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Monsanto PR Firm Reportedly ‘Ended’ by Anonymous

Mike Barrett
December 9th, 2011
Updated 11/08/2012 at 11:19 am
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It seems that Monsanto may be having a rough week. Not only was the company hit by a press release declaring them the worst company of 2011, but a group of Anonymous hackers claim to have actually completely disrupted the operations of a PR firm which manages Monsanto’s own PR. The hackers infiltrated the PR firm, known as The Biving Group, due to “15+ years of running marketing campaigns and helping some of the most corrupt corporations on the planet, as well as several governmental agencies, cover up their dirt.”

The hackers claimed to have succeeded in bringing down The Bivings Group on December 5th . Going by information released by Anonymous, Bivings Group shut down all of their servers and liquidated their assets after the infiltration, while former employees moved on to start ‘The Brick Factory’, a new PR firm. The hackers actions are obviously driven by the PR firm’s decision to help run marketing campaigns and for corrupt corporations like Monsanto.

One week after the hackers infiltrated their system, The Bivings Group reportedly stated:

“Our Cyber Infrastructure has recently been put under attack.  We are evaluating the extent of the intrusion, and apologise for any downtime and issues this may cause you.  It is not yet determined what the motives behind the attack are, or what, if any data has been compromised.  We will continue to keep you up to date, and sincerely apologise for any inconvenience.”

Are the hackers in the right to take down a firm which helps corrupt corporations, even though done illegally and mischievously? Sometimes it is hard to see what is wrong and what is right, though it is quite apparent that Monsanto is a corporation with no regard for human health or the planet. This isn’t the only example of resistance against corrupt companies like Monsanto, and it certainly won’t be the last. Regardless of whether or not the attack will be considered to be in the right by some anti-Monsanto activists, one thing is clear: Monsanto’s own crimes against public health and the environment trump any form of cyber attack in terms of wrongdoing.

About Mike Barrett:
2.thumbnail Monsanto PR Firm Reportedly Ended by Anonymous Google Plus Profile |Mike is the co-founder, editor, and researcher behind Natural Society. Studying the work of top natural health activists, and writing special reports for top 10 alternative health websites, Mike has written hundreds of articles and pages on how to obtain optimum wellness through natural health.

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  • Suzette

    Good for them! The Government won't protect us or our health from Monsanto!

    • God

      burn out monsantos…their buildings, crops and employee housing…start NOW!!!

  • sherman

    The point…we consumers are winning….pass or forward to clean up the food and soil which is ruin…we want no more of this wicken co. dealings. Nor do I support the farmers…it was a choice to use their land and seed.

  • Ella Baker

    While rBGH milk is legal in the United States it is 90% banned in Canada, Japan, the European Union, Australia and New Zealand. In the EU, both meat and dairy products from the US are banned from import. You can take action by staying informed and spreading the word at

  • Jane

    God bless Anonymous. May the safety net of all that is good and right and just be there if ever you need or want.

  • James T. Fisher

    Not only is there no mandatory labeling of products sold in the U.S. that contain GMO ingredients, but the FDA and USDA now want to prohibit the labeling of products that do not contain GMO ingredients. In other words, the FDA and USDA are trying to outlaw truth in labeling and are openly working to deceive the American public.

    • Illuminate Me

      "the FDA and USDA now want to prohibit the labeling of products that do not contain GMO "

      Are you serious?!? I'm going to research this further. I didn't know this, but thanks for the useful tidbit.

  • bestrader

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  • zebra

    Thank you Anonymous, we back you 100% now go for Monsanto :)

    • Suzette


  • zebra

    Some one needs to post Monsanto's list of seed user's then anyone who feels like it can go burn these fields, sad for the farmers, but if most Monsanto fields get burned, I bet the government will have to do something, and the farmers should then have rights to sue Monsanto for there bad PR, leading to the burning of there crops, maybe thats a way to end Monsanto, wheres the ELF when you need them.

  • Bonnie&Clyde

    Monsanto is reeping what they sow, and getting what they deserve by losing there PR voice!


    Well done, Anonymous!

  • Laura

    It was right. Legally wrong, but morally right.

    • Sindy

      How are they legally wrong to hack the site when this company, its members and supporters are committing crimes against humanity?

      • runnysplack

        Because it is illegal however you look at it. With the way the government has been infiltrated by former corporate reps or those sympathetic to corporate agenda, that is the only way we are going to be able to fight these crooks. If there laws are not for the people then we make our own laws . To hell with government policy!

  • Wally-G

    If you don't know who is in the right and who is wrong here you need to seriously look in the mirror.

    As the genius up top put it, "justice outranks the law."

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous is simply using Batman techniques, justice outranks the law.

  • chiliboots


  • Elayne

    well, this is an ‘iffy’ area isn’t it? When the voices of the people aren’t heard in the normal ways, people will resort to other means to take action. People all over the world now see how Monsanto’s products are hurting and controlling our health. The new technologies and communications have been used against all of us, seems the tables are being turned, and I know most are happy to see those who do pr work for ‘them’ or are the companies themselves taken down in anyway we can. I just think it is very sad that ‘justice’ is not to be found from within our own system, and that those who did this would probably be prosecuted and emprisoned if found, and the ‘bad’ guys…will once again be free to keep on doing what they are doing. We can say ‘thank you’ for being so brave, but also know that they are taking a leap into the abyss.

  • Doctor J

    Great news, Monsanto deserves nothing less!