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Monsanto’s GMO Corn Contributing to Weight Gain, Disrupts Organs

Mike Barrett
March 21st, 2012
Updated 11/03/2012 at 12:52 am
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foodcornzoom3 220x137 Monsantos GMO Corn Contributing to Weight Gain, Disrupts Organs

Are genetically modified foods making you sick and fat? Monsanto’s genetically modified creations have been pegged for causing a plethora of environmental and human harm, but are they also contributing to one of the country’s fastest growing health problems? A study published in the International Journal of Biological Sciences shows that GMO corn and other GM food is indeed contributing to the obesity epidemic and causing organ disruption.

GMO Corn Shown to be Hazardous to Your Health

While being one of the first to report on a comparative analysis of blood and organ system data of rats fed GMO corn, the study effectively ends the debate as to whether GMO foods are safe regarding health. The study found that GMO corn fed to mice led to an increase in overall body weight of about 3.7 percent, while also increasing the weight of the liver by up to 11 percent.

“Crude and relative liver weights are also affected at the end of the maximal (33%) GM maize feeding level as well as that of the heart which for corresponding parameters to a comparable extent, showed up to an 11% weight increase…Additional statistically significant differences include … higher … overall body (3.7%) weight.”

But this 2009 study sheds much more light on GMO dangers than mere weight increase.

“There is a world-wide debate concerning the safety and regulatory approval process of genetically modified (GM) crops and foods. In order to scientifically address this issue, it is necessary to have access to toxicological tests, preferably on mammals, performed over the longest time-scales involving detailed blood and organ system analyses.”the introduction states. “For the first time in the world, we’ve proven that GMO are neither sufficiently healthy nor proper to be commercialized…Each time, for all three GMOs, the kidneys and liver, which are the main organs that react to a chemical food poisoning, had problems,” indicated Gilles-Eric Séralini, an expert member of the Commission for Biotechnology Reevaluation.

Needless to say, Monsanto’s GMO crops are causing numerous other problems in our world. While contributing to weight gain, the company’s GMO corn has been shown to be creating resistant rootworms — causing farmers to use even more threatening pesticides on GMO crops. Of course the use of Monsanto’s Bt  biopesticides has also been shown to to be aiding in decline of our health, recently being found to wreak havoc on human kidney cells. This is an indirect, but very real way GMO crops are causing damage.

GMO crops are known to cause short term damage to nature and your biology, but it is perhaps the long-term consequences that are most concerning. We currently have information and research regarding the detrimental effects of GMO foods in the short term, but they continue to be used while long-term effects are still a mystery even to supporters of GMOs. It is for these reasons, among many others, that GMO crops are continually being banned around the world. Hungary, France, Peru, and others have taken all action against GMO crops and GM foods altogether due to safety hazards these products pose on human health, the ecosystem, and the environment.

About Mike Barrett:
2.thumbnail Monsantos GMO Corn Contributing to Weight Gain, Disrupts Organs Google Plus Profile |Mike is the co-founder, editor, and researcher behind Natural Society. Studying the work of top natural health activists, and writing special reports for top 10 alternative health websites, Mike has written hundreds of articles and pages on how to obtain optimum wellness through natural health.

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  • John Robbins

    authors and study was show to be junk science…and like junk food your mind will get fat reading it.

  • AN

    Good for you. Hydrogenated vegetable oil is a flame retardant and banned in Europe – they use it so the ingredients don’t separate. Seems reasonable..

  • AN

    We flew to Japan a year after Fukushima’s disaster, and the background radiation was lower in Tokyo than in Vancouver BC (which is very low also). We measured with our own Geiger counter. We measure all goods likely from Japan and surrounding area, and all seafood, and have never gotten an abnormal reading off the west coast of Canada.

    It is easy to get caught up in frantic hype, radioactivity is much more easily measured than harms from GMO. I agree that GMOs are possibly harmful and don’t have adequate testing. As such our family votes with our money by buying organic and labelled non – GMO, especially dairy.

  • bramclabby

    The weight increase was only 3.7%. For most people, that increase is negligible. I'm sure there is an overall trend for GMO's to cause more damage than that, but I'll admit, I don't know how strong it is.

  • Charles

    This work was highly critisized because the autors used a wrong statistical method to evaluate it. If you use the common and correct statistical methods, the results are the opposite, the rats that have eaten GMO were bettter than the others.

  • hpt

    The study is promising but the sample size seems too small to claim that it "effectively ends as to whether GMO foods are safe". Even the study authors claim inconclusiveness. Too bad I had to find this interesting study through a sensationalistic and misleading article.

  • Allen

    Does the study mention anything about the effects of feeding the rats NON-GM Corn? I'm sure if something ate corn exclusively for a long period of time it would have negative effects. If there are effects from a control group it should be mentioned in this article.

    • Thom

      "There were also two comparative control groups fed diets containing similar quantities of the closest isogenic or parental maize variety."

  • Cathy

    I feel like Milo I have learned so much about the garbage that we feed our bodies ,and we go to our super markets to shop for healthy chemical free and things like non GMO, and everything is got something in it thats garbage,unless we buy 100% organic,which is not always available,or even affordable for some of us we are destined to many illnesses and poor immune system.

  • pat sherman

    Why do we feed as know in history, corn to pigs…fatten them up.

  • EdwardLewis

    The study that was done. It's not a study unless you are pitting that data against another group. Those mice gained that weight, but did the study also have mice eat corn that wasn't genetically modified. That incomplete study made me stop reading the article. It already sounds biased and ridiculous in the first paragraph.

    • Robert S

      every single figure is labeled against a control group. and what is ridiculous about the first paragraph?

  • cindy

    The tide is turning and YES- GMO'S will GO BY THE WAY SIDE! But it does require education on behalf of the public! And FOR THE PUBLIC to EXERCISE their POWER OF THE FORK!! I GUARANTEE IT WILL HAPPEN!! WE American's are TIRED OF BEING SICK!! AND the TRUTH is NOW OUT THERE!! THANKS FOR THE ARTICLE!!

    • Ann

      When will GMOs go by the wayside if places like California voted to not have GMO products labelled.
      We need people to force the government to STOP all GMO's.

  • Milo Betto

    Went to the grocery store the other day and after walking all the isles,reading all the labels, the only thing I came out with was some bannahs.

    We must vote with our dollars and not buy this crap food and do what we can to inform people we know about the poor quality of our food supply, enviromental damage, and creulty to animals.

    I am going to miss enjoying a nice ear of corn.

    • Paul

      Try going to a farmers market where you can buy real corn

      • Jeanette

        I believe it is now illegal to plant any corn other than GMO corn in the U.S.

    • Anonymous

      For your information I grow 300 acres of sweet corn and I supply grocery stores and big distribution centers and I do not have any GMO corn. Just because its not organic does not mean its GMO. Get it straight!

  • Anonymous

    all your comments make me sick because it's all so true

  • Diane

    Why not stop eating animals and stop eating corn and corn products? Cows eat grass anyway…they are grazing animals. Humans FORCE them to eat GMO corn, soybeans and grains. Feed makers probably throw in a bunch of other weird stuff as well like fillers that we don't know about—like processed chicken feathers as supplemental protein. God only knows what else is in the animal's food. Don't let other humans trick you…they don't care about you, the end user! The just want you to buy their product at any cost.

    Uh oh, I just googled feather protein and a PDF came up: "Feather Meal as a Protein Source for Range Cows" This is SICK AND CRAZY! Humans have LOST THEIR WAY! Feathers are a by-product of the poultry industry. So, a genius poutry farmer figured out a way to get rid of all his chicken feathers by feeding it to cows! Wonder why people are messed up in mind and body, depressed and going crazy? Because they just accept all the charming and glossy sales pitches that are all lies. No one asks questions and no one takes a stance. They are too weakened and numbed by their addictions to phoney bi-polar medications and other daily fixes. We are all powerful Beings…no one really realizes that. Very sad. Monsanto is a MONSTER.

    • figment

      no duh. because LESS people farm, farms had to get bigger. running the small farmer out of business and giving rise to corporate farms made it necessary to have larger herds, (no more pastureland, have you seen the price of land lately?)

      and push them to make more milk/meat/eggs, products, etc.

      this has also contributed to lack of quality – small business farmers take care of their herds or they go out of business, corporate farms pay a bunch of people, many times illegals an hourly wage to get the job done, they don't have the same incentive.

  • John

    John, your grasp of the motivation to fatten animals is deficient. First, farmers do not fatten animals, commercial feedlots do so. Don't demonize the producer. Farmers raise animals, they provide the stock that is subsequently pumped full of corn sugar, antibiotics, and hormones which the public demands. That's right, animals are fattened because you want it. If it didn't sell, it wouldn't be produced.

    • earl charles

      get your head out of your arse you are starting to talk to your shit .. you must have some connection to farmers meat processing etc. so farm ers do not feed thier cattle lol. they don tknow about all the harmones chemicals and strange stuff put in the feed that doesnt cook out. that goes into our bodys and causes all kinds of problems our govt doesnt care ,why should they..

    • Anonymous

      Hey you,

      You get your head out of your butt. People buy this sh!t because this sh!t is what is available. Farmers began producing this garbage because it allowed them to decrease their costs and subsequently make more profit. I do recall when all this bastardized farming began. People were upset but could do nothing to stop these demons whose only focus was the almighty dollar and profit. Big agriculture is in bed with the fed. Regulators. Big agriculture BUYS the regulators through donations to political parties. Don't throw your BS around that this crapassed meat is produced becaus ethe consumer wants it. Additionally, the lies and blatant disinformation put out by big agribusiness about the safety of these products is absolutely disgusting. Big agribusiness would sell their mom in the red light district if they could make a buck off her.

    • Freakazoid

      If this crap meat was honostley labeled would sales be the same? Scew you man

    • Will

      Maybe because thats the only thing available in stores 90% of the time. If you want to buy local non GMO food from local farmers markets, etc. You have to pay a ridiculous amount of money. I make 24,000 dollars a year and can't afford to buy food like that. I am forced to buy over processed, gmo foods because it is so cheap. The problem here isn't because I want the food. I want the real, fresh food that goes bad after a few days. If it wasn't so expensive I would only buy that kind of food. Yet fast food is so cheap and easily available to a large percent of the global population. Wouldn't it make sense to make junk food such as that more expensive and food that's actually good and healthy for you, cheap and readily available to everyone? That's the problem with the US and other developed countries. Until that changes, people will continue to buy it. Are you going to pay for my groceries? I can buy everything I need @ walmart for 1-2 weeks for around 80$. I'd have to spend 280$ if not more @ my local farmers market. At some point you have to quit blaming people and realize that at the end of the day, it all leads back to corrupt companies such as Monsanto and of course our government and government agencies such as the USDA and FDA which are now ran and controlled by corporations.

  • TF

    Now I know why my dr. and all who work in office are fat. He kept telling me how skinny I am. I'm not skinny, just eat in moderation and try to stay away from crap foods which isn't possible so I eat in moderation.

    I read ingredients on mountain dew my kid's friend was drinking and I asked him why he thought they needed to put vegetable oil in it. He just looked at me weird. Poor kids, they've been so brainwashed and many have nothing to look forward to because of the dumbed down people not watching the govt as they destroy everything good because there's a soccer game to go to or something made in China calling their name to shop.

    If the govt says it's good for you, always remember they LIE.

    • bea41660

      I wish there was a like button or something similar on this site. I would have clicked it for your comment. In any case… I like your comment so very much !

    • rosie

      I too like your comments, very inspiring!

  • John

    Corn is a very popular animal food. It contains high sugar content and does to animals what sugar does to humans; causes diseases and sickness! Fattening up animals fast is an economic advantage to farmers who want to get the most for their money! This study is a no brainer for anyone that understands simple economics, but it is not as obvious to the casual observer that GMO Corn also makes PEOPLE FAT as well, just like the animals! High fructose corn syrup is being promoted as if it was just sugar, but again, anyone that understands how the body works knows that High fructos corn syrup is processed in the liver like alcohol, not like sugar. So when you eat it or drink it, you get fatty liver that leads to cirrhosis of the liver just as if you were an alcoholic, but of course, without the buzz!

    Is it any wonder that 25% of all children in America under 4 years old are OBESE! Enfamil baby formula contains 43% HFCS and 10% sugar! 53% of that garbage is a huge problem for anyone wanting their child to be healthy!