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Medical Journalists Call for ‘After-Birth Abortions’, Say Infants ‘Aren’t People’

Anthony Gucciardi
March 1st, 2012
Updated 11/17/2012 at 4:34 pm
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babycrawling1 220x137 Medical Journalists Call for After Birth Abortions, Say Infants Arent People

Stating that newborn babies ‘aren’t people’ and it is therefore acceptable to kill them, two ‘ethicists’ writing for the peer-reviewed Journal of Medical Ethics are now calling for after-birth abortions. The writers, who worked with Australian universities in the construction of their paper, say that newborn babies simply do not have a “moral right to life.” Furthermore, the paper goes on to state that the babies have no right to live as they do not offer “at least basic value” that would represent a loss.

Study authors Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva, both from the University of Melbourne, state in their paper that “after-birth abortion’ (killing a newborn) should be permissible in all the cases where abortion, including cases where the newborn is not disabled.” They go on to say that while it is infanticide, they prefer not to call it that. Instead, they prefer the term ‘after-birth abortion’ — a term that avoids the true labeling of the proposed technique.

Authors of the paper write that simply being a human isn’t something that grants ‘a right to life’. It appears the paper authors believe that they are the ones who are to determine whether or not a human can live or die. Under this train of thought, then these ‘after-birth’ abortions are not limited to infants. In fact, if being a human does not grant a ‘right to life’, then so-called ‘ethicists’ could soon state that everyone with a disability no longer has the right to live. Does this sound familiar? From 1929 to 1974, the United States began forcibly sterilizing individuals they deemed to not be ‘fit to live’.

During this time period, around 60,000 people were forcibly sterilized nationwide under the admitted eugenics program. The authors of this paper are now recommending that certain human beings simply do not deserve to live, in the same manner of the U.S. government in 1929. The authors even take it a step further, going from sterilizations to full-blown murders — genocide on a larger scale.

The paper states:

“Both a fetus and a newborn certainly are human beings and potential persons, but neither is a ‘person’ in the sense of ‘subject of a moral right to life’. [...] Merely being human is not in itself a reason for ascribing someone a right to life. Indeed, many humans are not considered subjects of a right to life…”

The news comes just after the ‘Euthanasia Coaster‘ hit the mainstream and alternative media, a proposed rollercoaster design that would ‘euthanize and execute’ its passengers. The creator of the coaster, Julijonas Urbonas, says the machine is engineered to take the life of a human being with “elegance and euphoria.” The coaster even met similar scientific reception as the concept of after-birth abortions, as the transhumanism science organization “HUMAN+” displayed the concept of the Euthanasia Coaster at the Science Gallery in Dublin from April through June 2011.

About Anthony Gucciardi:
1.thumbnail Medical Journalists Call for After Birth Abortions, Say Infants Arent PeopleGoogle Plus ProfileAnthony is the Editor of NaturalSociety whose work has been read by millions worldwide and is routinely featured on major alternative and mainstream news website alike, including the powerful Drudge Report, NaturalNews, Daily Mail, and many others. Anthony has appeared on programs like Russia Today (RT), Savage Nation, The Alex Jones Show, Coast to Coast AM, and many others. Anthony is also dedicated to aiding various non-profit organizations focused around health and rehabilitation as well as the creator of the independent political website Storyleak

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  • rh

    If the child is born and outside the mother’s body, that is murder, not abortion. Not only will I not have one, I physically will not allow you to have one without doing something about it.


  • Yawgmoth

    Killing newborn children is simply wasteful. We have already used an engineered rat’s brain to control a computer at high precision.

    Do not destroy meaningless children.

    Scrap them.

  • Kimberly Lucas

    This is the "NEW AMERICA"….welcome to pure evil.

  • Rebekah Haynes

    And can no one see that this is the deciding factor to kill off the human race? Watch "Children of Men" very interesting movie that I think foreshadows aspects of wot human life will become like in the very near future

  • SCH

    …and so thought a man named Hitler… just say'n.

    • SCH

      …and then that man was elected to power. just say'n.

      • SCH

        …and then that man surrounded himself with people who believed like he did. just say'n.

        • SCH

          …and then those folks came up with a plan to do what they believed. just say'n.

          • SCH

            …and then they did it, and 6,000,000 people later… but hey, it was just an idea of some crazy guy, why worry? Right??? just say'n.

            • Delphos

              Apt analysis.

    • just_peepin

      Ok there goes any chance of a rational discussion.

      Look, i was hoping for an intelligent discusiion but instead of actually addressing anything i said you just posted a bunch of dumb hysteria about hitler. Your fanfiction is meaningless and contributes nothing to any sort of meaningful discourse.

      The article even makes a point of stressing that the procedure is entirely OPTIONAL and nobody forces anybody to do it. Your inane slippery slope argument could be used to argue against ANY new ideas in any context. Why don't you actually read the article and create an informed opinion instead of flipping out, pointing your finger and yelling "HITLER" at anything you cant fully comprehend.

      • just_peepin

        just say'n

      • Anonymous

        First off, it's murder, plain and simple. This issue isn't even a gray matter like abortion can be argued to be. I have a newborn baby, and if I decided I didn't want him and had him eliminated, that would be MURDER. Calling it post-birth abortion is even more sickening than pre-birth abortion, which is disgusting enough.

        Second off, it is things like this that governments, especially corrupt ones run by people like Hitler, start out as "optional", and then force it to people they see as unfit. Unfortunately, too many people see things like this as minor and optional, and don't see how badly they can be abused. If you want examples of how other laws have been stretched from what they were initially intended to be, see almost every U.S. law since the early 20th century.

  • just_peepin

    First of all its worth noting that this was simply a paper written by students at an AUSTRALIAN university. All you 'merican jesus freaks need to chill out.

    Secondly you cant argue aborting these authors if you are already against abortion.

    Thirdly in anywhere in this article does it state that after-birth abortions should be made compulsory for everyone everywhere in the world? I beleive the word used is "permissable". In other words nobody is forced but the choice to do so is there. In that case what would hypothetically give you the right to decide other people shouldnt undergo the procedure without turning to religion or "traditional values" or whatever dogma you beleive in that doesnt apply to all people

    Playing devils advocate over here

    • Nicain

      I'm an atheist who is pro-choice, and I can justify how this would be wrong without turning to religion.

      If you allow it to occur, it will be used. Most people live in moral decay, where they may have a baby, and then the baby daddy walks out on them, so they drop the baby at the local baby euthanasia center to get put down like a dog because why, you're not in love anymore?

      There are things in this world which are wrong, and they are wrong without religion.

      • just_peepin

        While true it brings up an interesting point; If someone who has a kid can live with the guilt of murdering their own child who's to say that person is cut out to be a parent in the first place?

        • Anonymous

          Adoption is an option for a reason

    • SCH

      Ok Hilter, whatever you say. Just don't come to my house or you will find some resistance here! :)

    • Anonymous

      I'll say. What a sicko! I bet the little kids won't think its permissible. What kink of sicko thinks its "a choice" to murder a little kid. The people had a choice when they spread their legs and started making babies. And talking about American Jesus freaks, you might need a good dose of Jesus yourself. I don't even know any non believers that want their kids killed, only sociopaths!!!!!

      • just_peepin

        Where do you get off on calling me a sicko for wanting to have a discussion on this that isn't religiously charged. I never claimed to support this article at all. Are you familiar with the concept of devils advocate?

        Anyway i apologise if my jesus freaks comment offended. It was intended as a joke but in hindsight it seems to have been in poor taste

        • life is created at i

          The issue is, this shouldn't even be a debatable matter, no more than should someone debate about whether or not it is right or wrong to approach and end your life. We were all once just an egg/cell, that developed into a human fetus, then we were born and developed, and reached a point so far ahead in life that we've become detatched from morality and condition to even think about the most awful thing a human can do to another. I understand all of the hitler comments, because such a subject stirs up the deepest felt emotion in any decent person. The subject should be rendered vacant. It is through people debating such matters about creating an atom bomb, knowing full well of it's potential, that the debate's and discussions on ethics turned into action, and the same is likely to end up happening concerning this atrocious subject, that should have been destroyed before ever being allowed to hit the public domain. It is a fact that world governments have many things kept secret from public knowledge. The same could have been done with this, but instead, it's like a ball being kicked out into a field where there are players with nothing else to do. Seeing as someone has thrown the ball into the crowd, we should dismiss it without even looking at it, never mind debating it. There is no conclusion to be had that will serve to benefit mankind and a rightous and respectful outlook on life. From discussing the subject of killing a newborn human baby and one day maybe implementing it, some other so called academic will extend the age for abortion to two years, then 4 years old and so on, until we've achieved no respect for anyone's life whatsoever. Sick bastards who think up such things should be taught a harsh lesson in the importance and value of life from inception. All other arguments about good or bad parents, the child being disabled or anything else are totally irrelevant.

          • just_peepin

            Ok That's fair.

  • Anonymous

    Wtf! Fucking scary!

  • Dan Mc

    If these criminal elitists are not stopped now, they will lead us into WWIII. Fortunately, the USA has a reasonably well-armed populace (depending on the state you're in). Eventually it may come down to civil war between the people and the state. Obama's hoping for some good civil strife so he can lock things down and declare himself to be king.

    • Anonymous

      That's why they are so hard at work to get the U.N. gun ban going in U.S.. Because we are well armed and won't put up with this stuff. I can't believe how many people are going this direction with their thinking, and why people can't see the correlation with pre world war II Germany. I wish people would WAKE UP!!!!

  • Gwen

    "Furthermore, the paper goes on to state that the babies have no right to live as they do not offer “at least basic value” that would represent a loss."

    Obviously, they didn't talk to any grieving Moms. No basic value? How about the future of society and how society will value or not value life. This is a rehash of the improved health and genetics stuff that was the mindset of the 1930's and 1940's What next get rid of an inferior race? (ei Russians and Slovics, Polish in ww2 . . . many more examples) You have it all wrong- We are one blood, we are all human. Sometimes I wonder about the scholars, but they could be an alien invasion from Neptune. It would explain their behavior a bit better. Theories are great until someone implements them for their on sadistic plans. *cough Hitler, cough Rome, and so on . . . "

    Eugenics- it'll kill ya! I suppose if you are disabled in war they'll kill ya for losing your ability to function in a 'normal' way. Inventiveness and creativity come from the human spirit. Are we going to kill the brainiac who can only function in a wheelchair with a voice box spouting out his or her thoughts? I should hope not. Stop paying these people and have them get a real job.

  • Paul Jackson

    I'm betting the authors are pro-lifers trying to advance the decades old "why not kill the baby you already" have argument against abortion.

    • amanda

      I'm inclined to agree with you.

  • John Metcalfe
  • John Metcalfe

    BMJ usually have PDF's of their articles, does anyone know where to find a copy of the PDF if it exists? Or even it's exact file name?

  • John Metcalfe

    The link does not work, anyone got a working link? Did the link work before and they removed it or has it never worked?

  • Robert Mack

    WTF!! These idiots are the ones who need to be aborted!

    • Carol

      I agree, If these people are the ones calling the shots, next year it might be a group who doesn't like people with brown eys and so they are expendable. Scary!

    • karen

      They shouldnt have been born!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I think that those to who wrote the article should be charged with intent to mass murder.

    I think this is fare since what they are proposing is bottom line look at life. If it is not profitable than lets kill it. I wonder how profitable they were when they were born. They and the dark cabal who commissioned them are playing with fire. People are no longer their sheep. They can try, but nothing will stop a mother or father from protecting their newborn. if any of you has ever been in a farm and seen chicken. Normally they run away if you get close to them, however try getting close to mother chicken with baby chicks. Not only she will not run away but she will charge you. This kind article is an insult to humanity just to mention it. I pray that the writers Draconian hearts change to human.

  • maureen

    Prayer After Birth (Acknowledgements and Apologies to Louis MacNeice).

    I am now born: please hear me,

    Let not the debt collectors,

    Or the rights protectors,

    Or the seditious insurrectors come near me.

    I am now born, comfort me,

    Else I fear that the human-folk may:

    With clever lies debase me,

    With bad science un-race me,

    And with strong drugs erase me.

    I am now born: please bestow me,

    Among the dancing grass, babbling brooks,

    Swaying trees and singing rooks,

    Undiminished bright light of grace and truth,

    To restore me.

    I am now born, with lullabies lull me,

    With warm cuddles mull me,

    With deep love sustain me, and,

    With silence, not gainsay me.

  • Anonymous

    The link to the paper they wrote about their study doesn't work.

    • msalazar

      Seems the people who have no right to live are people like these so called "scholars" who reveal themselves to be sociopaths unable to comprehend the value of human life and should be interned in an asylum or penitentiary for life because they are a danger to themselves and the rest of civilization.

  • Red

    There should be MORE rights for unborn babies (at 1month) and disabled babies/people!!

    They are amazing people! They show us what we can be capable of with a normal functioning body. They teach us not to be stuck with defeat but to triumph. Look at Stephen Hawking – can't move, can't talk but extremely intelligent!

    It would be easier to simply no believe this is happening and shut it out. I feel like vomiting at the fact that it's my government and my country going ahead with these things.

    So what will it be after new borns and old people? The unemployed? kids that score low on their NAPLAN tests?!

  • Nick Shvelidze


    There are many people who will inevitably burn in hell.

    And many should be buried alive

  • Hap Harris

    Alberto Giubilini and Frqancesca Minerva are insane-!!
    They are typical of a world today that is almost totally insane.
    They know nothing of the Divine and Natural Laws of the avenging God Whom they will one day stand.
    How could ANYONE be so cold and cruel-?

    • Anonymous

      This is just sick.only God can decide who lives and dies. We are becoming a. COMMUNIST country1. WAKE UP PEOPLE.

  • Anonymous


    • Anon

      I love that every reader here fell for the bait.

      Does everybody have a right to life or nobody? Death penalty and a bortions or neither?

      • JC

        and you are full of excrement. unborn or new born children are in the developmental stage of human development. their existence is to deprive them of that based on pseudo cost or eugenicist ethics is criminal and inhumane and covers a broad list of issues to determine life and death likely by sadistic killers as usual as over the course of germany in the early to mid 20th century. criminals consciously executed actions against the will of another human being to their detriment resulting in death therefore as reprecussion the reprisal of like minded action is an option to be used as just punishment proven or accepted(beyond a reasonable doubt so to speak) in a court of law by a jury of peers(fellow citizens. hopefully unless jury is corrupt through other means for a hidden agenda) not by a pseudo scientific sadist.your position is BS.

  • Morrisita Townson

    The Ancient Greeks also did not believe that a baby was a "Human" until it was age 3. They would toss newborns on a trash pile. If anyone wanted a free slave, they could pluck the baby from the trash pile.

    However, I do believe in forced sterilization. Here in the Mountains of E. TN there are many cases everyone would agree the birth mom should be sterilized. For instance, there is a female who had her first child at age 16. The baby had illegal drugs in its body. The baby was taken away from the girl and her family by age 1 because of gross neglect and abuse. She went on to have 9 more babies, all with illegal drugs in their system and were neglected and abused. They are all in the foster care system. From birth to age 21 they will cost the taxpayers over $3,000,000 dollars or more. And, will they ever be off of welfare? Who knows.

    • cheryn english

      Forced sterilization then leads down the Nazi path of deciding who should live or die. A fetus does not feel pain until between 18-29 weeks, so that would be one determinant.

      We are not becoming communists, there are no communists on the planet. Real communists would share everything with everyone. Even those who profess to be communists are really authoritarian in nature, and now our country is going that way too. Why we dont like authoritarianism is the state tells the person to have a baby or not have a baby and what they can do in the privacy of their home. So I dont like authoritarianism whether it is called communism or democracy. It is a subversion of either term.

  • humming bird naha

    wake up folks . this has been an a,erocan thing sonce the days of the colonist. george washington refered to native american woman as vector. he recomendee that they be hunted down in their ''laires'' amd killed like dangorus wild animals and the pregnant ones ripped up and the featus impailed on soword or its head bashed in. john seviers of reveolution fame called native children nitts tyhat make lice and said all encountered should be exterminated. check it out in the congressional archives under indian policy.

    that said i can se that some have chanfed their ideas on the value of life.

    i have a solution that will saticefy every one who are dead set on abortion and infantiside. most think this woulld be a good way to help over population. let those who think that the death of other human beings is the way to solve socioties problems them lets rent them a wood chipper and allpw them to jump in feet first, iif death and depprivation is their answers then let them sacrofice themselves for the grater good of mankind. why a wood chipper? do they deserve any less than they recomend for the unborn? and as far as an after birth abortion there should be bo expriation date on how long after birth. when they start talking murder of the innocent then they are a threat to the rest of humanity and should be aborted themselves. then see how fast they change their tune on the subject.

    • Patricia Tursi

      Thanks Hummingbird for the GW info. I will check out the archives. I knew a lot about the depravity of many of the invaders, but was not aware of that.

  • DS

    I do not see the value in these Medical Journalists… sooo… guess they know what should happen to them.

    • Patricia Tursi

      The irony that this was in the Journal of Medical Ethics, proves that medical ethics is an oxymoran…but I already knew that. The whole scam of allopathic medicine which ignores the unity of our existence and the spirituality of all living beings, including Mother Earth, has kept us in ill health and helped destroy the planet.

      • humming bird naha

        o how i do agree with you . these greedy self proclaimed superior people are ruining this earth which was given to all amnkind to live upon annd for them to care for are also murdering the rest of the human family with their toxic chemicals that cause birth defects and so much more illnesses.

        then they decide that their victims should be exicuted for the crimes of being affected and harmed by them .

        this world is twisted and insane. their thinking is defective and all morals have been tossed aside. where has goodness and compasssion gone? where has honor for mother earth gone? where has the respect for all living creation gone?

        o thats right it when down the tolit with common sense and was replaced with evelotion and athisem and greed and grabing for the brass ring. they make conditions that produce bad results for innocent victims tham want to kill the victims and say they have no right to life. they grioe that women and girls have unwanted babies and socioty has to pay for their suport. yet when anyone remonds them that all have tossed the laws to live by set forth by our creator they shout about their rights to do what they please with their bodies like present themselves like dogs in heat and the males stand in line like dogs to mount them . then they say this is gods fault why dose he not intervine in their own self imposed insanity. this is the way of this present circular thinking world. and by the way those are working hard at ruining the earth will be dealt with soon befor they have the chance to suceed.

  • nayan mipun

    Mar 4, 2012. I think some one is paying money to them.

  • nayan mipun

    Mar 4, 2012. I feel they were given money by some one.

  • Equalizer

    well, if you cant stand babies with deformities/abnormalities, why don't we filter the babies after they were born, if they are "acceptable" or not and destroy that are imperfect like crosseyed, autistic, cleft palet, downsyndrome,polio victims, chinky eyes and black babies. we will nurture white, cute and bubbly babies with blue/green eyes and blonde hair. Is this the society you want, a Perfect race?

  • Cynthia

    Why do the so called intellectual elites always come up with such outlandish proposals? Does common sense elude these people? Every human being I know was a helpless infant at one time, and except for the caring arms of someone-be it parent, grandparent, guardian, or some caring soul, we would not be here. I am curious to know at what age of a newborn's life would be considered a person or who would be allowed to live?

    Kiplinger wrote a fairtale and Sangar's horse is in full stride. Do we want to add to the America Holocoust?

  • JIM

    A baby is a baby; it's the same person 6 months before it's born that it is 6 months after it's born..


    • LW

      I totally agree with you JIM!

      • harmlesstree

        Two supporters of terrorism and murder! Is this site moderated?

    • Diane

      I fully agree with you, Jim.

      • harmlesstree

        Three supporters of terrorism and murder!

    • Anonymous


  • Cass

    Okay so all of you read the original article wrong. These were not doctors. They wrote their piece for their peers and were not proposing it AT ALL. They were using the logic that is currently used to say that its possible to support it using the same logic. It is a bioethics piece. Both ethicists say they do not believe in infanticide which this is. Its called Reading Comprehension, people. The author of thi article should be ashamed of himself saying that these ethicists are proposing this.

    • C

      Semantics, Cass. Yes, there is a lot of philosphical posturing going on, but they DO propose it! It's even stated in the abstract for heaven's sake! How are the following statements NOT proposals?

      "Therefore, we argue that, when circumstances occur after birth such that they would have justified abortion, what we call after-birth abortion should be permissible." and "Second, we do not claim that after-birth abortions are good alternatives to abortion. Abortions at an early stage are the best option, for both psychological and physical reasons. However, if a disease has not been detected during the pregnancy, if something went wrong during the delivery, or if economical, social or psychological circumstances change such that taking care of the offspring becomes an unbearable burden on someone, then people should be given the chance of not being forced to do something they cannot afford"

      THE LATTER IS A PROPOSAL MADE IN THEIR CONCLUSION!! Stop trying to defend them, stop hiding behind the label of "philosophy".

    • Suzie McMinn

      Thank you, thank you. I have been reading the drivel written by others wondering, "Does NOBODY understand what these two authors are saying?" I agree totally with your interpretation and appreciate your taking the time and effort to make this response.

      • Suzie McMinn

        Oh, BOY! My first posting today is in response to "Cass" NOT to "C"!!! The original authors are made the hypothesis based on "If abortion is o.k. why is not after birth-abortion?"

        OH Well, you can lead a horse to water but you can't force it to drink.

  • Blueeyes

    Please people…watch "Thrive". While I don't agree with everything they present in this film, it will hopefully wake people up to the banker takeover of America and their eugenics program. You can go to They actually have presented some real solutions there and people can become more involved in making changes in America.

  • KB

    Then what I say to the "ethicists" whose outlook is such…"It should be a crime to have such thoughts! "Their thoughts of murder "IS A CRIME" against humanity!" Well now, there you go…you don't even have to read the Mein Kampf, The Final Solution it's already imprinted into the ethicist's hearts!

    • Shannon Wanlin

      I completely agree. If we were to say that on facebook or another social media site, I believe we could be arrested for some sort of threat. Who could say or suggest something so sick. Who would want to even do this to a child? I do not know a single parent who would do that. I have a special needs son and would never have ever considered that as an option. My son may not have been born perfect in others eyes, but to me he is perfect! He actually is a lot nicer, considerate, polite, smart, and well mannered compared to the children born without disabilities. So my son would have been considered a dud? But there are people born completey healthy that turn out to be seriel killers. You cant play God or whomever your belief in a higher power is.

  • Oliver

    Maybe we should let the parents decide, like they have for the last 1,000,000 years until the advent of the modern police-state / nanny-state…?

    Maybe it is less cruel to give the soul an early exit than to give it a painful tragic life in the body of a cripple?

    • Shannon Wanlin

      I can understand how a person may feel that way if they themselves have no disabilities. Just because someone has a disability, doesn't mean they are not happy, productive members of society. Who are we to judge who would want to live and who wouldn't. Besides, if we start to allow this, whats next? A law that allows you to take out your teenager when the state feels they have "nothibng to offer" society?? People need to think logically and MORALLY!

    • Tim

      You sound like an Obama-Nazi-heartless-scumbag more than anyone that I've ever heard. How could you make the judgement of taking a life… are you God do you know the value of someone's contribution to society. There have been many handicapped and and less than perfect individuals that have been perfectly capable to lead normal lives with a variety of different problems if we were all the same how boring would that be. Picture this when they eliminate all the cripples in the world and all the "undesirables" who do they come for next… I guess you hope they don't choose your race, color, creed, kind, gender, genetic trait or imperfection…just saying…

    • Jilly t.

      Here's something to chew on,, my 7 year old nephew was born with a ton of medical problems! The doctors said he would NOT be able to do anything in life; sit up, talk, walk,, basically he would be a vegetable! But u know what,, he sits, he stands, he walks, he talks, he goes to school, he just went to Disney world, he loves Mickey mouse,, he likes to listen to music, I FaceTime him on my iPad! DOCTORS DO NOT KNOW what ur outcome in life will be, now, what if they were persuaded to " after birth abort him" To even suggest this to ever happen, God have mercy on their souls! Y don't we just kill the teenage girls that r sleeping around and getting pregnant with babies they don't want? That is about as stupid as the after birth abortion isn't it?? Right!! They r both wrong answers! Adopt them out to people who want themmmmm!!

  • Jean

    The world has finally gone mad. Unfortunately, it has become acceptable to say anything and offend anyone at any time in any manner. What if your the authors of this paper were "aborted after birth?"

    • db

      I say we have them try out the "rollercoaster"

      • KB


    • mindy fairfield

      This whole line of thinking babies arn't people with rights seems to be spreading like a disease. Where can I get inoculated from this form of madness. A person can be arrested for putting a kitten in a freezer, but it's ok to murder babies? Since when should animals have more rights than humans. We have a responsibility to stand up for those who can't stand up for themselves. People who wan't to kill babies would probably want us to honor murders like Susan Smith who kill their children for convenience. When a throw away society gets to this point we are in real trouble.

  • GrandmaPat

    A newborn baby does have/create value.

    1. When young people have their own children they begin to understand their own parents.

    2. Taking care of a baby develops empathy and compasion in the parents to a far greater degree than taking care of a puppy or kitten.

    3. Taking care of a baby develops understanding in the adult towards the naive.

    But, could it be that the above human developments are what the "Elites" want to eliminate from the masses? Maybe the "Elites" don't need those qualities and they think those below them do not need those qualities, as well?

    Or, is society about to revert to the ways of the ancient Pagans and have infant sacrifice? Remember, most of the "Elites" hang out in a California forest with an owl god.

  • Patricia Goodwin

    This has been going on in China for a long time. A few years ago there was a very sad story about a doctor that flee China because she could no longer do it. Her idenity was changed since her family would be punished for revealing their policies. China has a 1 child limit per family, if a 2nd child is born it is either placed in a room without any care to die or saline is injected into the soft spot of the head. I also know someone who had an abortion at 8 months. Being a nurse I was horrified by the article as well as the late term abortions being done in America. This is reality.

    • Blueeyes

      Once the egg is fertilized, there is human life. To say that it is okay to murder that child in the womb or after birth is horrific. I have a grandchild that was born with a birth defect and in every other way, he is perfectly normal. Thankfully, my son and his wife would never have even considered abortion, no matter what defect. He is the joy of my life and very intelligent. My daugher-in-law also gave birth to a tiny little still born boy rather than have a DNC. I am proud to call her my daughter-in-law because she showed her love for her child and her respect for life. Are we now becoming communist China? I see the rapid decline of spirituality and morality in America and that was all predicted in "The Word of God".

      • James


      • freedom

        1. not everyone is a christian

        2. although i don't support the thought that babies are not people, the debate still goes on for how long after conception the fertilized egg is considered a person.

        3. if you don't want an abortion, don't have one. it's as simple as that.

  • Jenn

    I find it interesting that the parallel between Adolph Hitler's ideas about "undesirables", and abortion (any form) isn't equated more often. When society deems one individual or group of individuals to be invalid within its structure, it WILL weaken the whole. This article should alarm more people!!

  • Raven

    *eyeroll* This is a theoretical satire piece. Have you people ever read "A modest proposal"? Its considered a classic. Its about how much money could be saved by eating Irish children like farm animals. Its satire. Political satire actually. So is this. I cannot believe people are taking this seriously. It just goes to show that people will believe anything as long as it offends them.

    • Mairi


      It seems that you did not actually bother to check the source document – the Journal of Medical Ethics, as linked to in the article.


      This article is NOT satire, but your willingness to believe that it is – without bothering to check the facts – just goes to show how blinkered and brainwashed some people can be.

      - 1

      • Gaki

        "A Modest Proposal" was published by the largest publishing house in London at the time. The fact this article is in an actual medical journal doesn't even remotely mean that the author's didn't intend it to be more of a discussion piece rather than a serious proposal for medical policy in a country. You're assuming the intent of the authors simply by where their article ended up getting published, which is nonsensical.

      • Blueeyes

        Thank you Mairi. It appears there are still too many people who have been dumbed down and unwilling to see the corruption and degradation in our world today. I hope more people wake up before it is too late. By the way, there is a new film out that you might want to watch. It is called "Thrive". Check it out.

    • Aaron

      Raven, I wish you were right, but you're wrong. I've checked the sources. This is not satire. This is a serious ethical paper from an established medical journal. If the same ethical arguments that justify abortion can justify killing newborn babies, I am now questioning the moral justification of abortion.

      • Gaki

        The fact it is published in a recognized journal really doesn't say anything about the intent of the authors at all. Can you honestly say that the journal published this because they a) want it to happen in society or b) because they think this topic needs to be discussed?

        You're out and out assuming that the fact it is in that journal automatically makes the answer a), which isn't a logically defensible stance.

        • Mairi

          Gaki, it is you who make too many assumptions.

          Jonathan Swift's work was a clever lampoon of Latin satire, written with the same structure and regulation as Horace et al. On the other hand, the article under discussion here shows absolutely no hint or shade of satire – or any other type of humour for that matter. It is what it is.

          Also, you assumed (equally wrongly) that the article was published in a purely medical journal. It was not – it was in fact published in a journal for "Law, Ethics and Medicine" – which would be the appropriate platform for serious discussion of the authors' proposal. Once again, you let yourself down by showing that you did not bother to check any facts before opening your mouth (to change feet…)

          Any medical professionals who would abuse a journal of this type for a satirical work would rapidly find that their future work would not be published – effectively ending their careers.

          At this point, I would expect that your short-lived career as a troll on this thread is effectively ended.

    • FO

      You're not only corny and full of yourself by saying "eyeroll" like a fucking geek, but you're also dumber than a jar of sloth semen.

  • Vee

    That does very much reflect the US philosophy with regard to their hegemonistic wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

  • bea41660


    [1]= "Listen to Me, O coastlands, and hear, you peoples from afar! YAHUAH has called Me from the womb, from My mother's belly he has caused My name to be remembered. [2]= And He made My mouth like a sharp sword, in the shadow of His hand He hid Me, and made Me a polished shaft. In His quiver He hid Me."

    [5]= "And now said YAHUAH – who formed Me from the womb to be His Servant, to bring Ya'qob back to Him, though Yashar'al is not gathered to Him, yet I am esteemed in the eyes of YAHUAH, and My Alahym has been My strength -

    [15]= "Would a woman forget her nursing child, and not have compassion on the son of her womb? Though they forget, I never forget you.[16]= See I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands; your walls are always before Me."

    *Note… I have used the original Paleo-Hebrew here.

    No matter what humans call it…In Our Father YAHUAH'S eyes it is all MURDER.

    Also … Do not become what you hate.

    Shalum Aleikhem!{Peace Be To You!}

    • no3gods

      His name is JESUS!

      Using a different language will not aid in understanding, only confuse. Moreover, it does not make you seem smarter.

      A smart person can explain a difficult matter to a layman in terms that they will understand.

    • James


  • CD

    How about we declare Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva non-humans, and abort them instead?

    • CB

      100% agree!

      • Anonymous

        agree with CD

    • Tx

      10000% with You.

    • Nick Shvelidze

      Yeah let's do it

    • PDemartini

      Hey, Giubilini & Minerva go hang yourselves. Lets celebrate your deaths, you scum bags.