mike Barrett:
2.thumbnail Antidepressants Make You More Depressed and Trigger Suicidal Thoughts Google Plus Profile |Mike is the co-founder, editor, and researcher behind Natural Society. Studying the work of top natural health activists, and writing special reports for top 10 alternative health websites, Mike has written hundreds of articles and pages on how to obtain optimum wellness through natural health.

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  • Michael J. Midlo

    Hi my name is Michael
    We are in a battle (born out of the death of our son Jonathan) and through the Devastation of our family and Jonnys' friends to stop a the unethical greed driven epidemic brought down on the U.S. and the World by the multi-billion dollar drug companies that are causing the Death, Violence, and Suffering of thousands of people along with the destruction of the Morals and Ethics of the Doctors and Psychiatrists that we so often need to Blindly Trust with our Lives. It's time for all of us to join together as an Unstoppable Force to bring integrity back to the FDA and Medical fields in this country.
    There are so many highly intelligent, educated, knowledgeable, and respected individuals who have been fighting this for 20+ years only to be played or ignored while the Truth and Facts are being hidden from the public and kept out of the media because they stood alone. Don't let them stand alone anymore!
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    Our Hopes and Prayers are that all who read this will copy, paste, and share it with all you know, and that you will become part of the solution and "Speak Out" and/or find the courage to share your "SSRI Survivor Stories" with us and the world as it grows towards it's final Victory!

  • Paul Finn

    This article is a load of tripe. Antidepressants are one of the most commonly prescribed drugs in the world and have been so for more than 50 years. The amount of research and development that’s gone into them far exceeds the amount which has gone into the use of “natural” cures – and for good reason.

    Some points from the article I’d like to rebuke:

    - “Drug labels contain 70 negative side-effects on average.”

    Yes they do. But even the most benign non-prescription drug such as aspirin shares many of the same side effects as an SSRI. The fact is that drugs are so highly regulated that *any* possible side effect encountered by particpants in the drug’s early trials has to be listed on the drug label. So if someone in the trial gets a headache while on the pills, “headache” becomes a side effect, though it may not even be caused by those pills.

    - “Mixing prescription and non-prescription drugs can cause serious problems.”

    This is what doctors are for. You should advise your doctor if you’re taking any kind of drugs (prescription or not) before or after you start SSRIs. Also, the decades of research gone into SSRIs mean that we are aware of common drug combination issues (such as SSRIs and HTP-5).

    - “You become reliant on the drug… It is similar to covering up the “check engine” light on your car and deeming the problem solved.

    This is absolute rubbish. Depression, by and large, is caused by a lack of serotonin produced in the brain. Taking serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), therefore, allows more serotonin to be active within the brain. This can greatly improve your quality of life if you’re suffering from depression, allowing you to stabilise yourself and your life before slowly weaning yourself off the drugs. You are then left with normal serotonin levels. So in fact, it is nothing at all like “covering up” the problem – it is enabling you to solve the problem, both chemically and physically in your life.

    To anyone reading this garbage: do not possibly let yourself be drawn away from treatment which could potentially greatly improve your life because you are scared of the “dangers” of “big pharma”. Take the decades of research and proven development, not the whims of some snake oil peddlers.

    • Michael

      Paul from what you have written here you obviously either are lost in disillusion, haven't a clue, work for one of these SSRI drug companies, or are just a sadistically twisted and cruel individual! I'm hoping that you are just a person who has fallen for the game of (you tell a person a lie enough times they start believing it's the truth) that has been used to play people by governments and self-centered power mongers through time.

  • Toni

    Whenever I hear of a gunman going on a violent rampage I always wonder if this deranged person is under the influence of a psychotropic. was created by Rosie Meysenburg documenting just some of the cases where anti-depressants have been involved.