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Monsanto Investor Bill Gates Says GMO Crops Needed to Fight Starvation

Anthony Gucciardi
January 27th, 2012
Updated 11/06/2012 at 12:55 pm
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GMOcorn1 210x131 Monsanto Investor Bill Gates Says GMO Crops Needed to Fight Starvation

Bill Gates, the heavy Monsanto investor who purchased 500,000 shares of the biotech giant in 2010, has been touting Monsanto’s genetically modified creations as a tool that is necessary to prevent starvation in poor nations. The same poor nations where thousands of farmers routinely commit suicide after being completely bankrupt by Monsanto’s overpriced and ineffective GM seeds. The same company that we recently exposed to be running ‘slave-like’ working conditions, forcing poor workers to operate the corn fields for 14 hours per day while withholding pay.

According to Gates, this is the company whose GMO crops are going to save the world from starvation. Of course along with ‘saving the world from starvation’, GMO crops also bring along a large number of unwanted health and environmental effects. A prominent review of 19 studies examining the safety of these crops found that consumption of GMO corn or soybeans can lead to significant organ disruptions in rats and mice – particularly in the liver and kidneys.

Are Monsanto’s Devastating Creations Really the Answer to World Hunger?

What’s more is that Monsanto’s best selling herbicide Roundup has been completely devastating farmlands for years through the creation of resistant superweeds. Experts estimate Roundup usage to result in the destruction of over at least 120 million hectares of farmland thanks to these superweeds

Is it any wonder that in 2008 a startling report uncovered Monsanto’s blatant abuse of poor farmers in the very poor countries that will supposedly benefit from GMO crops? Thanks to an article in the Daily Mail, it was revealed that thousands of farmers were committing suicide after using Monsanto’s GM seeds. Due to failing harvests and drastically inflated prices, the bankrupt poor farmers began taking their lives — oftentimes drinking the very same chemical concoctions provided by Monsanto as a method of suicide.

‘We are ruined now,’ said the dead man’s 38-year-old wife. ‘We bought 100 grams of BT Cotton. Our crop failed twice. My husband had become depressed. He went out to his field, lay down in the cotton and swallowed insecticide.’

Monsanto actually conned the farmers into buying their GM seeds, majorly overpriced and performing far worse than even traditional seeds. Monsanto went as far as to charge these poor farmers £10 for 100 grams of GM seed, while they could have purchased 1,000 times more traditional seeds for the same amount. The result? A career-ending harvest that led to mass farmer suicide.

It is quite clear that Monsanto really has no intention of helping these farmers fight starvation in their communities, as Monsanto investor Bill Gates would have you think. You can view Bill Gate’s speech about how GMO crops are the answer to starvation and see for yourself how he puts such strong emphasis on that selling point.

About Anthony Gucciardi:
1.thumbnail Monsanto Investor Bill Gates Says GMO Crops Needed to Fight StarvationGoogle Plus ProfileAnthony is the Editor of NaturalSociety whose work has been read by millions worldwide and is routinely featured on major alternative and mainstream news website alike, including the powerful Drudge Report, NaturalNews, Daily Mail, and many others. Anthony has appeared on programs like Russia Today (RT), Savage Nation, The Alex Jones Show, Coast to Coast AM, and many others. Anthony is also dedicated to aiding various non-profit organizations focused around health and rehabilitation as well as the creator of the independent political website Storyleak

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  • Bradley James

    Gates got his big start by stealing Steve jobs software. His Daddy helped him do it.

  • Heather

    cancer is 100% curable with non toxic foods. It is ironic that the same thing that most likley killed his mom, he invested in. That is sad.

  • Heather

    it is so ridiculous that we are to believe that a man this smart does not see who controls the food supply and water supply controls he entire world.

  • Anonymous

    We already grow enough food to feed the planet. The excess is thrown away. The starving could have it if they had the money to buy it.
    Poor? Sucks to be you, die slow.
    Such is the efficiency of capitalism. It creates starvation. A system of artificial scarcity. What’s an absolute necessity is to expropriate the wealth of bill and monsanto and the other 7,000 ultra elite on the planet of the means to starve humanity.

  • Anti-wannabeGODs

    Bill Gates is a dispicable LIAR! GMO's have been out for 16+ years in the market and we have more people starving today then we did ten years ago…..LIAR billy! Keep underestimating the public you fucking lying moron. All this guy has done is create a mediocre software, that's it! Now he thinks he should speak on health and vaccines and saving the world!??? If this is what money does to one, then take mine bill, you wil need it to grow more organics on that big ass ORGANIC farm you have you fucking hypocrite! Oh and I would love to be the one to give billy a vaccine, right in the eyeball!
    Hey billy you want to help with starvation CONTRIBUTE SOME MONEY TO THE STARVING children in Africa, that you and your new psychotic murdering friends have been using as vaccine guinea pigs and KILLING LIAR!

  • om greggson

    This guy is scary. I see a Brave New World according to Bill Gates. Soon, we will be Genetically Modified humans walking the earth. Technology has so sadly deNatured all that is Nature. But we will never triumph over Nature. It is bigger than us and all our technologies combined. This guy should spend his money to clean up our world of e-waste that is poisoning our landfills. He has completely forgotten he is at least half human, an inhabitant of earth. His solution keeps moving toward manipulation and alteration of Nature, when its delicate balance is on the brink; and that is the source of our problems. We will always have to accept our mortality as fate of all creatures on the planet, as it should be. We should be aiming at balance, equilibrium. He should spend his money for environmental and nature conservation causes instead, and shrink his head.

  • Carol

    Instead of us all complaining about the most EVIL and hated Corporation in the world, Monsanto….why not form groups in each town across the country and stand up against the 1% that will eventually control our food if something isn't done. The solution is to organize and stand together and with the help of many it can be accomplished.

  • http://. .

    The ignorance, cruelty and stupidity of the comments in this thread rival that of some extremist religious sects.

    Since it is wholly doubtful that any of your minds are capable of being salvaged, I suggest that all of you promptly kill yourselves. Thank you.

  • BeeKeepZA

    We see our bee hives flourish when making wild-flower honey. The hives that go to the farms suffer, our bees are in decline and the round-up resistant crops, monsanto frankenstein-monsters are to blame. The petro-chem fertilizers are poor substitutes for healthy soil, chemical pesticides are indiscriminate killers.

    How can an intelligent man? support GMO? Does Bill Gates buy his family organic fresh produce grown with care?

    The control and manipulation of food stock is no secret.

  • Sco105.7

    Bill Gates Has God.

    • el diablo jack

      death, the lost codex aka solution for starvation, now is that an authentic "copy" or was born genetically "adulterated", first the good knewz, U will not need to re-boot to update & now the bad, medicine bad, death, the devils price, any volunteers, yes gates sr. step towards the mask & cough, so whats UupP, with the pope, the rokafellas monsanto & the holy roman nwo, ?, yes really, ya don't say, oo uh hu, yeah, yeah uh huh, wow, well thats about everythang except this, my closer, thares been speculation that inter uterean graftsings & clone spliceing is uneffikulled, any comment, yes uh hu yes oo ya don't say yes uh huh, hmm, fascinating till next 4 reich, see ya next week on face the assholes

    • John

      Bill Gates mother died of Cancer and soon, hopefully, Bill Gates will also die gruesome death, just like his mother of uncurable cancer. Then, Bill Gates, will go meet God and be send to live for eternity in HELL UNDER THE FIRE where he will be worthless under the RULE OF GOD! AMEN !!!! Thank you GOD !!!!

  • Georgia

    Monsanto GMO foods do NOT prevent starvation.It is the LACK of God made food that brings on starvation.

    Science should help to cure people with plants that God put on this world.Monsanto wants to become God making each person to be born with a container of synthetic drugs.

    Did they ever stop to think after genocide…where will they live in this toxic world they have created?

  • FreedomNow

    There seems to be nothing we can do since billionaires are now helping Monsanto destroy life on earth. Wasn’t bad enough that Monsanto controls the government. I guess we will have to wait it out and see what happens because we are now truly powerless. On another note, yes, I would like to see Bill feed his kids GMO food. I would bet that he is not.

  • Richard Burgeson

    Well we know about Gates, check out the video where he says vaccinations can reduce the population by 15%. Geoffrey's description is correct. Congress asked, When did you know round up destroys farm land. They had to know at day one. The description is They found organisms growing in toxic waist. They spliced genetic info from the bacteria into the plants and sold toxins as herbicide under the name of Round Up. To white wash it congress asked and with a wink and a nod gave them the OK to lie to them, then it all went away!

  • zhan defong

    Oh,Bill Gates. You need only the profit from your investment.

    Don't care the life of people. The world starvation based on the

    injustice world economy system. The rich countries exploit the poor countries, rob their natural resource.

    Don't propagate for Monsanto Evil.

  • Howard T. Lewis III

    Bill Gates, PLEASE stick to computers. We are not your hobby. We are human beings.Earth and Mother Nature are not to be trifled with.

  • CorkyMoo

    Don't forget he's also behind a piece of software that has cost more people down time and headaches then any other. You pay literally hundreds for his software then have to pay hundreds more just to protect it! When GMO breeds with natural corn it makes plants that look like monsters! Mexican farmers that border the US are having major problems with the pollen being blown across. Money talks all languages and fluently.

    Please check my web pages out!

    • Michael

      You mean the very software you are using to run the computer you are using to post your opinions to millions of readers here? The guy behind THAT software?

  • Motherwit


  • GunZenBomZ

    Argh I am so glad more & more people are waking up too the tyranny of a few ELITE scum. The chemtrails are also a depopulation plan. These fkers want to augment the worlds plants & animals & humans into sub-servant obedient pets. We will find them easily because they will look healthy and the rest of us are barely nutritionally surviving the changes ahead.

    They will pay with a bloodied gavel…all in good time.

    • julesbell

      so monsanto is getting kicked out of countries (yay, species!), and 'humanitarian' gates buys half a million shares. his foundation works hard to vaccinate the world, too. what a guy, eh?

      and if you thought you knew abt chemtrails–wait. there's more. and it's reallly really bad. goddammit, ya know? pls do watch the link. 1 hr. worth yr time.

  • hawkeye

    Bill Gates is a f@#%ing liar!!! This GMO stuff is what is going to cause starvation!! Look at what it is doing….killing off the bees, etc. where the crops aren't getting pollinated, etc. If you want to know what is going on, check out about the "Windsor Global Food Cartel Instrument For Starvation". I knew these rich people are NOT eating the same kind of food that they are trying to force on us!! I hope I can help encourage everyone to stop buying any food that they think has GMO's in them, and put these SOB's out of business. Grow your own food, and if you have the ability to, get a goat, raise your own chickens for eggs, etc. and don't use damned roundup around your house. There are other methods of weed control, and one of them is with a propane torch, and burning them, etc. Bill Gates, and Melinda are going to hell. They will be there with all of their friends. Bill Gates is into population control, eugenics, etc. These guys think they are going to the underground bases for the elite where they can be saved while we perish…They must not know that these underground bases have already been destroyed by sonic weapons, which blew them apart.

  • Diana

    GM plants and seeds is a manipulative smokescreen.

    The best way to avoid an escalation in starving multitudes is to limit the number of children we have.

    Make family education and birth control available to all and teach all people to limit their family to 2 children.

  • fealgu

    Hitler equals Bill Gates? Is this a tea party website? Wow! I wonder how many commentators on this website has ever read or taken classes on genetics or has a good understanding of science or how research is done. There are thousands of studies that find a link to cancer-mushrooms causes cancer in mice. It's ok to hate a company with bad business practices, but wrong to eliminate a GM product because you have an unrealistic view of the world. Yeah, organic farming sounds cool. We tried it for many centuries. People could not feed themselves. They worked all day and died early. Science has helped improve our lives. Just read any book on agriculture in the 1800's. They were running out nitrogen. And the world population was only 14% of what it is today. Destroy Mosanto, sure. But keep good science alive. What's the difference between the Tea Party and people who hate conventional agriculture? Nothing. They both will go to lenght to find some article that supports their point of view. Global warming not real! says the right winger! GM will destroy farming! say people. By the way, I heard Bill is Malaria project is just a plot for world domination

    • Robber Baron

      Bud, you are so lost in the bullshit you spew, it ain't even funny.

      Your either a brainless moron or an ignorant shill

      Either way, your intentions and words should be avoided.

      • P SHERMan

        When I read that comment I'm thinking the Monsanto groups getting desparate and now invading the opponate directly. Why here post?

        He's helping the wrong cause…and in the wrong pew. Is he trying to help? And, didn't we did better when we had organic farming in the beginning? As it says in scriptures to eat the leaf and seeds for medicine. (Paraphasing of course) Now their too corrupt to use as food or medicine, and this group and others are trying to stop this poison from contaminating every living thing than destroying us. Your in the wrong pew.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you! Finally someone with a brain gives an intelligent reply. :)

    • eric

      And so you think you know what you're talking about… No clue…

  • Cassandra

    People must take a stand – SAY NO TO GMO'S

    A Class Action Suit must be taken against Monsanato!

    And YES! Along with that SUIT Included Gates and Microsoft as conspirators against HUMANITY.


    Leave no stone unturned.

    Without taking action we will cause OUR OWN IT IS OUR OWN D E A T H!!!!!!!!!!

    I think really deserves the Approval Bodies of Govt. deserve the LASH!

    Get the word out to all RETAILERS to STOP stocking

    Microsoft products. WE WON'T BUY!!!!!

    And us people trash outdated Microsoft product and send then back to Bill Gates.


    Another way to get attention is for PEOPLE to form

    Lobby Groups and Picket retailers that sell Microsoft Products.

    Dave Peddle

    • Joan Zimmerman


    • el diablo jack

      aye i maggotsoft, walk the micro mini plank, IBM's lil miga frankenstinean, lets see, bar code scanners, credt card swipers authentacaters, individually permitted approval terminals, imbedded office documentators, just in time inventory controls & tax id numbers of the mutual blackmail society, all products of digitalisis and spunoff the original & 1 & only patented cash register, yeah anti piracy inventors of exzactly only,,, maggotsoft office suite products, hay, where did all the funny muney go (stolen ID coupon shoppers) GUESS WHoo dear ole planned daddy hood

  • Jeanette

    If I were interviewing little Billie Gates I'd have just one question for him. "Would you eat GMO food and require that your family to eat it too?" Be interesting to watch him answer.

  • Leslea

    Bill Gates promoting Monsanto… He's not proving that the crap Monsanto foists on the planet is good.

    He's proving that he values his profit margin over that of humanity being able to survive.

    ALSO consider he's part of the world seed bank where millions of types of seeds are held in reserve in case of major eco-collapse…

    An eco-collapse he's part of promoting with Monsanto.

    With Bill, it's ALWAYS about the money. NEVER the good for humanity.

    • Anonymous

      Not suprised at all!

    • lizzy

      I agree, the next great famine will be caused by the suicide seed that cannot reproduce, and what Monsant and the likes are doing world wide to own the food. In a failing economy, and a world wide financial crisis food will be more vailuable that $$$$$.

    • Joan Zimmerman


    • el diablo jack

      thats 3-M's lil boy, I meen "monsanto" ,,,oo-?, I meant )IBM(, lets du thare lunch sometime,,, with lots of kace i mean kaka™ ka-chunk-$$ cake sold seperatly aka unbundable, imbedded

    • Michael

      He says while he taps on some plastic and shares his thoughts with a billion people around the world instantly…

  • Robert

    GMOs to fight starvation? How about getting rid of the leaders and governments who engineer starvation. ALL starvation and hunger on this planet is politically engineered. Without exception. If I am wrong, please point out where on Earth starvation is the result of something other than government.

    • marga

      I cant feel sorry for people who have a house full of kids and no way of feeding them. obviously they got nothing better to9o do then having sex which sometimes is a luxury to a tired American couple that works around the clock trying to make ends meet. Feed them some birth control and to hell with the Pope. He is not a man of God but a whacko. No one speaks for God. I swear the world is turning into a freak show and it takes a great sense of humor to survive it lol.

  • Susan

  • Karen

    This is effective population control.

    • George

      Bill Gates is a eugenicist too. He said publicly that vaccines will help control the worlds population. The man is pure evil. Everything he does is geared towards killing human beings thru legal means. He is completely insane, a sociopath like Hitler and George Bush.

      • Susan

        There are many people who are successful and intelligent like President Obama and Bill Gates, who lack common sense because they think on a different level than the common person.

        It does not mean that they are evil. The way Monsanto does business and deceives people is evil!

      • el diablo jack

        his pa pa famila must have pre-programmed his planned parent "hood" after one of those rockafella monopolist junket meetings, all very hush hush, quietly, has anyone ever seen hitlers mom, shhh, i've heard/instinctually "thought" it is what the warlocks on top are really all about,,, senility, shhh

    • Becca

      Yes! Starvation because the patented stuff Monsanto calls food corrodes the esophagus of animals and people causing great pain when eaten makes people and wildlife avoid eating it. Hence, the world's population will be reduced.

      But there is so much more that I doubt Bill Gates has taken into consideration.

      Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Don Huber, an expert in plant pathology about Genetically Modified Organisms. (Part 1 is at

      and part 2 continues at:

      • fealgu

        The issues and claims that have been brought forward by Dr. Don Huber, retired professor of Plant Pathology at Purdue University. Recently, Purdue University faculty members have responded to these claims and using peer-reviewed science, have refuted the statements made by Dr. Huber.

  • Trine Wilson

    For a brilliant man he sure is a dummy

    • Jamie Oz

      Bill Gates is hardly a dummy!

      He owns $40 million of Monsanto shares…

  • Beth

    The best we can all do to fight back the infiltration of our governments and food markets via Bill Gates and Monsanto is to share on all social networks and our email contacts all the vital information we need to expose this evil. Contact with all the suppermarket chains telling them GM dangers and calling on them to be aware of the dangers in our food chain and that we do not except the sale of such contaminated foods and will hold them accountable for stocking food of this kind . People action must be stepped up.

    • Anderl

      There are two natural food stores in my area

      (Whole Foods does not count) The one I shop

      at states no No Hormones, No Antibiotics,

      No HFC, etc but nothing states No GMO'S.

      Asked mgm about this and the manger stated

      they could not keep the GMO'S out. How can

      a natural food store consider these alien foods

      healthy? I feel the GMO'S could be eliminated

      if retailer were diligent in the products they purchased esp since this retailer has the resources.

      One of the main reasons I shop at a natural food

      store is to avoid GMO'S.

      • Susan

        I also shop at a natural food store. But, the owner will sell food as well as GMO "food" which the USDA has labeled as "natural" in order to live and make money.

        I replenished a container of MISO, that was not organic, but did not contribute to health effects until the batch recently purchased. Now, I'll trash it and note to myself not to buy it again.

        The reason, even though it's labeled as "natural" it has apparently either been contaminated with GMO's –it is soy. Or, it has been heavily sprayed with Roundup. Within 12 hours of consuming 1 teaspoon diluted in water, I had severe pains in my gastrointestinal track.

        No wonder wildlife will not eat these so called "foods" created by the biotech pesticide industries. If rats won't eat it, they are smarter than humans, the President of the USA, the Congress, and Bill Gates!

        They know something that we civilized beings do not understand.

  • Anderl

    If you can't feed them, don't breed them. Bomb shelter

    Gates and the rest of the reptiles should enjoy the

    benefits of GMO'S for them selves – less freemasons

    would be a good thing.

  • timothy

    The big mystery that everyone is asking, what will it be that totally kills off the elite and leaves the rest of us to survive? Can hardly wait to see how it happens. The poor little brown bats of North America have been devastated by white-nose syndrome, caused by the mold like makes Brie cheese. Maybe something like that will attack the wealthy, maybe sort of a white-ass syndrome, that only attacks people who eat caviar and champaign.

    • James

      A buddy of my (way up the food chain) had dinner w/ David Rockefeller. Short story; D.R.'s chef had his own private garden of natural grown, non gmo, organic, you get the picture, stuff. No, the elites know better than to eat what the rest of us have little choice in.

    • Saq

      LOL>>>>>>>>>>> that was funny

  • Agenda21

    I would have advised Bill to buy this instead:

    Much more humane…

  • Geoffrey Franklin of

    It should be quite clear now that Bill Gates is a murdering psychopath. Lets hope he goes the way of that apple guy.