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Monsanto Wants 14-Year Reuters Veteran Reporter Fired for Talking About GMO Dangers

Christina Sarich
August 11th, 2014
Updated 08/11/2014 at 6:49 am
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gmo monsanto article fired 263x164 Monsanto Wants 14 Year Reuters Veteran Reporter Fired for Talking About GMO DangersFirst Monsanto took over our Congress, then our Supreme Court, and now they are trying to take over journalism. Without freedom of speech and fair reporting, none of us would ever know just what hideous deeds these monopolizing corporations were up to. In Monsanto’s latest inexcusable move, the company is trying to have a veteran reporter fired for reporting on genetically modified organisms fairly.

Reuters’ journalist Carey Gillam has covered issues pertinent to GMOs for the past 16 years. This is no easy task with the growing GMO controversy and its polarized pro- and anti-GMO perspectives. She has tried to present a balanced argument, giving voice to both GMO supporters and anti-GMO activists.

In an April 9th Reuters article, “Bill seeks to block mandatory GMO food labeling by states,” Gillam wrote:

“Advocates of labeling say consumers deserve to know if the food they eat contains GMOs, or genetically modified organisms. . .Makers of biotech crops and many large food manufacturers have fought mandatory labeling, arguing that genetically modified crops are not materially different and pose no safety risk.”

Most would say this is far from sensationalized and presents both sides of the GMO argument, but that’s not good enough for Monsanto and the biotech bullies.

Gillam’s article was attacked later by Val Giddings, former executive vice president of the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO), who stated that Gilliam was seeking ‘astroturf’ for her anti-GMO campaign.

Giddings also criticized Gillam for writing that “some scientific studies warn of potential human and animal health problems, and GMO crops have been tied to environmental problems, including rising weed resistance.” Giddings wrote: “the claim is false and flagrantly so.”

The truth of the matter is that there are rooms filled with peer-reviewed studies on the dangers of GMOs. There are farmer testimonies and pictures provided by Seralini, showing huge tumors in rats who ate RoundUp Ready GMO corn.  Any journalist who ignored these things would lose credibility entirely.

Any Midwestern farmer can support Gillam’s claims that biotech has caused a huge increase in superweeds, too. They simply can’t spray and forget any more. Glyphosate has changed all that.

The attacks are coming from academia too. Bruce Chassy, a retired professor of food science at the University of Illinois, has attacked Gillam’s coverage of GMOs. He even gave her a big red ‘F’ on an article he wrote, stating:

“This statement is simply factually incorrect:

 1. There are many scientific studies that show that GM crops are safe

 2. There are a handful of discredited and flawed scientific studies that claim GM crops are not safe but these have been widely rejected by the scientific community

 3. There is a broad scientific consensus, supported by 18 years of real-world experience by tens of millions of farmers who have planted billions of acres of GM crops, that GM technology presents no new or different risks and is as safe as, or is safer than other modalities of breeding. The vocal misrepresentation of fact by a few well funded hardcore dissidents by whom Ms. Gillam’s views are apparently informed do not change these facts.

 4. Ms. Gillam also claims ‘Notably, millions of acres of U.S. farmland have developed weed resistance due to heavy use of crops that have been genetically altered to withstand dousings of Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide, and the subsequent heavy use of Roundup.’ As is true with all herbicides, weeds with elevated resistance to glyphosate have emerged and have caused concern in 15-40% of planting locations, the challenge this presents to farmers can be controlled by better stewardship practices. The claim that crops are doused with Round-Up is emotionally loaded but equally inaccurate. 

For these reasons Academics Review have to assign this report a grade of F.”

gmo Gillam Reuters F Monsanto Wants 14 Year Reuters Veteran Reporter Fired for Talking About GMO Dangers

I hope Chassy dines steadily on the GMO food he seems to be such a huge fan of.

Chassy has no right to claim Gillam’s science is lacking. Last October, a group of 93 international scientists issued a statement saying there was a lack of empirical and scientific evidence to support what they said were false claims the biotech industry was making about a ‘consensus’ on safety.

On Twitter, another attacker, Keith Kloor, accused Gillam, “You are willfully ignoring the scientific consensus on this.” He dismissed the group, European Network of Scientists for Social and Environmental Responsibility (ENSSER), which published the statement, as “a smattering of outliers and GMO opponents.”

Funny, since ENSSER members include Hans Herren, Ph.D., founder and president of Biovision Foundation and winner of the World Food Prize; Angela Hilbeck, senior scientist at the Institute of Integrative Biology at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, and David Schubert, Ph.D., professor and director of cellular neurobiology, The Salk Institute for Biological Studies, among others.

What is happening now with journalism, and the scape-goating of Gillam, is no different than what biotech has done in other arenas. Their decades-long history of contaminating this planet and its people with dangerous chemicals is well known, in part due to efforts like those of Gillam, and other writers like myself who are willing to stay staunch when shills and puppets try to take the heat off Monsanto, Dow, Bayer, etc.

All these companies do is harvest fear, not food.

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  • yankee phil

    You’ll find chassy on the payroll of monsanto or one of its major share holders,Rockefeller foundation ,Jp Morgen , etc. Controversy not withstanding people have the right to know what type of products are in their food . Some people like suger and to some its a dangerous additve,depends on the individuals needs and health condition, but the ingredient sugar must be listed on the products list of ingredients because it’s the consumers right to know what he and his family are eating,its that simple,and let him decide whether GMO is the same as natural. The labeling obstruction is actually a marketing tool being used. Our elected officials are actually helping to market GMO’s for monsanto by” business favorable labeling techniques”,subverting the true purpose of labeling which is consumer choice information. GMO products can be cleverly advertized in such a way that makes them APPEAR natural and by keeping product ingredient labeling incomplete the producer/advertizer gets away with the fraud.

  • RanchLady 9

    Beware of internet trolls, hired to post things that are contrary to the truth. They are out in force. Probably funded through back channels of Monsanto.

    • JoeFarmer

      And beware of fluoride, vaccines, chemtrails, wifi and sasquatch!

      • RanchLady 9

        Said like a true troll!

      • jazzfeed

        Beware “JoeFarmer”, the inauthentic all-knowing denialist.

  • JoeFarmer

    “First Monsanto took over our Congress, then our Supreme Court, and now they are trying to take over journalism.”

    This is psycho nutbar babble!

    • elmer B. johnson

      Monsanto does it’s own testing then tell the FDA that everything is safe, and then the FDA puts out a report that altered crops are safe for human consumption! FDA does no testing. Oh by the way, the head of the FDA is a former CEO from Monsanto.

      • JoeFarmer

        No, the head of the FDA is Margaret A. Hamburg, a Harvard-trained physician with a distinguished career in public health.

        The FDA requires applicants to pay for and provide their own testing, which the FDA scientists review.

        The alternative would be for the government to do all the testing at taxpayer expense. Would you want to pay for testing for a private for profit enterprise? Didn’t think so.

        • elmer B. johnson

          Monsanto Exec Heads FDA, and the Obama Administration’s Revolving Door Politics

          In 2009, in a classic revolving-door move, President Barack Obama appointed former Monsanto VP and head lobbyist Michael Taylor as Deputy Commissioner for the FDA — the board tasked with regulating Taylor’s own industry.

        • jazzfeed

          elmer is meaning Vilsack of the USDA and you know it. But hey, let’s take a tiny mistake and run with. BTW, what “distinguishes” Margaret A. Hamburg in your eyes?

          “The alternative would be …” independent third-party lab testing PAID FOR BY THE APPLICANT, not DONE by the applicant, perhaps OVERSEEN by the government, also at the expense of the applicant. Get it? This is about HEALTH, not about who pays for what, except when bribery is involved. Sadly though and regardless of whether it’s in print or not, “FDA” really means Fatal Defects Allowed. There are decades and dozens of illustrations that make that THE most accurate description of a bureaucratic entitiy that paints itself with the deceptive facade of protecters of the population. The paint is cracking now and has large gaps through which one can hear whistles blowing.

    • jazzfeed

      Only because you are a disingenuous know-nothing in disguise. You know nothing about Pompeo, nothing about SCOTUS judge Thomas, nothing about the intimidation and firing of journalists who report scientifiic truth. Why type when you know nothing? To prove you’re a fool? No, to make it all the more obvious you’re a troll. Good job.

  • RobertWager

    You cite Serlini, instant loss of all credibility

    • jazzfeed

      Wrong. All disputations of that study have been discredited. It is you who now has no credibility. Keep up on it.

  • Go Hugga Tree

    Reminds me of the “global warming” debate. Anyone who correctly points out that the cooling trend in the earth’s climate is linked to solar electrical activity cycles is called a “denier”.

  • BOKinLarksville

    FU Monsanto!!!!!!

  • Knut

    Monsanto bought ‘Blackwater’ ( who has changed their names numerous times: Xi, an agency most noted for their mercenary soldiers for hire, but also their intelligence work against: dissidents’.

    • JoeFarmer

      Citation for your claim?

    • RanchLady 9

      We have a troll. Keywords: citation or source. LOL And trying to hide as a farmer. Nice try troll.

  • dave

    Welcome to corporate America, and will continue to get worse as we do nothing.

  • james

    I guarantee you that the people who own the evil corporation called Monsanto do not eat the nasty food they create. They in fact eat clean organics, clean filtered non fluoridated water etc .Do not support this company, vote with your money by not buying their dirty food, help get the world out, we the people are worth saving from these fools.

    • Undecider

      You’re right. They don’t eat their own heinous creations.

  • momsense

    Regardless of how you feel about GMOs, as a journalist, you don’t get to have an opinion. Her job isn’t to impregnate her stories with popular anti-science mantras, it is to report on the facts. She is leaving out many important facts in favor of ideology. I know, because I’ve been interviewed by her and have been on the receiving side of her “attempts” to include a statement from someone she disagrees with (calling the office phone at 5:30 on a Friday and leaving a message for a deadline that evening and not calling my cell number on my voicemail and then reporting that “so-and-so could not be reached for a comment” is NOT making an effort to be balanced.) She’s not doing her job as a journalist and Reuters should know that.

    • Undecider

      We don’t need Reuters to point out the garbage that are GMO. Let those who want to be misinformed, they should go ahead and believe what they want to believe. The rest of us can read the labels and research studies.

      Perhaps Gillam is sloppy but that doesn’t mean the GMO argument is as Monsanto and their lackeys state it to be.

  • Heyoka

    Had a cousin in the Navy and he loaded munitions onto planes spraying and dropping Agent Orange on the Jungles in Vietnam. Dies of a horrable Lukimia strain along with scores of others who were contacted by the same agent. The producer was Monsanto. On this alone how many lives were destroyed as well as those of their families. Of course the VA footed the bill for that, and we all know the type of care the Va gives people. Being a disabled veteran myself I can guarantee that it is very small. I have since treated myself with natural medicines and am a health care professional working with Natural Medicine, among other things.
    So if we apply the Law, and I mean God’s Law, for non repentant wrong doers what is the penalty for death??? I mean why should they make substances that kill people and subject them to horrable diseases and conditions while the tax payer and the consumer foot the bill for thier criminal acts.
    I say criminal becasue if a person has knowledge that an act or failure to act endangers the life of another then they are liable for the death and or serious illness or injury of another. Hiding the information by deceit and fraud makes not just a manslaughter situation, where the offending party failure to act or inform is excusible as simple neglect, it makes it homicide or murder because they knew and did not inform.
    The days of strict liability and product liability being confined to civil matters need to be kicked up to criminal level with intentionally causing these horrific conditions upon others. In short hang a couple of these vermin and things will change.
    I also have been educated in the law holding a bachelors degree and have celrked for a judge and several attorneys. These rats have created a system that insulates them from the law. Time we use our common law rights and hang them for harm caused. Forget the convoluted commercial law they try to keep everyone bound to. Harm caused is harm to be addressed. No one can make a law that allow these rats to harm others. That would be an unconstitutional law. The government is encroaching upon our rights in creating a block to a remedy at law. It is a lack of due process and access to courts.
    Fifth Amendment; no person shall be deprived of life liberty or propety without due process of law. This is not limited to criminal trial where you are the defendant, it extends to civil trials where the governments rules creates an issue that affects you life and property
    Seventh Amendment; in actions at common law involving twenty dollars or more you have a right to trial by jury. If government creates rules that limit access to you against corporations for damages they have interfered with your right. Actions under the common law may not be examined by anyother rule in any court.
    Simple things, but there are no attorneys who know or use the common law rules anymore or at lest very few. It has been eliminated from the law schools and government because they have less control. So don’t think less of us folk who deman that the Constitution be followed to the letter. It is in our hands. We either stand still and let them strip us of our rights or we remind the servants that we are the masters and our rights come from God. They have reduced us to the condition of articles in commerce which they get to regulate.

    • JoeFarmer

      Sorry for your cousin’s loss, but the Navy didn’t spray Agent Orange – it was the Air Force.

      Btw, Monsanto was only one of about 10 companies that produced Agent Orange. These companies manufactured it under contract to the Department of Defense. If you have a beef with anyone, it’s the government, not Monsanto.

      • johnathan

        Oh I would say our beef is also with Monsanto, the creators of food that

        kills instead of nourishes.

        • JoeFarmer

          Proof for your claim?

          • jazzfeed

            Who cares which branch of the military primarily sprayed poison over Vietnam? No one. Your “correction” is appropriately called IRRELEVANT PARTICULARIZING. BTW, On that practically meaningless issue however I would have a hard time believing it was only one branch.

            Who cares which branch of the military primarily sprayed poison over Vietnam? Your “correction” is appropriately called IRRELEVANT PARTICULARIZING. On that practically meaningless issue however I would have a hard time believing it was only one branch.

            This is a forum for well-read folks to share what they already know. If you’re not well-read on the topic already you’re on the wrong forum. This is not first grade. Or you’re a shill (my experienced guess) with the intent of disinforming concerned people and keeping them distracted and divided — the standard shill MO. Do you really expect lists of study references in this format? Do you really expect to get your research information from a commentary page? Of course not, you are being disingenuous! All the xenobiotic chemicals associated with the mutation industry kill living organisms, some slowly, some quickly, from worms to rats to humans. There are myriad studies corroborating this, as I believe you very well know.

      • elmer B. johnson

        But Orange was transported by ship, and Navy personal handled is, and many times it was spilled on them from 50 gal drums. It was then taken to air fields and then loaded on spray planes.

  • valerie

    No Gmo. Monsanto is considered one of the most hated corporations today. And for good reason. With all the money in the world, they cannot force us to eat their trash.

    • lajaw

      And yet, you likely eat some form of GMO every day.

      • valerie

        I can proudly say I don’t. I live in Peru where they have put a 10 yr ban on Gmo.- I used to eat it when I lived in the states without ever realizing it.

        • lajaw

          You are one of the few lucky ones. That is if they can really keep GMO containing foods out of the country.

          • valerie

            They do bring in a lot of gmo contaminated US imports. Luckily, most people here are very proud of their cuisine which is more natural. Ive lost 30 pounds living here and my hair and skin look healthier. If Monsanto comes to Peru, the farmers will fight them every step of the way. They live off the land and want to keep it that way without any corporate interference.

      • jazzfeed

        What do you do to avoid GM phude? Others who have no clue might benefit.

  • chezron

    If you want to support Carey Gillam. Write to Reuters.

  • Paul Fassa

    Great scoop Christina – covered it well. I hope all these fools have serious health issues, but I wonder how many actually eat their own s**t!

  • QuentonQuale

    Negative studies are suppressed. The livelihoods of those who do those studies are threatened and then the drones like Chassy say there are no studies to show GM crops are unsafe to consume.