Weight Loss Improves Memory and Overall Brain Health

Weight Loss Improves Memory and Overall Brain Health

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When it comes to knowledge and learning, memory makes up a hefty percentage of what it takes to be strong in those areas. Of course everyone wants to be knowledgeable, but it is difficult to know as much as you can if you are unable to retain information with ease. Memory loss is not something that is only experienced by the elderly or traumatized; overweight individuals may suffer from memory loss as well. The good news is that even if memory is suffering due to excess weight, weight loss will improve memory.

Although hardly ever mentioned in any book or business teaching, memory and brain health may just rest at the top of the success pyramid along with persistence and discipline. If you are experiencing memory loss and forgetfulness, business and life in general will simply be more difficult. Research shows that this is especially true for overweight individuals, who experience greater memory loss and poorer concentration than those who are at a normal weight.

A group of scientists and an associate professor of psychology at Kent state University conducted a study to see how brain health was impacted by excess weight. The team evaluated memory tests from 150 people with an average weight of 300 pounds. As one might suspect, many of the people experienced other health complications such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and sleep apnea.

109 of the patients decided to get some type of weight loss surgery such as gastric bypass surgery while the remaining 41 people did not. 12 weeks later, the same memory tests were conducted with the surgery group, who lost an average of 50 pounds, improving in many of the tests including measurements of memory and executive functioning. The people who kept their very high weight showed a small decline in memory and overall brain health.

It is no surprise that overweight people may experience memory loss. With excess weight comes excess fat to smother the organs and slow mental processes. Obese people also suffer from physiological issues where they eat very late at night and experience sleep problems. Along with the increased weight usually comes the increased consumption of harmful ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup and aspartame. In addition, it is likely that the right foods are not being consumed enough, leading to a deficiency in most nutrients.

Losing weight is a fantastic way to reverse memory loss and improve brain health. If gaining weight typically comes with all things listed above, losing weight will mean omitting those harmful things from your diet automatically.