Drug Labels Contain 70 Negative Side Effects on Average

Drug Labels Contain 70 Negative Side Effects on Average

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Have you ever counted the number of side-effects you might hear in a prescription drug commercial? Although the number may seem like, and definitely IS a lot, there’s a good chance that what you’re hearing is only a partial list of damaging effects. New research shows that the average drug label contains an astonishing 70 possible negative side-effects! What’s more, the researchers found that the drugs prescribed on a very regular basis averaged around 100 side-effects each, with some reaching sky high for 525 negative reactions.

Admittedly, many of the side-effects on drug labels may not occur, and are strategically placed on the label in order to avoid frivolous lawsuits. The problem with labeling so many side-effects, however, is that doctors have more difficulty choosing either whether to prescribe a drug or not, and they are unsure of which drugs to prescribe. Juggling the risks and benefits has become harder than ever.

Among the drugs which contained the greatest number of side-effects were antidepressants, antiviral medications, newer restless legs syndrome medications, and Parkinson’s disease medications. In addition, drugs more often prescribed by psychologists held the more complex labels while dermatologists and ophthalmologists were giving out drugs with more simplistic labels.

I certainly do not advocate the use of prescription drugs, given the potential dangers. There are tens of hundreds of remedies out there for the health problems we face every day, it’s just a matter of searching for them and seeing what works best. The truth is that prescription drug use leads to unwanted side-effects, which lead to more drug use to treat those side-effects, and so on. The combination of an unhealthy lifestyle and prescription drug use transforms what should be a healthy, vibrant body, into a drug-dependent, unhealthy body.

The solution is simple. Listen to your body, and tackle any issues you have one at a time. Knock them out one by one through a healthy lifestyle. Know that you are capable of anything and everything, and that a simple change in diet and physical activity can potentially make many and all of the problems you’ve come to face every day, disappear.

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