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Explosive: Monsanto ‘Knowingly Poisoned Workers’ Causing Devastating Birth Defects

Anthony Gucciardi
April 11th, 2012
Updated 11/02/2012 at 11:41 pm
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monsantopoison 220x137 Explosive: Monsanto Knowingly Poisoned Workers Causing Devastating Birth Defects

In a developing news piece just unleashed by a courthouse news wire, Monsanto is being brought to court by dozens of  Argentinean tobacco farmers who say that the biotech giant knowingly poisoned them with herbicides and pesticides and subsequently caused “devastating birth defects” in their children. The farmers are now suing not only Monsanto on behalf of their children, but many big tobacco giants as well. The birth defects that the farmers say occurred as a result are many, and include cerebral palsy, down syndrome, psychomotor retardation, missing fingers, and blindness.

The farmers come from small family-owned farms in Misiones Province and sell their tobacco to many United States distributors. The family farmers say that major tobacco companies like the Philip Morris company asked them to use Monsanto’s herbicides and pesticides, assuring them that the products were safe. Through asserting that the toxic chemicals were safe, the farmers state in their claim that the tobacco companies “wrongfully caused the parental and infant plaintiffs to be exposed to those chemicals and substances which they both knew, or should have known, would cause the infant offspring of the parental plaintiffs to be born with devastating birth defects.”

The majority of the farmers in the area used Monsanto’s Roundup, an herbicide with the active ingredient glyphosate that has shown to be killing human kidney cells. What’s more, the farmers say that the tobacco companies pushed Monsanto’s Roundup on the farmers despite a lack of protective equipment. In other words, these farmers — many in dire economic conditions — were being directly exposed to Roundup in large concentrations without any protective gear (or even experience or skills in handling the substance). Still, the farmers say the tobacco giants required the struggling farmers to ‘purchase excessive quantities of Roundup and other pesticides’.

Most shocking, the farmers were ordered to discard leftover herbicides and pesticides in locations in which they leached directly into the water supply. With Monsanto’s Roundup already known to be contaminating the groundwater, this comes as a serious threat to pure water supplies.

The farmers end their landmark case with an explanation as to why the tobacco companies allowed Monsanto’s herbicides and pesticides to be unloaded on the small family farms in such vast quantities and purchased in excessive amounts. In their claim, the farmers state that the tobacco companies were “motivated by a desire for unwarranted economic gain and profit,” with zero regard for the farmers and their infant children — many of which are now suffering from severe birth defects from Monsanto’s products.

About Anthony Gucciardi:
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  • Jessica

    Please include peer reviewed references in your bull shit, Bull Slam.

  • Anonymous

    Monsonto is a bastard

  • Look Out for the dir

    Sad for these poor farmers and their children. Now comes the legal and most likely illegal dirty tricks that will be bankrolled by Philip Morris. Attornies will do well to research and consult with the lawyers that were sucessful in suing them in the US as to what to look out for and how to advance. They have been accused of giving discvery documents to opposing lawyers that emitted chemical odors and made an attorney ill in PM VS. ABC. Later before trial. ABC was bought up and the new owners settled and the records were sealed.

  • Bull Slam

    Tony is obviously on the Monsanto payroll. Study after study has shown that all of these corporations who are working to modify plant DNA, Monsanto included, are barking up a dead tree. All such products produce monstrosities and are extremely hazardous to human health. Myself, I do believe that they have so much government support because the ultimate impact of the use of their products, including the GE corn, GE soy beans, etc is to be found in the extreme poor health and infant mortality of the next several generations. Fooling around with fish DNA inserted into corn DNA in a laboratory, gives rise to a multitude of unforeseen problems. And finally the insects have begun to build up resistance to genetically modified produce. So it really is a dead end.

    Yes, humans have for centuries worked to mutate plants — create hybrids and increase yield — but they did not do it in a laboratory.

    I think our government is trying to kill off poor people, anyway. The ones who grocery shop at WalMart. This is very covert mass murder. Exactly the wrong way to reduce population.

  • Anonymouse

    I want to be like Tony…..where do you sign up at to become a paid troll, I need to get in on this shit lol….. We are Legion and We are watching you very, very closely monsanto…. expect revolt….expect destruction

  • Mike

    Tony, At some point you and Monsanto will have to give account of your words. You both regard us as customers or hamsters on your income wheel without any regard for our welfare. Tony, once this stuff gets deep enough into the landscape, even you will be affected, corn is an herbicide now because of Monsanto, cows give contaminated milk; because of Monsanto, soy products are genetically altering those who ingest it, compliments of Monsanto. If you stop the poisoning of America, Monsanto's bottom-line suffers; this is your motivation-how ugly,

  • Joel

    See this video

    No exaggeration-Monstroso is a psychopathic company. This is the explanation for all extreme dehumanized corporatism that could not care less about harm and death to humans and animals from their toxic chemical products such as glyphosate, etc., etc — psychopaths find each other and create companies. "Sub-criminal" psychopaths AKA "industrial psychopaths", are now able to be psychometrically evaluated and diagnosed: See this video to illumination on Monstroso, the big pharmas, big oil, and so on. But make no mistake, M is well-defended, including owning a paramilitary force called Xe (formerly Blackwater).

    • anonymous

      No, they don't own Xe, you are an idiot. At least we can lock people up for being psycho, idiots must simply be tolerated.

  • nardcore805

    Why do they make this shit so technical and hard to prosecute monsanto?mabye, because everone seems to get there check on time.government scientist love this

  • humming bird naha

    agent orange was also safe right? and the army and airforce would not have spraied it on people in their feilds if it were not safe would they? and they would have made sure their own personel knew the dangers and given them protection too whould they not?

    see haw grate monsanto is. all they have to do is spin some bullshit and save farmers some money on fertlizer.

    surely you get paid alot for your's. how dose blood taste?

  • Tony

    1. Monsanto didn't force anyone to use herbicides without proper protection or outside of the guidelines for use. A ag chem company can't be responsible if they used it outside of the rules. If I buy a bottle of bleach or alcohol and spray it without a mask or gloves than that means I am stupid. Any farmer who doesn't read and understand the label on an ag chem shouldn't use it.

    2. There is zero evidence that glyphosate harms people other than mild rashes if directly exposed skin – thi is mainly due to the detergent (soap) that is used to wet the plants.

    3. Roundup is a lot safer and short lived compared to other herbicides.

    4. This wasn't sprayed onto the tobacco to kill weeds. It would have killed weeds.

    This lawsuit like many if it only involves Monsanto has zero probability of going against Monsanto. Don't you guys get it. How many times do you have to lose I court to realize the only people really winning are the lawyers on both sides. This is a frivilass lawsuit for the herbicide provider. If it was labeled incorrectly that is a concern for the provider but if someone like the tobacco contractor or farmer told someone to not obey the label rules and safe practices then that is their fault and not Monsanto or the chemical provider.

    Roundup has an LD50 higher than table salt – meaning it is less toxic to mammals than table salt. This report that it kills human cells is wrong except something like cocacola added to cultured cells would also kil them. If any of you had any biology training you would understand. Unfortunately most have barely any training about 9th grade biology

    • DB

      Glad to know Monsanto employees have time to surf the internet or are you paid too!!

      There have been several legitimate to studies that show different results than the ones you use.

      The Argentine government commissioned one of them recently. I think there are somewhere around 100 hundred studies that show that Round-up is not safe versus 11 by the chemical industry that say it is safe. Stop quoting the company line and do some reading.

    • Joel

      All lies.

    • Anonymous

      I can't believe someone chosen to represent Monsanto is not capable of proper spelling and grammar!!! How do you spell frivalous, jack ass??? Google it…

  • Jeff

    Again and again it's profits before people.

    • humming bird naha

      yes jeff as always. you said true

  • October

    Its about time! They are LONG overdue for a take down… Throw in the towel of ur evil ways… Grow a fucking conscience….

  • RoundUpMonsanto

    It's past time to round up monsanto. IF the courts can't do it, angry sick people with nothing to lose will. If that's what monsanto wants a small civil war against their company?